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Spirit of Christmas #BOTB results

The Spirit of Christmas is all around, kittens & dawgs! Not everyone stopped in this round. I blame this on the festivities at hand. There is just so much going on and I can’t fault anyone who doesn’t have blogging on his/her mind. I found I struggled with making it to everyone’s battle, but I think I finally hit everyone’s site and if I didn’t them I humbly apologize for the oversight.

Now on to why you stopped in today or are you here because you just can’t get enough? *big grin* Anywho, I did not keep a close tab while the voting was going on; I was totally shell-shocked to learn that I had a deadlock on my hands without my vote when I tallied the count. I love both flash mob videos, but one clearly evokes the Spirit of Christmas a bit more and that’s #1.  There you have it. Flash Mob #1 won by a margin of one more vote in its favor. I better not hear anyone demand a recount. lol If you want to see what you missed or want to revisit my last battle you can click here.

You might wanna see how the other battles went down. Grab a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows (you can find my recipe for home-made marshmallows here) and visit other fellow BoTBers!

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Friday we walked around the quaint western North Carolina town of Bryson City. Passing one of the beautifully decorated shops an old bluegrass Christmas song played. It made me grin from ear to ear and I laughed with a memory of Christmas past of my maternal Grandpa singing this song.

This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with that old-timey Christmas tune I heard in passing….


I’ll be back for round two of Battle of the Bands on the 14th and I hope you’ll join me then, meanwhile I’m boogieing with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew and I invite you dance along with me.

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Spirit of Christmas #BOTB showdown

Good morning, kittens and dawgs! To kick off this most wonderful time of the year, I found a freebie I wanted to share with you (click image below). This is a festive DIY project. I used a sheet of beige card-stock, printed in color, and wha-lah I had a set of beautiful Christmas tags to use on gifts for the family!

Now I have you thinking about the holidays I ask you to join me in round one of December Battle of the Bands and thanks to Jeffrey’s last showdown I was inspired to do something different.

Instead of doing one cover song with two different bands, I’m featuring two Christmas flash mob videos for you to vote on. This is one time where I want you to not only listen, but watch the video to see which captures the Spirit of Christmas best.

This video is long, but flash mob #1 is at the opening segment that takes place at Cache Valley Mall.


The next scene is very different from the first and in what you typically find on YouTube; the mood set by flash mob #2 moved my heart.


Who gets your vote? Did you like flash mob #1 or #2 best? Tell me in comments which flash mob video gets your vote and why. There is no wrong way to vote, except a no vote and that’s a big bah-hum-bug! 😀

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, don’t forget the marshmallows, while you continue the fun with more epic battles with a few of my amazing friends:

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Don’t forget, the polls close midnight December 6th and I’ll share the results of this competition with my pick on the 7th. Mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named! Thanks for joining in on the fun. I’ll be join the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew today and I am looking forward to dancing with you. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


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Saturday Song-suasion 45: Patriotic spirit of Americans

I hope you enjoyed your visit. In fact, I hope you enjoyed it so much that you cannot wait to tell your friends. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button! You know you wanna. 😉


Thank you for taking time out of your holiday weekend to hop over to listen to my music choices. I hope you and your family are having a fabulous time celebrating our nation’s birthday. As for my DH and I, we are chillaxing at home.

Have a sensational Saturday!

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