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#AprilA2Z Art Sketching through the Alphabet “B” + #4M

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Hello, Kitten & Dawgs!  I’m delighted you joined me for the next A2Z alphabet prompt. Hopefully, you saw Saturday’s post of my angel sketches but if not you can always take a look now. Just a reminder in my side menu you’ll see a list of my recent post for your convenience. This month I will not do multiple daily blog entries instead, I’ll bundle these into one post to keep confusion down along with the appropriate hashtag.

Today’s alphabet prompt inspired sketch is boy, as in little boys.  Years ago, I wrote a children’s story about my little brother.  I haven’t done anything with it because it needs pictures but I felt inadequate to draw them but who knows by stepping up to this month’s challenge maybe I will feel confident to take a stab at creating my own illustrations.

Keep in mind the only art experience I have is a couple of years from high school.

This is my first sketch.  I modeled my little boy from a Pinterest image. Originally I had only the little boy but after working with other drawings for a few weeks I went back to this and added more content breathing a little life into the picture.

That’s when I decided to try drawing another little boy sketch using a different image I found that had instructional steps.


Feeling inspired I got ambitious and tried drawing a portrait of my little brother, JC, with this old photo.

Can you see a slight similarity? Go ahead be honest! If I stretch my imagination I’d say yes but I’m doing a lot of stretching I tell you.  lol I really admire people who can draw others. It’s an amazing talent!

Obviously, these sketches can stand a bit of improvement but there’s always time to tweak my skills.  The biggest thing is I am finally putting action behind my words, instead of wishing, wishing, wishing my dreams away. 🙂


Mondays are all about the mewsic and I can’t let it pass without sharing some tunes with ya and you’re invited to step out on the dance floor with Monday Music Moves Me ladies – Marie, Stacy, Colette, and myself! The music theme is “Freebie pick” this week, so that means anything goes!

Please note…I do not manage the below linky. I am only a co-host. This is XmasDolly’s little baby and meant for mewsic participation only. Non-mewsic entries may be deleted or labeled. Thanks! 😉

I thought it was only fitting to keep with the alpha prompt and my art subject today, so give it up for Boyz II Men!



Hopefully, what I share with you every day will encourage you to do something that interests you that you’ve long put off because like me you just don’t think you can. My advice is, just do it! Maybe, you’ll be surprised. I know I was! 🙂

What should I sketch next using the letter “B” for inspiration?

I won’t be around Blogosphere much this afternoon. I need to see my doctor about my ear but I’ll be by to see you asap.  Right now, I’m heading off to link up with other fellow AtoZers and you’re invited to come along.  I’ll see you tomorrow for the next installment of Art Sketching through the Alphabet!












Bobby Sherman

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Hello kittens and dawgs! Have you ever wondered, what ever happened to so-and-so? That happens often with me when I’m listening to an oldies music station or while watching TV. I’m Curious as a Cathy who needs answers to these questions and so a new post series is born. Today let’s take a look at What ever happened to Bobby Sherman?

I was born in the early 60s. By the time I was in elementary school Bobby Sherman was the heart-throb of the older girls. I remember watching 5th and 6th grade girls dance to this music idol. I was only 9 years old when his 1970 hit charted the Billboard Hot 100 at #5, but I recall the song very well. How about you?


I’m pretty sure on a recent trip to the mountains while listening to the Peter Noone show, Little Woman played. DH said, I wonder what happened to Bobby Sherman? I said, “You know I was wondering the same thing.”



Naturally, I had to know. Bobby Sherman celebrated his 73rd birthday last month on 22nd.  It’s hard to think of this handsome 70s celebrity as someone my parents’ age, especially when I think of how the older elementary school girls crushed over him. I was too young to fall in love with the heart-throb, but I do remember thinking he was nice looking.

Bobby Sherman retired from the entertainment industry decades ago. In the 70s, he became a father to two boys. He landed starring roles in such TV series: The Monkees, The Partridge Family, The FBI, The Dating Game, and Here Comes the Bride.  What I learned next about the singer/actor surprised me. In the late 70s he took a first aid course which became a springboard to  a career as an EMT and a county sheriff. Although, he doesn’t actively serve in the field these days, he does give his time to the LAPD as a sworn officer and provides volunteer EMTs to community events through his foundation.


You can find this photo on Sherman’s photo gallery page listed under the October 2003 Rialto Car Show event.

Show some love for this retro favorite by giving a little tweet-out! Maybe,  Mr. Sherman will get wind and come by for a little visit. *cross fingers* 😉


I’ll leave you to reminisce with these Bobby Sherman greatest hits.


Have a tunetastic day and please don’t forget to  join me for not-so Wordless Wednesay!





My Life According to ZZ Top #music

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Welcome kittens, dawgs, and Monday! Yep, yep the weekend is over, but don’t let that bring ya down. Recently I enjoyed reading a post at The Doglady’s Den . It was so much fun I wanted to do it. Don’t worry I’m not stealing Debbie’s idea. In fact, she invited her readers to borrow from the post.

Listen to ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits (I own this album) while you read through my answers and because I do not know most of the song titles I used, then I linked a YouTube shortcut for you to listen to any or all them.


In the spirit of fun, here’s My Life According to ZZ Top.

Are you a male or female?

I’m a Hi Fi Mama of three! 😉

Describe yourself:

I chose to describe myself as DH might, Legs.

How do you feel?:

This is a toss-up, I’m either Delirious or My Mind is Gone or maybe just a little of both.

Describe where you currently live:

It’s anything, other than a Groovy Little Hippie Pad.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

I’d love to go west someday and while I’m out there, let’s do Viva Las Vegas!

Your favorite form of transportation:

Why of course, I Want to Drive You home in my Thunderbird.

Your best friend is:

That Sharp Dressed Man you know as call DH.

Your favorite color is:

I think I’d rather tell you DH’s favorite color Cherry Red.

What’s the weather like?

What can say, except it Sure Got Cold After the Rain.

Favorite time of day:

As Time Goes By I find my favorite time is often in Stages throughout the day.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?

What’s Up With That?

What is life to you?

These days it seems like it’s a Decision or Collision.

Your relationships:

It’s all about Gimme Some Lovin’ baby! I’m glad it comes to me freely from DH. ?

Your fear:

Doing the Jailhouse Rock! lol

What is the best advice you have to give?

Life is too short, Enjoy and Get It On!

If you could change your name, you would change it to:

Maybe, Leila or Francine, but I really can’t see myself as either. Can you?

Thought for the day:

I Cant’ Stop Rockin’ on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

How you would like to die:

Asleep in the Dessert or anywhere as long as it’s in my sleep.

Your soul’s present condition:

A few things like blog nominations and April A-Z Challenge Got Me Under Pressure, but I’ll get through it.

Your motto:

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide” Okay, not really, but doesn’t that sound cool?

Do you want to play along to?

My Life According to Band

After you’ve published your own My Life According to (BAND/ARTIST) music challenge post, then hop back over here to link up for others to read your answers.

Let’s keep the party going, link up and join the fun with the 4M crew and swing by tomorrow to learn the results in last week’s Melancholy March #BoTB showdow. Have a tunetastic week!

Get your copy of ZZ Tops Greatest Hits from one of these fine online (affiliate) sources:




I’m no Blundering Idiot, says me! #AtoZRoadTrip

Howdy, kittens & dawgs! How’s the #AtoZ Road Trip going for you guys? I’m keeping a list of the folks I visit until I cross everyone off and if I find someone I personal connect with then I created (not published yet) a special blog page to pin their URL as a reminder for me while encouraging others to visit them, too. I didn’t make a lot of progress last week, but I did do a little hopping.

I’m using this opportunity to visit new bloggers and revisit others while utilizing the alphabet prompt again for my weekly inspiration.



I’m no Blundering Idiot (depending on who you ask), says me! I didn’t need a map, globe, or GPS to get us to one of our favorite destinations…the Blue Ridge Parkway.

DSC_4451 RT5-21-15

In early April we took a day trip to the mountains. We wanted to visit Mt Mitchell State Park (the highest peak east of the Mississippi River). It’s not officially apart of the BRP, but in my mind it’s the same. I snapped this photo from the parking lot of the restaurant below the summit parking area. The climate is similar to central…or is it southern? Canada (I can’t remember) and it’s often a lot cooler there than nearby Asheville, North Carolina.

On this day the wind was super strong. I mean it was STRONG! I can’t stand up…gotta lean into it so to not fall over strong AND it took my breath away, as in I had trouble breathing NOT that this is awesomeness. Although, it was sorta amazing fun. The temp was about 39º (meanwhile in Asheville it was in the low 60s) according to our car’s thermometer, but THAT wind sent the chill straight to the bone.


What a coincidence B is for Berlin and this song title totally fits! 😀

We are looking across the Appalachian Mountains from the Mt Mitchell’s observation tower (elevation 6684′) on May 1st.  Geez, I can’t believe it’s the end of the month is already!  Anyhow, it was a gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine.

DSC_4584 RT5-21-2015

It was windy, but not hurricane strength, like I mentioned in the previous photo shoot, and the temperature tolerable for short sleeves, but do you see what lies beneath the evergreens in the shadows? Yep, SNOW! That was a fun surprise. The weather is kinda unpredictable up there even this time of the year.

One more thing before I blow the doors off this barn. Netflix released a new original series (March). We watched the first episode, but got distracted. Last night, we picked up where we left off and really enjoyed the program. I invite you to check out Bloodline!


What sorta system do you have for with keeping track of bloggers visited on the Road Trip? Tag along with me, as I hit the open road with these cool cats!

Hall & Oates #music #AprilA2Z #halloates

I interrupt the regular program post to bring you this special announcement…. I preëmpt all routine posts to bring you my contributions to this month’s largest blogging event. Don’t worry, normal posting will resume next month like clockwork (I hope). Meanwhile, I invite you to stick around to enjoy the #AprilA2Z fun!

The American rock duo from the City of Brotherly Love wrote/performed some of the today’s classic hits from the late 70s to the mid-80s era.

Photo of Hall & Oates

In my opinion, this is one of the best early years’ photos of the duo,

1976 Top 10 hit Sara Smile gave me my first taste of Hall & Oats and it made me hungry for more ever since. Get to your feet and shimmy your hips to some of their greatest hits!


Hall & Oates’ filled our marriage in the early years and when I hear one of their hits I get a warm feeling thinking about our sweet beginning. What do you think of when you hear a Hall & Oates classic?

Did you know?

  • Billboard magazine named Hall & Oates the most successful twosome in the rock era since The Everly Brothers.
  • Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003.
  • What some consider the pentacle of a musician’s career, Hall & Oates became the newest inductee to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

Visit Hall & Oates official website!

Which is your favorite Hall & Oates hit song?

Follow me while I visit more sweetHearts taking part in this hefty blog challenge!