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Tuesday Talk Time: Morning fog shot, Tree clearing, Serious exercising, and Coffee chat

“A foggy Monday morning ” iPhone 4 capture. Befunky photo editor to apply the B&W5 effect, border, & copyright.

It’s Tuesday again? And, it’s October already? Whew, where does the time go? With that being said, you know what Tuesdays are for, right? It means it’s time for me to do a bit randomizing. That’s all I seem to do as of lately, too. I just ramble about whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, if you’re here today then this is what’s on your mind, as well.

I have been having some creative fun lately with my iPhone 4 camera. I have my phone always, my DSLR not so much.  I couldn’t resist snapping the fog yesterday morning and then doing a little photo editing. But speaking of iPhones,  I must admit, I’m getting psyched thinking about my new iPhone on order.  It will feel like Christmas Day when it arrives!

The below picture I got really artistic with it. I just love playing with my friend’s iPhone app, Distressed FX. You may want to check into if you like this effect. It comes preloaded with several textures. It’s really cool, isn’t it?


Another foggy Monday morning picture, iPhone 4 capture using Distressed FX app and applying “Dove” effect before running the image through Befunky photo editor to add border and copyright.


It’s official, the city tree removal service came… conquered… and totally did some major clearing away from our front property. We have been here for 33 years and all this time the foliage has provided much camouflaged for us and our house. Not to mention, it was an excellent sound barrier from passing vehicles. Now, what do we do with it? I like the privacy, but I hate the fear of having tall trees looming over our car and driveway, not to mention have to contend with horrible tree sap kept falling on our car all spring, summer, and fall.

Speaking of sap, we spent all day last Friday washing the car.  I applied some mega elbow strength into buffing off the tree spa. Our time ran short, so we decided to wait to wax the car on Saturday. Unfortunately, that stupid sap dripped all over our car AGAIN.  *smack forehead* If I am not mistaken, I think the culprit of this crime is the hackberry trees. Just throwing that out there for you if you have some of these villainous trees lurking on your property.  I hope this fixes our problem now that those trees are gone. I’ll let you know how this turns out.  You know, the not having to deal with tree sap on our car ever again.

Now,  we can re-washing and wax the car. I guess we are going to need to do a bit of landscape planning to give us some coverage and help muffle traffic noise.

My daily exercise routine has been really shakin’. It’s so wonderful to be able to get into the full groove of things. I struggle a bit to maximize my move range, but I do see improvements, and I am hopeful over time I will continue to get better. The whole aging process, not that I am old, places limits on me. With each decade that passes I notice a change, but I am far from throwing in the towel and calling it quits. You may remember, I am in the fight of my life to stay fit – one body, one life, to always do my best at looking my best no matter how old I am. The good news in all of this is I am now riding my stationary bike for an hour and then I do a 30 or 45 minute Brazilian Butt Lift workout. This is a welcome change.

On Tuesday Coffee Chat, Les asks, how would you finish this statement?

If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back….

…and redo my senior year of high school. That’s such a funny question and one I have actually thought of. I often think about my senior year of high school. It wasn’t the best. I didn’t handle things so well. You see, I got married in between my junior and senior year of high school, then moved to Tennessee away from everyone I knew. I felt like a fish out of water. I allowed my low self-esteem to get in the way, which inhibited my ability to enjoy my last year of high school. I just didn’t click with many of my peers. After all, I was coming in on the tail end of this new crowd of kid’s high school career. So, you can see why I would like to have a do-over with that chapter of my life. 

How would you answer Les’ prompt?

I am dedicating today’s Tuesday Tune to Lesley’s Lovely Life. She is trying to get ready for her upcoming class reunion through dieting and every woman in Blogosphere knows what a struggle this is.

Hey girl, just know, we have your back and believe that you can …

Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies

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Have a terrific Tuesday!



Tuesday Talk Time: New iPhone, My iPhone, and iO7 Featurette #1

Morning sky captured with iPhone 4
Applied BeFunky photo editing matte edge & copyright

Good afternoon! I am running way behind today due to an early morning appointment. Before I get into my randomizing, please let me point out if you like giveaway then you’ll want to check out mine for North Country Wind Bells.

Last Friday, Apple launched the sale of their newest iPhone 5S and 5C. When the iPhone 5 came out it hit record sells of 4M sells in its first weekend. The analysis predicted the 5S would increase sales by 1.5 – 2.0M. Apple blew the lid off the market by more than doubling its sells over the previous version. Ouchy, wah-wah! Right? The fun part of this statics is I helped Apple to benchmark these impressive sells this go around.

DH sprung a surprise on me when he offered to get the iPhone 5S for me. What was I to do? Refuse? I don’t think so! Although my current iPhone is working beautifully, it is still four generations old. Our biggest concern is the battery life. The iPhone battery life reportedly lasts two years and I’ve used my iPhone 4 since May 2010. It’s not a question if it will die but when? DH didn’t want me stranded without mine.

How do I like my iPhone 5S? I can’t say. Our local store did not have the color choice that I wanted, so we had to order it and it won’t be here until sometime in October. I am going to be so beside myself till that it shows up.

Prior to the release of Apple’s new iPhones, they put updated the operating system. Apple made it available for free to its customers. I was a bit hesitant to upgrade my iPhone 4 for fear something wouldn’t work properly because it’s a great-great-great grandma in terms of smartphones, but I took the leap of faith that everything would be alright.

iOS7 works okay on the old gal. She’s a little slower, but I can forgive her for that. After all, I just asked her to do something that’s designed for the newer age of iDevices. Feeling excited about the changes, I thought it would be cool to offer iPhone iOS7 featurettes tips every so often. That being said, let me kick things.

iOS7 featurette #1:

You can now access the iPhone control panel any time, even when locked. At the bottom of the screen, you simply swipe your finger up to change important mode settings such as an airport, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, or screen orientation lock. You can adjust the brightness or volume or enable AirPlay. You’ll also find the clock, calculator, camera, and flashlight features there, too. The flashlight is a new addition to the OS upgrade and it’s really neat. When you select this feature it turns the camera flash into a LED super light!

There you have it!

It’s random Tuesday, so I’m going to throw in something totally off topic. While in Wal-Mart, a cool idea came to mind. Why not every time I see a product that proudly says “Made in the USA” on it to flash a picture and share it.

Here’s my first installment of USA made discoveries….

Visit FlixCandy!

Don’t be fooled into thinking American candy companies manufacture their goods in the USA. One of the largest, if not the largest granddaddy chocolatiers in Hershey, Pennsylvania makes some of its candy lines in Mexico.

One more thing before I grab a fresh cup of coffee and begin my daily hop. I have created a NEW Facebook fan page & Twitter account. You’ll find these also in my sidebar. If you’ll be so kind to follow, then I would greatly appreciate it. 😉

Have a terrific Tuesday!



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Tuesday Talk Time: Randomizing, Chats, and Diamond Candles giveaway reminder

Photographed this morning with DistressedFX iPhone App, using “Seasons” overlay…I think. lol

How was your weekend? The temperature cooled a lot here in the south. A refreshing hint of fall was in the air on Friday. Ah, I cannot wait till the weather is that pleasant for more than a weekend!  I don’t mind telling you, I’m a bit giddy thinking about the fall foliage, aren’t you? I just love autumn in East Tennessee!

DH’s tried out his new Husqvarna 223L string-trimmer Saturday. It is fantastic. That little baby whacks the grass and weeds down like its nothing! I haven’t had the pleasure of test driving it, but I really want to. There’s only one thing stopping me and that’s hurting someone close by, including myself. Maybe, I should reconsider this for a minute. Maybe, I should stick to what I am comfortable with – our battery-powered string trimmer that isn’t a beastie as the 223L. Don’t be fooled, the lesser frightening one is powerful enough to tear a person up, if not handled properly. I’ll let you know if I give the 223L a whirl or not, but not without first issuing a warning to those standing nearby. *big grin*

Speaking of the weekend and autumn, we were watching football Sunday night (Seahawks VS 49ers) when this commercial came on.


Are you laughing? I. Absolutely. Died. Laughing. This is one of the funniest ads I have seen in a while. It by far is better than any of the 1M dollar ads that ran this past SuperBowl.

Here’s something for you. Recently, I bought some lump crabmeat anticipating making crab cakes for the first time. I figured it can’t be too hard and should be much the same as salmon cakes, which I make occasionally. Lucky for me, America’s Test Kitchen aired a segment on how to make the Best Crab Cakes right after purchasing the crabmeat much to my delight. I’m eager to give this recipe a try! Doesn’t it look yummy? Do you have experience with making crab cakes?

Last night while we were watching Sunday night football, DS sent a text to DH with some big news. He bought his first used vehicle for $1700.  All I remember about it is, it’s a 4×4, V8 something or another. His comment was, “I bet it’s gonna be a gas guzzler.” Dah, you reckon? Overall, I think he didn’t do too shabby and it sounds like a nice first set of wheels for DS. Way to go, Sonny boy, we’ll be looking forward to checking it out! 😉


The past couple of weeks I think I have been mentally challenged and unable to catch Patrice’s Chats on the farmhouse porch (non-working link) for one reason or another. I decided this morning, it was time to visit my lovely bloggy friends. It’s a bit nippy, so you may want to throw on a sweatshirt and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy this morning’s chat session.

  1. What’s the one thing you feel is the biggest waste of your time during an average week? Honestly? Blogging is the biggest waste of time, but try to not look at it in a negative light. Blogging gives me the creative outlet to do what I enjoy – sharing of myself through words. The blogosphere is an excellent platform to perfect my art. 
  2. When was the last time you baked a pie? Home-made pies: Thanksgiving 2012. Store-bought pies: Spring 2013 
  3. What do you want to spend time doing that you aren’t right now? What I really would like to be doing that I’m not doing is working on my Christmas cards. Yes, I have to start well before the holidays in hope of having them done early in the season. Preferably completing the job before Thanksgiving. I know what I want to do and buy supplies late October. I just gotta hunker myself down to begin my project, which is always the hardest first step.
  4. What do you do with old clothes? Old clothing goes in the trash. Once upon a time, we donated ALL unwanted items to Goodwill. That was before they went all psycho by enforcing restrictions on how you are to drop off goods. I understand an organization may want items placed in a certain spot. I am cool with that, but to deny drop offs completely and threatening people with court action for those who leave charitable contributions at their doorstep so-to-speak after hours is ridiculous. What can I say? Liberalism is a mental disorder. This is why we no longer go out of our way to make a special delivery to Goodwill when the city trash will take it off my hands without fussing. Isn’t that a shame? 

If we were having lunch on the porch today, what would you bring for the potluck-style lunch? Fresh veggies and ranch-style veggie dip or my near world-famous spicy black olive & onion spread with crackers.


Have you entered the Diamond Candles candle giveaway yet? Time is running out fast with only 1-day remaining in the giveaway. Get in on the action NOW, click here for a chance to win!


Later in the week, look for my newest review & giveaway opportunity for a Maine made buoy bell chime by North Country Wind Bells. You’re gonna so love this!

I believe I could go for another cup of coffee, how about you?  Follow me while I make a few more visits with these some of my Tuesday link up buds listed under Daily Blog Hops at the top of this page. 😉

Have a terrific day!






Random Tuesday Thoughts: Small Bowel Series

Did you hear the good news? Stacy Uncorked is back in Blogosphere again. Yay, Stacy, welcome back! I cannot imagine making a move such as yours from Pennsylvania to Washington. My buns get sore just thinking about such a trip, and then the seemingly endless road before me would drive me bonkers. Oh, wait…I am already bonkers. Then, it would make me bonkier! Is bonkier even a word? If not, I now declare it is. *stupid grin*

Yesterday, I launched my very own weekly random meme called, Monday Morning Musings. Yeah, yeah, it is a not a very original name for a hop, but I like it all the same. I hope you’ll decide to join my no-rule linky party!

Anywho what is new with you? Me… not so much. My life is rather Plain Jane. I am lacking a mission in the impossible scheme of things. Last week’s note of excitement came at my expense in the form of a small bowel series. You did not stop by this morning to read about my gastrointestinal hiccups, but I am going to share it with you anyhow because I am just that special. You can leave a thank-you in comments for me. 😀

Trust me when I say, having a small bowel series is not exciting. Getting a tooth extracted is exciting…exciting in a terrifying way that is. In fact, the SBS procedure is boring. I could not have anything after midnight the night before, not even water on the day of. I did sneak in a tooth brushing. Although tempted, I carefully did not swallow a drop of water. I remained strong.

DH dropped me off at the hospital. I registered over the phone but still, I had to go to registration to present the clerk with my pass to admittance with my insurance card and driver’s license. I guess, if I was an illegal alien things would have been different…maybe even better. I mean, after all, they do not have any of these forms of identification and yet they get free medical treatment. Did you know the hospital does not leave insurance info on your account more than 30-days? This means you have to give it to them all over again and in my case, I have had to repeat this step several times over the past four months. Oh sure they keep your address, phone number, and emergency contact info on file indefinitely, but your medical insurance? Nope, it’s not retained on file. Tell me what’s the harm in that? They keep everything else.

After I got checked in, despite my best efforts by agreeing to the register by phone to speed things up I barely got to radiology at my appointment time. I did not have to wait long in the waiting area before I was called. The X-ray techie gal gave me a hospital gown and a warm blanket. That was nice. It was actually a bit nippy last Thursday morning. She snapped one X-ray and then gave me a thick, chalky solution to drink. This is not what I had in mind to drink, but I tipped the cup up and chugged it down in under 3-minutes. I was not going to linger over my cup reading the morning news. I wanted it gone! The gal impressed with my attitude to get the nasty job done quickly despite my gagging. I reckon I’m allowed to gag since I managed to put away a 20-ounce horrible tasting, not-so-fun solution.

The hospital felt a bit drafty. You know how those silly gowns are, so I threw my warm blankie over my shoulders and was told my next x-ray would be in 20-minutes. For the next 2+ hours, I walked in 20-30 minute intervals in circles (which took me past the cafeteria) to get the barium to move faster through my intestines (a trick I learned in June when I had this same procedure performed), then the x-ray techie gal took a picture of my beautiful insides each time. The good news is with all the walking I got some exercising in for the day, since it was totally shot. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. Allergies? Toxins from the barium? I don’t know, but I was pooped! Let’s hope no more tests are needed.

Speaking of exercise, I did manage to kick-start my routine more aggressively last week. I rode my bike for an hour and then did a 30-minute Brazil Butt Lift DVD. Don’t be fooled by the name of that program. The results I’ve seen redefine your whole body. My goal is to rebuild muscle that was lost during my illness & post-op recovery, anything else I accomplish will be like icing on a cake. I felt a total sense of accomplishment working out for an hour and a half. My plan is to continue the routine this week and the next until I am back into shape.

Wait! I did actually have a bit of exciting news to tell you. I’m hosting a Diamond Candles giveaway. *happy dance* You can read about it, here, and I invite you to enter. It is easy as 1-2-3. The perfect kind of giveaway we all like!

Before I leave you this morning, I wanted to share a new blog hop I stumbled upon called Tuesday Tunes. I love, love music! Music is an important life ingredient to make one happy. Music makes me move and fills my soul! How about you?


Grab a cup of coffee, you may want to stop dancing so to not spill it on you, and join me as I visit a few of my Monday blog lovelies, you can find their links under Daily Blog Hops at the top of this page. 😉



Free e-Book offer & Colonoscopy fun NOT

In case you missed my Saturday announcement, my friend and fellow author, Betsy Ashton, is having a FREE e-book download party on Amazon of her book, Mad Max Unintended Consequences.

Get your copy today!
Offer good: August 24 – 31.

Tell your friends the good news. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button to announce this big event! You know you wanna and you will be happy that you did. 😉

It’s Tuesday, so you know this means it’s time to get down with randomizing. Boy, is this ever off topic….

Chances are good, if you are reading this in the early a.m. hours then I’m under going, no doubt, one of the most unpopular procedures ever, a colonoscopy. This is my 3rd time in 13 years. From my past experiences, there was no discomfort or pain associated, other than getting prickled for the anesthesia drip. I hate needles! The positive side of having an endoscopy put you-know-where is, I will be asleep.

Speaking of needles, 2-weeks ago I went in for my 2-month follow-up with my GI. He ordered blood work. The gal did a fabulous job. I kid you not when I say I felt nothing! There wasn’t the slightest stick present and yet, there is still a bruise in the bend of my arm. Why is that and how is it that I bruised without pain?

Yesterday wasn’t much fun. I couldn’t eat anything, and not allowed to have anything with purple and red dye since these colors camouflage what the doctor needs to see in the images. My diet consisted of chicken broth, jello, Popsicle, and other liquids. Things did not improve.

Beginning at 3pm, I started my colon prep. This is not the way I prefer to spend my night. On top of that, my tummy rumbled the whole evening, and nightmares about my liquid diet plagued my sleep. Why? That was my entire menu option when I was in the hospital last. I barely ate the food given to me because it wasn’t appealing. It’s a good thing the surgery left me with no appetite. The concerned doctors requested a Nutritionist to see me, but I knew I would be okay as soon once I could have “real food” and leave the liquid diet far behind me. No pun intended.

Dr. L will snip a few samples of tissue for a biopsy. He will look for Crohn’s Disease. Several years ago this was the diagnoses I received, and I was skeptical of it. My symptoms or lack of prompted my doubt that this was the wrong medical call. Interestingly, my June surgery biopsy showed no Crohn’s, which may or may not be conclusive of the non-presence of the disease. However, the colonoscopy biopsy should tell us one way or the other in a few weeks.

Let me leave you with a simple request if you’re 50 or older, then give yourself the gift of a colonoscopy. Although, this article The Importance of a Screening Colonoscopy is a few years old from The Doctor Oz Show it is still good advice. You only have one life, one body. Take charge. Be proactive. It’s your health!

**I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I care enough to give you the best!**

Hey guys, I forgot to mention, why not consider following, Betsy @ Mad Maxism. I know she’d love having you amongst her friendly circle of blogging buds! Now, grab a cup coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies at….

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Just a wee reminder, Stacy Uncorked is taking a break from blogging till her move to the Pacific Northwest is complete. She plans to return to Blogosphere next month. We will be looking forward to seeing her back!

Have a terrific Tuesday!Save


Rebel Soul & Other Thoughts to Ponder

See the people walking down the street
Fall in line just watching all their feet
They don’t know where they wanna go
But they’re walking in time

Walking in time that is to… Random. Tuesday. Thoughts.  What are you reflecting on this morning?

The good folks at Harley-Davidson hosted a writing competition for their 110th-anniversary celebration.  (Sorry, folks the contest has expired.) They asked participants to describe in a 300 or less character essay, how they would rock the H-D 110th Anniversary Celebration, to win a customized motorcycle, a trip to Wisconsin to attend the celebration, a Kid Rock concert, and join Kid Rock on stage. The prize value $20,000.

My SIL, Ben Balliro, won it! He won the Harley-Davidson. Isn’t this cool?  I’m not a motorcycle fan per see, that’s the mother in me shining through, but I am I mean, we are extremely proud of his accomplishment. Word of his win is reason enough to celebrate.

I give to you, with his permission, of course, his winning entry…

A rebel soul is a soul that embraces freedom and rights. It makes its own future, and the future is rockin the 110th with HOG. Open ride cross-country with nothing but the sun behind him. How would I celebrate the 110th? In the company of friends who love freedom as much as I do.

Congratulations, Ben!


The fight against clearing the clutter in our home is moving steadily forward. I successfully got rid of 5-6 partly filled bags over the weekend. Small changes = big improvements, just as long as no new clutter comes into the house. Remember, there are perpetual pack-rats living here who are trying to banish old ways. It’s not always easy. There needs to be a support group for folks like us, PPA – Perpetual Packrats Anonymous. Would you find yourself joining this group?


Growing up in rural West Virginia in the 60s & 70s, one might consider a hard knock without a shopping mall or a movie theater or cable TV or internet or…okay, there were many things we didn’t have, unlike today’s children. The thing is we were responsible for making our own entertainment to stave off boredom and didn’t mind doing it.

An enjoyable pastime I liked doing was creating new words from a word. For example, RANDOM,  I get man, dam, ran, (and they rhyme) … Get it?  How many words can you spot without repeating any of the letters within each new word?

The next time your kids complain about not having anything to do, challenge them to come up with a list of new words from a single word or phrase. Here’s a little help for you at Letter sorting word search to make you look brainy. Plug in a word and generate a list of new words of your own.  This makes things simple for you, but don’t tell little Johnny or Susie that you cheated. *wink-wink*

What sorts of games did you play when you were a kid that you just don’t see kids playing today?

Thinking of wordplay. This reminds me that school is back in session. It became clear yesterday with the busier than usual flock of people at the store. I had dismissed the thoughts of such things altogether with my hectic summer. Like a slap across the face, the light in the attic went on… this is the first weekend after back-to-school! I was crazy to be mixed in with a crowd people who didn’t see anything wrong with crawling all over me, if I let them, to get what they wanted. Where are people’s manners these days? Parents and children flooded the aisles to find those much-needed supplies required for them to have by their teachers, not mention the lunch and snack foods these little ones need to keep up their brain power.

Let me say one thing, this was not a problem my parents had to deal with when I was in school. One might argue that I went to school during the days of dinosaurs and cavemen. In part, I would say they are right, times were simpler and less stressful. Special supplies were not needed. The only time I recall anyone needing anything more than pencils and paper was if a kid was in a club, the band, or athletics program and for students who participated in annual events like the Home Ec or Science fairs.

Why do you suppose it’s necessary for back-to-school to be such a headache for everyone?

Speaking of manners, on our way to the car after shopping a car came up behind us and tooted its horn. There was no on-coming traffic. A small toot that said, excuse me I’m passing you now would be okay, but the toot followed angry aggression with the driver punching the gas to pass us which was totally not cool. Two people walking side-by-side with a shopping cart in tow taking up a small part of the traffic way is no threat to this driver or the car but the driver and the car are very much a threat to us. The driver was being nothing more than a stupid hot head. I hate to say it, but the driver was a young woman. No amount of PMS is justification for this kind of rude, reckless behavior.  One can only hope she grows wiser with age. That is if she makes it to maturity.

Do you recycle? Honestly, I do not. That being said, I do try to find ways to stretch things out. I am not an extreme person when it comes to making things go the distance, but I do my part the best I can. I do enjoy knowing how others use ordinary items for dual purposes around the home and isn’t that kind of like recycling? Reader’s Digest published an interesting article on this that I want to share with you, 13+ Steps to a zero waste kitchen.

I’m not insane, but don’t you find this a bit fun…


For more clever designs, check out Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius.

Patrice’s farmhouse porch chat questions this week are…

  1. My oldest daughter has returned to college for her second year. Could I get you to give her some good wishes here? Please? You made it through your first year with the second one just beginning. Keep your focus on your studies, but take breaks as needed to be the most productive. This is, but a short span of time in the rest of your forever afterlife in the “real world”. Best of luck to ya!
  2. Summer is about to move on, what will you miss the most? And the least? My answer is really one in the same, I miss most the time to do whatever I wanted because I was sick, in the hospital, surgery, doctor visits, … Luckily I’m on the mend and looking forward to a wonderful fall.
  3. Are you currently working on any craft, sewing, DIY home, or any other creative project? Not at this time. I do want to begin laying out my Christmas cards, but I waiting to get a few supplies to do this job.
  4. If you could have any treatment at a spa free, what would it be? A massage!
  5. What’s your favorite kind of pasta? I love pasta, but don’t eat it often. Every time we dine at an Italian restaurant, I like getting lasagna. I guess this is my over-all favorite.

That’s a rap on my random preoccupation for this Tuesday, so grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies at….

StacyfriendandfollowEveryday Ruralty
Psst…Psst… a wee reminder, Stacy Uncorked is embarking a huge move across the country this month and is taking a break from blogging with an expected return schedule for September. We’ll all be looking forward to seeing her back!

Have a terrific Tuesday!





Tuesdays = Random Thoughts

Blog authors like to write about a particular day’s events or a hodgepodge of stray topics all for the sake of participating in a blog hop known for randomizing one’s musings.  That being said, it’s Tuesday and Tuesdays = Random Thoughts. So…pour yourself a cup of joe and read my undirected thought process for today.

It’s safe to say, I won’t be seeing a sunrise as pictured above. Last night it rained and this morning it’s raining. All I can hope for is that the rain either (A) stops or (B) lets up long enough for this gal to take the trash to the curb. Yucky, wet weather doesn’t make for a good garbage day!

Have you seen this infomercial?


This caught my eye while I was laid up post-op and I thought, WOW, this may be worth a try! Yesterday, I began the Brazil Butt Lift program. Phew, boy did it ever kick my bum-bum! I’m SO out of shape, but I felt invigorated. I was perspiring heavily by the end of the 30-minute workout. That’s definitely what I wanted to see. This is a 6-day per/week routine. I don’t know if I can go six consecutive days or not, but I’m dedicated to my cause – to rebuild muscle! It won’t be an easy task, but exercising never is initially. I am VERY eager to see how things shape up in the coming weeks for me.

In 15 Little-Known Game Facts & Trivia, an interesting Reader’s Digest article, a popular Milton Bradley game helped WWII POWs to escape. How’s that you asked? Oddly, the Nazis had a temporary lapse of humanism by allowing Allied Prisoners of War the privilege of playing board games. The British government was even allowed to send its incarnated soldiers a few games. One of which was Monopoly. Thanks to the game’s publisher smuggled inside the box – banknotes hidden among the Monopoly money, compasses, metal files, and a folded silk map (less likely to fall apart like paper). These real escape tools are hidden within a seemingly innocent board game actually assisted POWs in fleeing from the enemy. Isn’t that so James Bond-like?

A few months ago, a local headlight caught my attention that I would have shared with you, but I was so terribly sick. That being said, I think this is a good time to do just that – share!

An accidental 911 call lands man behind bars according to WRCBtv.com, a station in Chattanooga, TN. 911 operators heard more than enough from an unintentional caller, “I’m looking for my methadone box. I’m sitting here waiting for you to smoke a joint” to send the Athens Police Department to the home of Aaron Thompson. Thank-you modern technology for helping to nab a low-life drug pusher!

Have you gotten accidental calls?

Has your phone dialed someone without you knowing it?

I can say yes on both accounts. Both of our DDs did this often years ago and then while I was learning the ropes with my iPhone a few years ago, I accidentally called the last dialed person who happened to be none other than DD#2. lol

Last week, I failed to hook up with Patrice’s Chats on a farmhouse porch. Today, I won’t make the same mistake. Patrice wants to know….

  1. Do you have any type of air cleaner in your home? Actually, we have two ionic filters in our home. Unfortunately, we do not have either on. Although for the most part, you don’t even hear them running, DH can hear them and it’s especially irritating for him when watching TV.
  2. What do you do with the spare change you accumulate in your car, purse, pockets, etc? It’s really rare that I have any loose coins in my purse, but when I do happen upon it I just toss it in a little container I keep on top of my microwave.
  3. What’s one chore you wish you never had to do again? Housework. Does that count? I know it’s rather broad, but well…housework does not rock my world. 
  4. Are you outgoing, quite, shy, reserved, or the life of the party? On the surface, I’m reserved if I don’t know you. You know that old saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Not that I a “fool”, but when you get to know the “real me” then all the silliness shines through.
  5. Have you understood your parents more as you’ve gotten older? The only time I have ever been able to understand my parents has been from the moment I became a parent. That’s when the light upstairs went on and I thought, “Gee, my parents weren’t wrong after all.” This gives me hope in thinking my children will have a similar experience one day. 

Thanks for joining me in my rants. I’ll be hopping over to your place shortly. For now, why not grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies at….

Psst…Psst… a wee reminder, Stacy Uncorked is embarking a huge move across the country this month and is taking a break from blogging, but her scheduled return is for September. We’ll all be looking forward to seeing her back!

Have a terrific Tuesday!