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Singer verses Songwriter #BOTB results

WARNING, this is gonna be a longer than usual, kittens and dawgs! I am having a two for all special…again. First announcement is revealing my theme for the annual A-Z blogging challenge event (you can find me at 412 on the list) that’s sure to have us all pulling our hair out (hopefully in a good sorta way) beginning April 1st.

This is my third anniversary to take part and I decided to do something different. I’m going vintage. Originally I envisioned old magazine ads, commercials, music, gadgets, and more. Let’s just say, I’m gonna keep things loose and sorta go with the flow. Hopefully, I will delight and amaze not only you, but myself on this journey with discoveries from the past. I’m calling my theme, All Things Vintage.

Last week’s Singer Verses Songwriter #BoTB showdown I touched on the direction my April theme without hinting, but it’s obvious my song pick falls in the vintage category.  This really wasn’t much of a competition and if you guys have kept count then you already know.

I fell for Fallin’ instantly after hearing Connie Francis sexy tones and as much as I like Sedaka I by far prefer him as the songwriter over a singer. His vocals do very little for me and it was a no brainer Connie gets my vote. The singer blew the songwriter out of the water by a 14 to 3 victory. Connie Francis takes the golden mic!
 photo cat_happy_clapping_hg_clr.gif

A special thank you to everyone who participated. Don’t forget to see how the other showdowns played out by visiting STMcC Presents ‘Battle of the Bands’ for the list of fellow BoTBers.

Next month will be busy with the #AprilA2Z blog challenge, but I hope to roll my #BoTB posts in with the alphabet prompt and I invite y’all to come back to see what falls Fallin‘ out of my sleeve. 😉

The music doesn’t stop here, feel free to boogie with me to Testing Trisha for Musical Monday and then step out on the dance floor with the 4M crew. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with a few more songs written by Howard Greenfield and Neil Sedaka sung by the amazing Connie Francis….




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Singer verses Songwriter #BOTB showdown

I feel like I’m sorta Fallin’ apart in Blogosphere, kittens and dawgs. Do you ever get that way? My routine turned upside down when DH got laid off. I kinda have it under control, but it doesn’t take much of an upset to throw things off-balance. Blah-Blah-Blah. You don’t want to hear my complaints, do ya? No sweat-a-roo! Let’s get to some fun.

In December, DH got me a lovely Christmas CD by an old artist, Connie Francis, a singer whose music I did not have and ooh, did I ever enjoy listening to her album Christmas In My Heart!

In 1958, Connie Francis recorded Neil Sedaka’s Fallin.

A year later, Neil Sedaka recorded the song he co-wrote with Howard Greenfield, Fallin.


Which gets your vote, the singer or the songwriter?

The fun continues with more epic battles underway; I invite you to visit, Stephen, who manages the ever-growing list of BoTB players and a special thanks to the brain child of this cool, bi-monthly hop, Fae!

Don’t forget, the polls close on the 21st at midnight and I’ll report the results of this competition, including my vote the next day. Mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with another cover for your enjoyment only Fallin cover by Marti Brom. Have a bandtastic day!

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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling #BoTB

With the blood of emeralds and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s turn our attention to this famous Irish song written by two Americans.


Did Porky Pig and friends make your eyes smile this morning?

American born in Buffalo, New York but devoted to the Emerald Isle, Chauncey Olcott and George Graff set When Irish Eyes Are Smiling to the music of Ernest Ball in 1912 for The Isle O’Dreams production in which Olcott sang the song and since that time recorded on more than 200 albums and singles.

I admit I love the Irish flavor of a more traditional thinking renditions of  The Irish Tenors or John McDermott. How about you? However, the song was written by two Americans who loved Ireland. So, I wanted two singers who didn’t sound Irish just to shake things up and maybe to mess with you head a little.

Keeping that in mind, today’s battle includes none of the artists I mentioned to this point in the showdown. Please, don’t hate me!

Normally, I pair same-sex vocals. That’s not gonna be the case today. It’s female against male. Who will win? Well, Kittens & Dawgs, it’s totally up to you!  Let the battle begin….


I give you Connie Francis…


and Roger Whittaker…

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Okay, visit STMcCP to get the 411 on how Battle of the Bands works, but those who know what to do then it’s time to play along with the other members!

I’ll have the results next week this time, so I invite you to check back to see if your pick gets named the winner. Have a bandtastic day!