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Thursday Thoughts: Which Disney princess are you?

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I read an interesting quote… “Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” by G.K. Chesterton

Fairy Tales are wonderful. I spent hours over the years reading beautiful stories with little eyes growing wide in anticipation to hear that good triumphed over evil, and how the princess lived happily ever after with her prince.

There is something magical about all that fluff that stays with us forever. I feel looking and feeling a princess, don’t you?  Would you like to know, which Disney princess you are? I do!

I recall seeing a Disney princess quiz in circulation several years ago on Facebook, but I never took it.  I checked with my good buddy, Google, and came up with, Which Disney princess are you?  Being the curious girl I am, I took the quiz to learn the secret of my inner Disney princess self.

The test results tagged me as Princess Pocahontas. Ironically, I have a touch of American Indian blood coursing through my veins. How did it know? This what it says about me a.k.a. Pocahontas.

You defy convention and sometimes do what is considered taboo. Unfortunately, others do not always appreciate your differences, so it’s good that you are so strong-willed. You are loyal and you believe in fate. Your true love will find you one day.

It surprised me at how close this answer mirrored me. I am not always conventional. I don’t care what others think about me. Yes, I am a determined person, loyal to a fault, and believe things  happen for a reason. And…my true love DID find me! Isn’t that scary?

Here are two others I found and took:

It seems none of the princess quizzes matched, but it was fun to do. I guess it’s safe to say that a bit of these princess personalities embed in my character. The good thing is, I still like to daydream, but I already have the prince of my dreams.

Speaking of the prince of my dreams, it was he who inSpired this post. Last week, DH showed me an entertaining video at Gizmodo. He knew I would love it, too. Hooray, he knows me so well! Now, I want to share it with you.


Isn’t that amazing? I don’t know how one guy pulled that song off, but he did a sensational job! This brings us to the readers’ participation part in answering today’s two questions. Come on, join the fun in leaving  your responses in comments. Today, I (and everyone else reading) wants to know…

1.  Which Disney princess are you?

2. Can you mimic a cartoon character voice, if so which one(s)? Go ahead, brag! 😉

In closing, I just want to say we all need something to hold on to, even if it is a dream because at the point we stop believing in the impossible or the what ifs, then hope is gone. Keep on dreamin’!

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Thursday ?s & Thoughts: Signs of spring

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At 12:47pm, the Vernal Equinox (aka Spring ) 2014 will usher in and Old Man Winter gets booted out. At least, we hope so. With the increased daylight and warm temperatures returning to many regions around the country many of us want to skip the spring cleaning and head outdoors. I, for one am all for that.

Instead, I want to talk about signs of spring.

Signs of spring

daffodils in bloom

This past Sunday, we enjoyed spring-like weather on a fun outing. I took the above picture at The Sam Houston Schoolhouse in Maryville, Tennessee. This isn’t want I am going to talk about today, you can hook up next week for Wordless Wednesday to see more photos from our visit.

  1. What are the first signs that you see each year that makes you think spring?  The first evidence I notice that its spring regardless of what the calendar says are daffodils in bloom.
  2. What smells or sounds do you associate with spring? Bed sheets dried outdoors and birds happily chirping make me think of spring. Sadly, we do not have a clothes line to get that fresh line-dried scent but listening to the sound of birds is a welcome musci to my ears.

According to the Weather Channel app on my phone it shows a promising forecast for us.

WCforecastphotoHow does your first day of spring’s weather look where you live?

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I am taking the easy approach this morning in sharing with you two of my favorite “R” posts written for the Alphabe-Thursday classroom.

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Thursday Thoughts ~ a peek at our morning

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This is what I woke up to this morning!


It may not be the storm of the century but this is the first significant snowfall Knoxville has gotten in many years. DH measured the fluff while clearing off his car before going to work late this morning. In our part of town, we received 7′ of wet, heavy snow.

The snow began falling in Knoxville yesterday mid-day and by 2pm it was falling quite heavily. By the time DH got home, the heavy wet snow was clinging to tree branches, bushes, and every blade grass.
It was no time after DH arrived the temperature dropped quickly to freezing and that’s when the fun began. We got 3-4″ of snow in a matter of few hours, blanketing everything in sight. The interstate, which had been pre-treated two days before the storm was in trouble.
Knoxville is full of idiot drivers without a lick of good judgement when it comes to driving under precarious circumstances. Have you ever noticed how people with 4-wheel drive vehicles have a false sense of security? They think that they or their vehicles are impervious to injury? They make up part of that idiot driver group, but the rest of the cache under-estimate their skills or lack of skills when pushed to the limits under tricky driving conditions.
We snuggled comfortably in our living room, as near blizzard-like conditions raged outside our window.Those who were not so lucky found themselves trying to get home. The careful and skillful drivers mingled with the I’m invincible idiot drivers experienced slippery roadways everywhere. Some manage to avoid other drivers, guard rails, and street lamps while others weren’t so fortunate.

Our heavenly Father kept His hand upon our children traveling to their homes last night, giving charge to each one’s guardian angel to keep them from harm. I give Him thanks for His goodness toward those I love dearly.
The forecast promises the cloudy morning sky will clear later in the day with a high of 41°. DH got to work okay this morning. He said our driveway is slippery, but our street is ok. However, some of the other neighboring streets were rough forcing him to take a different route from our subdivision to the main highway.

My concerns are on tonight’s conditions, as our children come home from work on melted snow that possibly turns into black ice after the sun goes down. I won’t worry instead I will continue to trust in God to protect my children.


Incidentally, Thursday Thoughts will be changing. Self Sagacity and I have decided to venture together to roll both memes into one brand new hop. This will be mutually beneficial and an adventure that excites us. I hope you share in the excitement, too!

For now, here are my T2Q are:


1. What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Honestly, there isn’t anything that I want other than to spend time with DH. Yeah, I know that’s very sappy.  

2. What will you give to your spouse (bf/gf), children, or friends for V-Day? Now that the children are gone, neither of us do anything for them. However, I still do simple little things for DH. I made him a one-of-a-kind hand-stamped card and I plan to tuck inside the card a copy of the poem I wrote for him. You can read it here if you want. Also, I will give him a small 4-piece box of chocolates. I wanted to make cinnamon buns for him but said he wanted to lose some weight and asked that I not make them just yet. So…that will have to wait.


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Thursday Thoughts: Lists – 10 Guilty Pleasures

Last night, I colored my hair for the first time in more than 3-years. I used John Frieda medium natural blonde 8N. The fumes from the product weren’t too overpowering, as in the past with other brands. I don’t know, if this is normal for John Frieda or the industry wide has changed since my last coloring. I say kudos to John Frieda on this point.

 Unfortunately, the results, as usual was not what I hoped for. With the help of DH, we always look at the little swatches on the hair dye boxes to try to match up my hair to the best possible choice. Every time my hair turns out a little too red and sometimes a lot too red. *sigh* If that isn’t bad enough, I can still see the gray!

 I’m good, I’m good. I have decided to try again in a month. I will keep with the John Frieda line, but this time I am going with a slightly darker shade with the hopes of winding up with the color closest to my natural shade. I’ll report back on this next month.

 ** This is NOT a plug for John Frieda hair dye products. I, personally, bought this product and wanted to share my experience with you. **

What’s on your mind this Thursday?

Lately, I find myself shuffling through my photo archives to share. Photography gives me much joy. I accept that I am not a great photographer. The fun that I have capturing what my eye sees through the lens or hoping that I do makes me very happy. What imagination or skill or both that I lack I try to make up by using photo editing. Yeah, I cheat! But, that’s the beauty with digital photography it makes those not-so-perfect shots better and trust me, some of mine really need it.

Looky-Looky, here’s an example of a poor photo I took a year ago this month.

Image captured with my big girl camera, Nikon D7000

Granted I was still learning how to use my big girl camera and darn it if the LED screen is a little misleading on how the picture actually looks. Again…learning curve. Anyway, I took several shots of the barn and after uploading them to my computer, they all looked washed out as this once. I could have deleted them, but instead I thought, “I’ll keep them and play around with my photo editing options.” That being said, here is the result using the above image.


What did I do? I simply adjusted the exposure down, which eliminated that too washed out look and bringing the image colors more. However, it was obvious I edited the picture. I converted the image to B&W adjusting the grayscale to a preset in Fotor called “Going Back” turning a not-so-perfect photo into a more appealing photo. What do you think?

It’s time to get class. Wanna join me? Miss Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursday assignment today is the letter “L“… as in Lists! To help keep things straight in my life, I depend on lists – grocery list, to-do list, Christmas card list, …. Every week, I link up with a fun meme called Monday’s Listicles. Yep, it’s hop where you are given a prompt to create list. I know you’re going to want to read this week’s list, 10 guilty Pleasures!

1. What is your #1 guilty pleasure?

 2. How many lists do you keep up with each week & what are they?



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Thursday Thoughts: Ka-bump! Gulf moisture meets bitter cold temps

This morning,  I woke to a killer headache. It came on during the wee hours of Wednesday morning and hasn’t eased up. Other than my headache, what’s on my mind this Thursday?

Everyone along the eastern seaboard felt Mother Nature’s wrath on Tuesday. Our forecast was calling for a 30% chance of flurries. That doesn’t hold a lot of promise for things getting bad in the Tennessee Valley but our meteorologist failed us.

Tuesday morning flurries took a surprising turn for the worse. The Gulf moisture went ka-bump with the bitter cold temperatures, freezing roadways and dumping roughly 6″ on us by the time things wound down late Tuesday night.

Travel during the day on Tuesday was treacherous for motorists, but most drove like they were oblivious to possible accidents that awaited. DH met tricky patches on his journey home that fooled him at times. He reported coming across wet areas on the road and then he would hit a stretch of ice. The main highways didn’t seem to be treated like past forecast storm systems dictated. Of course, roads leading to residential communities were a mess. DH took the best path home with fewest hills as possible, but occasionally the car slid. Driving under these circumstances  takes knowing when to gun or back off the pedal to maneuver a hill. It is really nerve wrecking. I was happy when DH walked through the front door.

DD#2 wasn’t so fortunate. On her way to work, she hit some ice and wound up in a ditch. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt and was able to walk the short distance to her job. At the time of her accident, AAA told her that they couldn’t get her vehicle out because they couldn’t anchor their truck on the slick surface. Relieved from work sometime during the evening, she got her car pulled out of the ditch and was able to drive it home. The car appeared okay, but she may have a mechanic to look it over. Needless to say, Knoxville had many wrecks reported around the city and this means ker-ching, ker-ching for local tow truck services.

  1. Where you affected any by Tuesday’s storm? If so, how much snow did you receive and what was your Wednesday morning low? Wednesday morning, DH got up to check on the conditions our thermometer read 1°. The weatherman was calling for 9°. How is that they missed this?
  2. What did you do on Tuesday/Wednesday – worked or stayed home? Tuesday wasn’t as much of an issue for us as it was Wednesday. When DH got up to check on the road conditions at 8am, our street was completely covered over. With all the hills leading out of our neighborhood to the main road it wasn’t worth taking a chance to venture out in that mess. So, he stayed home with me. We slept in till 10am, which was really nice.

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