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#Reign Mary, queen of Scots #history

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! In 2013 The CW aired a new TV series based on Mary, queen of Scots called Reign. We tried following, but life’s demands got in the way. Thankfully, Netflix picked up Reign. We  watched season one with each episode filled with elements of suspense, secrets, deceit, passion, or murder. What more can you ask of a series? BINGO! We’re totally hooked. A total surprise to us, too.  Have you watched Reign?

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Adelaide Kane ~Mary, queen of Scots, (L) Torrance Coombs ~ Sebastian, (R) Toby Regbo ~ Francis *borrowed image*

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Those annoying, get-stuck-in-your-head songs

Meow, Meow, kittens & dawgs! How was your weekend? That pesky skin rash the doctor diagnosed as Folliculitis resurfaced again…actually it NEVER went away but it just got more annoying. So, I’m on another round of antibiotics to clear this stuff up. *UGH*

It’s not official, but officially I unplugged myself from the net this month. I just need time away to clear out the cobwebs sometimes, but I went ahead with putting together in advance my Monday’s Music Moves Me posts. I couldn’t let you start your week off without a little boogie time with the Cathy now, could I?

Being all itchy and bothered, I thought of this tune….


Who remembers Landau Eugene Murphy from AGT? Well, this dude is from my home state of West Virginia. Due to my epidermal affliction, I thought it would be super to feature those annoying, get-stuck-in-your-head songs to take my mind off my current problem. Are you ready to boogie? Lace up your blue suede shoes coz it’s time to hit the dance floor!

I sing the chorus to this song every morning as DH leaves for work. He may feel like NOT calling maybe, but whether call me crazy!

At the time this next song debuted it absolutely irritated me too pieces. Funny how after time goes by what annoyed you so much has a way of dissipating and I now actually think it’s kinda fun.

You may hate me for pitching this next tune, but… I promise you this. Every. Time. I. Hear. This. Song. It gets-stuck-in-my-head!


I’ll end things on a rather fun note. One can’t help, but to find these final two tunes totally infectious and difficult to remove from one’s brain.



On behalf of the lovely Dancing Queen, Marie and her Solid Gold Dancers ~ Callie, Stacy, Becca, and I thank you for joining us for another week of Monday’s Music Moves Me.

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I’m taking things slowly but I will eventually stop by your place and I can’t wait to see what music moves you?

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Skyfall Review,Getting Closer, & One More Pitch

Good morning, my lovelies! How is this week progressing? Me? Well, it’s about the same ole same in my weekly routine – coffee breaks, blog post writing, blog hopping, exercise, cleaning house, …  Okay, nuff said, right?

It’s Tuesday, so you know it’s my schedule time to go all random. You know where my post may or may not make sense or not tie together neatly from one paragraph to another. Do you have your cup of coffee in hand? If so, then let’s get going!

Skyfall Review:

Daniel Craig’s redeems himself as James Bond role!

This weekend, we watched Skyfall. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the old Bond presence in Craig’s Bond character in this last installment. There is still room for improvement, but I’m feeling confident about future 007 productions which will include more of the old Bond role with Craig and giving way to getting things back on track for us who love the old 007 panache.

Skyfall had a fabulous opening. This was a good indicator that this was going to be a better Bond movie than with the previous two Bond flicks starring Craig and I was right!

There was one thing I wasn’t looking forward to in Skyfall and that the scene which hinted the villain, Silva (Javier Bardem) is a homosexual as he made suggestive gestures and comments to 007 bound in a chair. Thankfully the scene wasn’t long and in my opinion it didn’t serve any purpose. It was sheer propaganda. That’s all I will say on that.

The over-all movie is nicely done. I  loved that they introduced the reinvented character Q (Ben Whishaw) as a computer geek and the writers threw in the original Q’s line, “007, do try to bring this equipment back in pristine condition.”  The action up to the end was quite riveting and the drama of the seemingly cold-hearted M (Judi Dench) dying in the arms of James Bond.  Holy cow, I got all weepy eyed.

The movie wound things down by establishing with its audience the new site of M16 (which is the old headquarter of past 007 movies) and presented us with new M (Ralph Fiennes who played Gareth Mallory) and Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris’s role as Eve). This makes me excited about future James Bond movies and if you’re a Daniel Craig fan, then you will be happy to learn he has signed a contract to do at least two more 007 films. I wonder what will be next!


Getting closer to my target weight goal…

As we get older, the battle we rage with the bathroom scales is often times not very pleasant. However, my fight at reaching my goal is imminent. Sunday’s weigh in revealed I am now 108. This is only 3-pounds from where I want to be. If all goes well, then in perhaps in a short 2-3 weeks I can be where I want to be and doing a little happy dance.


One more pitch at selling some used books…

Spring is coming. That being said means what? Yes, that’s right – spring cleaning. I have a stash of kindly cared for books for youngsters I am trying to find a new home for. Why not revisit my past post, here to see what’s available.

Also, a few weeks ago I unearthed another book collection by Robert Elmer entitled The Young Underground Series Volume 1-9 which I would love to sell! These books are for boys & girls grade 3 and up.

The Young Underground Series by Robert Elmer
Book series for boys & girls grade 3 and up
Price $16.00 plus USPS priority mail to US residents.
Purchases outside the US will be considered, but shipping may be too expense. Feel free to inquiry, if interested. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

I hope someone out there is willing to help me do my spring cleaning by taking these lovely collections off my hands. *wink*

Here’s what Mr. Elmer has to say about this series:

In my first series, the “Young Underground,” each book is based on a real historical event or character. They’re set in World War II-Denmark. It was a natural, because my family is Danish; both my parents grew up during that time. I would look into history books for exciting things that happened, then ask them questions to find out how it really happened. A Danish man—I used to clean his yard and he was a friend of my parents—would tell me stories about being in the Danish Underground movement, and one of the stories he told me inspired book number three, Into the Flames. My uncle was in the Underground, too, although I never met him. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these adventures as much as I enjoyed writing them. ~Robert

Les from Time Out For Mom wants to know for her Tuesday Coffee Chat:

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done, had done for you, or witnessed?

In a past post, I wrote about my story, A Touch of Romance – Day 21 G2KM Blog, and I invite you to read it. 😉

Now, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my a few of my regular random/coffee chat buds. You can find them under Daily Blog Hops at the top of my site. Off I go, next stop your place. Have a terrific Tuesday! 😉