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Family #AtoZRoadTrip #music



There’s nothing like remembering when and each week with my on Flashback Friday (previously under Genealogy) posts I try to share family memories and photos. If you like a taste of nostalgia then I invite you to read these posts:

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Are you a family record keeper ~ a collector of tears and laughs, photographs and stories of the past?




Thanks for stopping by. I invite you to come back tomorrow for Meet my grandparents part IV. It’s time to hit the road again and I hope you’ll hop in the backseat for the ride as I head over to meet a few of my fellow A2Zroadsters.

The blessings of family & friends #music

Okay, kittens and dawgs I think I’m finally back from my long hiatus! It’s a new month with a new holiday. I thought it would be nice to count my blessings through song. Are you ready to boogie or do you just wanna settle in to enjoy the music? Lace up your blue suede shoes or relax where you are. It makes no difference. Today’s tribute is to the blessings of family and friends. This song says it all for me…


First Things First Family Prize Pack giveaway!

First Things First (FTF) is an award winning not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families in Chattanooga, Tennessee. FTF is a resource that collaborates with and is supported by a broad cross-section of community organizations, groups and individuals. FTF accomplishes it mission through meaningful media messaging and skill building classes.

For years, I wondered what life would be like for us, as a couple, once the children left the house. Now that we are empty-nesters, I found I had nothing to worry about. The bonds that tie my husband and I together are more than our children. We feel like we’re dating each other all over again, except without the good-nights at the door.

Couples who manage to devote time specifically to one another at least once a week are markedly more likely to enjoy high-quality relationships and lower divorce rates, compared to couples who do not devote as much couple time to one another?

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Day 4 – G2KM Blog Challenge

How many of you own a home?  That’s a funny question to ask, isn’t it?  Let’s narrow it down, how many of you were 18 when you owned your own home? I was. To keep everything in perspective, you have to realize I was 17 when we got married.  Even today, I feel like this is an accomplishment and a blessing from God.

It was 1980, inflation was horrible.  We spent the first year of our marriage renting a small trailer.  Renting was like throwing your money away, in our opinion. We didn’t have anything to show for it, except for a roof over our heads and that roof didn’t even belong to us. However, interest rates were astronomical and we were certain we would never be able to get a home loan with the way the economy was.

Thankfully, my husband’s brother told us about a government loan designed for first time home owners which had a low, fixed interest rate.  We applied for the loan and we were eligible.  However, time was running out with the deadline to use the money or lose it approached.

We spent much of the summer of 1980 looking at homes to no avail.  We felt such disappointment. Our dreams of getting into a home looked pretty slim.  Finally one day with our realtor with only a few days left, we went out to look at two homes.  The first one had been badly abused, but the second one I knew instantly it was the one for us.  Our hopes soared.  We made an offer on the house lower than what the owner was asking, he came back with a price less than the original asking price, but more than what we offered.  So,  we threw in an acceptable counter-offer to make the buy.

That was 31 years ago and we are still in the same quaint spot.  It’s about time for us to upgrade for future expansion our family — sons-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.  Hopefully, we’ll have time to get situated into a new place before all this occurs and if not, we’ll make out until such time.  The Bible teaches us here is a time and season for all things. I’m believing in those words.



Football Time in East Tennessee

With fall comes the famed sport – football! At our house, we have made it a tradition to make cookies to snack on while watching the game. Since moving to Knoxville three decades ago, we have grown into big UT Vols fan and when we can, we watch them play. We also like professional football. It’s hard to say which teams are our favorites because we like so many.  We watch whatever we can when it’s aired on broadcast TV. Yep, yep it’s true; we do not have cable or satellite TV. This is just our personal preference. Actually, it’s more so my husband’s preference than mine. He doesn’t like that the image gets reformatted when it comes through on our end. Don’t ask me about such things, I’m just here to savor the cookies and game. You will find, that  I’m usually…. I AM the loudest one in the room cheering my team to victory. Be prepared to cover your ears.

This weekend, I made Peanut Butter Cookies. I haven’t baked a batch of these in a long time. I didn’t have a recipe, so, I used Google and found this one: Peanut Butter Cookies from Simply Recipes

It wasn’t long before the aroma floated through the house and a sweet coziness washed over me. Baking cookies is one of the small pleasures that makes me say, “Life is indeed good.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could feel like this always?

Motorola Razr cell camera photo capture


The basic recipe was simple to follow and produced some yummy cookies.  I did alter the recipe slightly. I sprinkled sugar on top of half of the cookies before baking. The two kinds were equally good and a big hit with my guys. Bake a batch today and enjoy!



My Heart is Well Content

A fellow blog writer suggested I turn to HubPages, an online publishing source, to earn money for articles submitted. I followed the lead given and I feel like an infant in this new venture but I thought I’d repost the piece here for you to read that I added to HubPages site and I invite you to read or at least leave a comment there.  😉

My Heart is Well Content
By Cathy Kennedy
© 1993 rev. 2016

The darkness outside shadows the earth, as my clock beeps at 5 a.m. I automatically rise, walk across the bedroom to kill the blaring alarm, and then I return to my nightstand to turn off the backup clock before it screams at me. This is the start of my day.

As my husband fumbles hand-over-foot out of bed, I resume my morning ritual. In the kitchen, I prepare black liquid fuel to jump-start our day. While the coffee steeps, I busily whip up a delicious energy-packed meal to break my family period of fast.

The house soon fills with the aroma of bacon frying and home-made buttermilk biscuits baking. In these few quiet minutes, an invigorating sensation washes across my mind and I reflect on my life as a stay at home mom. I hear echoes of my daughters’ first words – “DADA”. I replay their first wobbly steps and I remember I was there to scoop them up when the fell. Their happy smiles are like painted treasures in my mind’s eye never to be forgotten and their tears I gladly brushed away. Their sweet laughter fills my heart with unmeasured loved, their arms around my neck forever felt, and their cute wet lips on my face will never dry up.

The morning starts to take shape when my little ones rise to meet the morning sun. Their precious faces never fail to beam through sleepy eyes as they give me good-morning hugs. They act as if they haven’t seen me for days or weeks when it’s only been hours.

There are times when we chase each other through the house on rainy days or we splash each other with water in the warm summer sun. We make melodious music as we sing out loud, often times out of tune. We play make-believe games for hours on end and they like to swing so high until their tiny toes touch the sky. They draw beautiful chalk masterpieces in our drive and make tasty mud pie treats that shouldn’t be eaten. In the back of my mind, I see dishes in the sink and Play-Doh squished beneath my feet, dust bunnies that multiply and watercolors sprayed across my wall. However, I don’t retreat from my post. I maintain on course with our play. Everything else can wait, I decide because I know these days can never be replaced.

And, before I can bat an eye, the day is gone and night-time falls. We, my darlings and I, lay wearily snuggled in their bed. In pint-sized, tired voices, they ask for a bedtime story with their teddy bears by their sides. A hush transpires the room into a lullaby, while droopy eyes stare at the page and as they listen closely to the rhythm of my voice they soon fall asleep.

Tenderly, I tuck the covers beneath their chins and seal a kiss upon each precious head. I stare into the faces of two little angels resting so peacefully in their bed one last time before I extinguish their bear-shaped lamp.  A warmth kindles my soul at the dear image I behold.  In that tranquil moment, thanksgiving floods my heart. I imagine all the memories that would have been lost if I hadn’t been the one to capture each collective thought. I’m blessed to watch my babies grow into small ladies, like new blades of grass in the spring. I am happy that all of my yesterdays have been joyfully spent without regret or dissent. I released a soft breath with these pleasing thoughts as a smile parts my lips. I know these days are mine for the taking and a career outside the home can wait. For now, this is where I belong and my heart is well content.


**During my blog posts updates I decided this entry needed a bit of tweaking on October 4, 2016**