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#WW A tiny piece of the moon + #BoTB results

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs!  It’s not often I get a chance to photograph the night sky or in this case an early morning sky.  The first light was beginning to peak above the horizon when I noticed a tiny piece of the moon in the sky.  I snapped on my longest lens, zooming to 300mm cranked my ISO to 1600 preparing to shoot with a slow shutter speed to try to avoid camera shake handholding for the shot and I managed to do okay at one-fifteen to capture the awesome view.


Last week, I invited you not-so WW crowd to vote right along with my fellow BoTBers in my March 1st showdown.  For a time I thought this was going to be a total shut-out but then the other guy got a vote just like that.  Like the majority, the strong resemblance of Elvis of Ricky Shayne pulled me in and he had a landslide victory; tipping the ballot box 12 to 3!

The golden mic award goes to…



You can see how the other battles went down last time by visiting Stephen for the list of active BoTBers.  ?

I’ll leave you with another listen to Ricky Shayne but this time he’s singing in English!



I am going to sit out “Thursday Movie Picks” until June but I hope you’ll come back for all kinds of fun including some giggles with Friday Sillies!









Kong Rules the night with a peak-a-boo moon #WW

Good morning, kittens and dawgs!  Earlier in the August, I shared an older photo I took of King Kong with my little point n’ shoot, here. On the night we were in the mountains to watch the Perseids meteor showers when the weather just wasn’t gonna have as to do much in the way of star-gazing I finally got a chance to take a night picture of King Kong.


And, while we couldn’t see shooting stars overhead the moon played peek-a-boo with us and I was able to catch it when it came out from behind the clouds for this shot.



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I’m making headway on repairing broken links and videos, but it’s not getting done fast enough to suit me. Next week, I’m thinking about stepping away for just a bit to try to get this job done.  Today’s photo contribution for (not-so) Wordless Wednesday I plan to share with photo enthusiasts from around the globe participating in Skywatch Friday.

Next up, Friday Sillies and more Friday fun stuff!



Have a fototastic day!





SWF: Sunset view from Water Rock Knob

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! A week ago this past Monday, we took a spontaneous trip to the mountains with the hopes of seeing Mars at its closer than usual position above the earth. Not nearly as close as it was a few years ago, but apparently it was worthy enough for the news to run a piece on it. Unfortunately, my night photos did not turn out well, but I did a fantastic sunset shot.


North of Cherokee, North Carolina about 45-minutes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sunset from Water Rock Knob overlook.

I’m not going to lie to you folks, I tweaked this picture a bit. Here, I’ll let you see the original.

DSC_6552originalThis isn’t a bad photo. The exposure is off just a bit. Thankfully, photo-editing makes it easy peasy to fix your image to your liking. In the first image, I used Pixelmator to apply the healing brush to remove the hot white spot in the sunset and increased the color saturation.

It surprised us to see a gathering of folks at Water Rock Knob on a week night, but with a few small nearby towns then no doubt this an excellent afternoon R&R destination spot.

Just before getting on the parkway in Cherokee, we got dinner to-go from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and it was great fun to sit in the car enjoying our meal with such a magnificent view stretched before our eyes. You just can’t get this kind of atmosphere in a restaurant.  After we ate, we began snapping pictures. Me with my big girl camera and DH with his iPhone. I love that we like photographing together! This has been a shared hobby of ours for 20+ years.

About 10pm, we decided to head across the Smoky’s. The peak for Mars closeness to earth was shortly after midnight, so we figured we could get another glimpse of the Red Planet one more time from there before going home.

At first I thought I didn’t want to share any of my Mars pictures with you and then I thought why not? So, I found one that is passable. In the below picture, you’ll see that I labeled Mars, as well as Saturn in the night sky. I only know this because I used my iPhone app Sky Safari to see what else I might want to know what I’m looking at.

Mars DSC_6589

Captured at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains with my 55mm-300mm lens.

The evening was well spent in our favorite, most beautiful place! What more could a gal ask for? Ah, a million dollars? Nah, not that I’d turn it down or anything, but I’d settle for a nice job for DH in town. 😀

I’m sharing my photos with the International Shutterbug Association (Yep, I just came up with that one. I wonder, if anyone else has thought of this before?) and if you want to see what the sky view is like elsewhere, then I  hop over to Skywatch Friday!

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Now, I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate the small things.

I’m celebrating…

  • the adventures behind my photo shots.
  • sharing the same hobby with my best friend and husband.
  • cool mountain temperatures and a beautiful evening.
  • the amazing mysterious universe. Are we alone? Probably. But, it’s fun to think we aren’t.

What are you celebrating?

Join the party below!

Let’s begin celebrating with Friendship Friday and Friday Features linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration!

That’s a wrap for now, but if you like music then I invite you to come back on Monday for Mewsic Moves Me. Until next time, have a fototastic weekend!

Skywatch Friday: It was a dark and stormy night

It’s Halloween’s eve; I thought it would be good time to get my creepy on.

PROJECT11 DSC_4578 gnarled tree photo-art

I originally shared this image, here, but felt it a perfect choice for Halloween’s Eve, don’t you?

Well, not exactly but thanks to photo-editing I turned an ordinary day shot of an exceptionally interesting tree into a dark and stormy night with a scary, gnarly tree.

For more bizarre or not-so-creepy sky shots join photo enthusiasts across the net on Skywatch Friday .

It’s time for Celebrate the small things.

I celebrate….

  • that there aren’t any such things as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other scary supernatural forces.
  • the talents of screenwriters/novelist imaginative minds who breathe life into these creepy monsters in their manuscripts or upon the big screen for our entertainment.
  • all things yummy… caramel apples, bite size candy bars, caramel corn, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hot chocolate.
  • the sweet memories of trick or treating from my childhood and of my children.
  • above all else that I have never experienced any real life horror stories

Life should be celebrated, even when it seems like you have no reason to celebrate. Just look around, I bet you’ll see something good! What are you celebrating?

One way to celebrate is with  Friendship Friday and Friday Features Linky Party, where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration to boot!

For more spooktacular fun, check out my 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen and H.R.’s 10 Graveyard Facts.

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Join me on Sunday for November 1st edition of Battle of the Band. Thanks for visiting. Until we meet on the other side of the lens, have a fototastic day!

bizarrocomics ghosts


~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Skywatch Friday: The raven and the moon

This week when I stepped outside to take the trash curbside, the sun was bursting in the morning sky. The air was bright and crisp. Didn’t the calendar say it was spring? It seems Old man winter wasn’t going down without a fight.

Ravens resting in a tree

Ravens resting in a tree. Fotor “gray popper” effect. (f-length 300, f-stop 10, exp time 1/640, ISO 800)

I wanted to experiment with my 55-300mm lens, which I do not use often. It’s heavier than I care to handle regularly and find its an inconvenience to change when we’re on the go. That I hope to correct with our next outing, but on Tuesday I caught a photo of two ravens perched in a bare tree in the distance.

The birds and trees appeared almost like a silhouette against the sky. I knew I would photo-edit the shot to grayscale later after previewing the image. That would suit the picture best, I thought,  with the morning chill biting my fingers making them ache from the cold. Although the sun was glorious, I failed to capture anything worthy to share. I need to practice shooting with my zoom lens and have plans to do that soon.

Instead, I will show you a night shot I took at the beginning of the month. We had just gotten home with my camera and 18-105mm telephoto lens in hand, I captured my first descent moon picture.

First-quarter moon phase

First-quarter moon phase (f-length 105mm, f-stop 5.6 exp time 1/500 ISO 100)

It would have been excellent had I used my longer lens, but I didn’t. The original image was slightly underexposed, as you might imagine. It wasn’t bad. I preferred the image be a bit brighter and bumped the exposure up with Fotor.

Next time, we have a gorgeous nightly sky  I vowed to swap my lens out. I won’t promise success in my endeavors, but at least I will try to get what I want without settling. There is so much to re-learn, but in time things will stick.

Linking up with other photographers from around the world for Skywatch Friday. Come join the fun!



Don’t Miss…A Bad Moon Rising!


Okay, I’m not talking about CCR’s hit song. In fact, at 11:35 p.m. on  May 5th there will be a full moon. It won’t be like any other full moon. As pictured below in 2011, we had a similar occurrence.



The Bible describes the moon as the lesser light of the night. This Saturday, the moon will come within 221,802 miles from Earth and predicted to be 16% brighter than normal.

Scientist report there is no reason for alarm. The slight distance difference isn’t enough to cause any weird acts of Mother Nature. However, it should be an excellent opportunity for sky gazers to view a spectacularly bright and big moon nicknamed, Supermoon.

Get ready and get your camera out! 😉

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Coming Tonight… Earth’s Close Encounter!

Photo Borrowed: foxnews.com

Hubba-hubba, this is freaky stuff! Tonight around 6:28pm EST Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass about 202,000 miles from the earth. That’s closer than the moon, folks, which is roughly 239,000 miles from us.  This chunk of space rock reportedly is 1,300 feet across.  That’s about the size of our home and it’s gonna be traveling fast, fast at 29,000 mph.

This will be the first closest flyby of its kind in over thirty years.  Don’t worry, according to the report there is no reason to worry with it impacting the earth. So, you don’t need to run to the basement for shelter.  Perhaps, if you’re lucky enough you may even catch a glimpse of this faint and fast moving space rock somewhere in the sky this evening!