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I Can See Clearly #WW

Hello kittens & dawgs! June through August are slow months in Blogosphere, so I decided to halt my Featured Photographer spotlight. Also, I am scaling back on my blogging production this summer. I am not taking a complete break yet. That may come later in the summer, but for now I’m casually visiting other blog sites ~ reading posts & leaving comments and putting together short posts. This is my time to relax. I can see clearly now!

DSC_4413 WW6-10-15

A view from Mt. Mitchell observation tower.



I’m debating on whether or not to keep the linky going this summer. What do you think, should I keep it or let it go?

Thank you for stopping by, I’ll be seeing you soon!

Have a fototastic day!


Random Tuesday Thoughts, Hoo Are You, & Other Memes


I got up when that annoying contraption beside our bed sounded at 5am. Yeah, I believe that’s what you call it, an alarm clock. Anyhow, I stumbled across the floor like a fairy wearing army boots.  I wonder how it is I didn’t wake my husband. A new morning…a new day…a new beginning. What will it all bring?  That was the first time I woke up.

After DH left work, I decided to steal a couple of hours of sleep but try as I may I could only get a little extra rest.  This is something I don’t do often, as I normally launch into my blogging first thing in the a.m.  I reckon it was an allergy thing this morning is all I can say. Darn, I knew I shouldn’t have done my housework yesterday.  My brain seems more foggy now than it did when I got up earlier.  How can that be?  Don’t worry, I’m having my coffee. Maybe, I’ll snap out of this daze shortly.

I had the strangest dream last night. Shall I share it with you?  This is Random Tuesday Thoughts so why not.

I found myself inside a bank.  It was either late night or early morning. I know this because it was dark.  I’m in the bank trying to get help.  Somehow, things go screwy.  The security guard and a bank teller instruct me to go downstairs to wait for the police, but the bank lights were going out. Everything was dim.  I sensed danger. Intuitively, I know the security guard and bank employee are going to kill me…or tell the police I’m robbing the bank when it’s really them knocking off the bank.  They need to throw off suspension by making it look like I’m guilty.  This is silly I know.  I’m even thinking this is silly in my dream. How can anyone think I’m a robber?  I mean, I’m a 40-something Mom.  There is nothing sinister looking about me. I’m totally benign in appearance. For crying out loud, I’m wearing high heels and I’m carrying a purse on my shoulder.  Who goes to rob the bank like that?  I refused to take the elevator downstairs to the lobby.  Instead, I hide in a stairwell. I dial 911 telling the operator what’s going on.  The security guard is looking for me.  The police come through the lobby looking for me cause they still believe I’m the thief. I’m scared.  Why doesn’t my husband come to my rescue? I figured the bad guys must have killed him. Just at that moment, I wake up troubled. I’m troubled not for myself, but for my daughters. Why?

How often do you get pulled out of your sleep worried about your children?  I’ve had this to happen several times since my daughters moved out in 2009. Usually, it was for good reason. This was the Holy Spirit’s attention grabber to pray for them.  I never knew what was going on until long after the fact, but during these times all I can do is pray until my spirit finds peace.

Oh good….the fog is lifting from my brain.  I may have to have a second cup of coffee, though. BRB….I’m armed with another cup of Joe to get out of this funky mess.   Before long, I can say,




Here are some more random ramblings for you.  This past Friday, we had a near disaster in our home. I was doing what I always do – working on my blog when my son called out in a kinda aggravated tone, “MOM!”

I paused, thinking this better not be a ploy to get me into another room just so he can ask for a cup of tea or something.  He’s known to do things like this on occasion.  I called through the house, “This better not be a trick, buster!”

By the time, I got into the dining room I could hear water rushing.  The kitchen floor had a large pool of water.  I quickly shut off the cold water valves under the sink, as I immediately saw there was a problem with our water filter.

“What happened,” I asked.

He explained, “I don’t know, I just heard a pop.”

“Hurry, get some old towels so I can dry this mess up, k?”

It took me two hours of drying up the floor and everything off beneath the kitchen sink. If that wasn’t enough, I felt really industrious and went for mopping the kitchen floor.  I had this huge clean spot in front of the sink, so I needed to make the rest of the floor match up. Once I took care of everything, I examined the water filter housing and found a crack near the top.  That’s where the water was squirting out.

I phoned DH to tell him what was going on. He decided to stop to get some bottled water to last a few days until we could get a new water filter housing. I found one at Amazon. The one we use isn’t sold in local stores.  Saturday night, we picked up an inexpensive alternative crew on faucet water filter by Pur for $25 at Lowe’s and the water tastes good.

For now, this will save us the trouble to keep stocked up on bottled water. As of yesterday the Doulton water filter I ordered from Amazon hadn’t shipped.  I mean, I along drink about half-gallon of water each day.  Can you imagine the bottled water needed at that rate?

Funny, Stacy rambled about us still being here after the big prediction of the Rapture on Saturday.  We were at Wal-Mart grocery shopping. By the time we got to the checkout with one of our usual cashiers, he was joking about it.  We laughed about it a little. I told him people have done this sort of thing for as long as I can remember and if the Lord had come back for His children at 6 p.m., then it would be sheer coincidental. Matthew 24:36 tells us no man knoweth the hour of the Lord’s return.

What ramblings are on your mind this Tuesday? Join Stacy and the rest of the gang @



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Here are Leslie’s questions this week:
1. What is your favorite thing cooked on the BBQ? My favorite things to grill are hamburgers & hot dogs, but I do enjoy preparing a good steak occasionally on the grill. Yum! In fact, I was talking to my DH just about this and how excited I am to grill some tasty steaks this summer.

2. How do you celebrate Memorial Day? In the past, we’ve done the traditional grilling of hot dogs & hamburger and I made festive red, white, & blue desserts such as jello – red & blue with Cool Whip or a flag cake (pound cake topped with Cook Whip, blueberries & strawberries). 

3. Do you like your handwriting? I use to enjoy handwriting a lot.  For years, I’ve been involved with pen palling.  I’m not as involved, as I once was, but I still have a couple of dozen loyal friends I still keep in touch via snail mail.  Letter writing has become a lost art.  It really is sad, in a way.

4. Do you still have your tonsils? Say, “Aaaaa.” Yep, I have mine. 

5. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? When I wear my mid-height tennis shoes I have to untie them to get them off, but if I wear my Keds then I slip them off my heel without uniting them first.

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