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Cat and Dog #humor

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It’s Friday, kittens and Dawgs! Yippee! In case you missed the news, I am on blog hiatus (October 1st -17th) with my routine weekly posts scheduled. I will link with a few regulars, do return visits, and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere. Meanwhile, the work continues on repairing blog posts. That all being said, I’m keeping the post simple with a bit of cat and dog humor!

dog-humor-3 cat-humor dog-humor





Please share your funny post with me (and others) by leaving a direct link in comments. Now, I invite you to email me your giggles (funny picture, joke, video, song, …). If it makes you laugh then I want to see it! In the subject line say Friday Sillies and if I use it, then I’ll add a link back to your site.

Got laughs? Share your giggles!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the results available for BoTB and I won’t be doing a Saturday Songsuaion post. I have too much on my plate to get everything done. I’m beginning to wonder if I should stretch my hiatus a bit just to have enough downtime. Oh well, thank you for popping over and I hope you have a super funtastic Friday! ?




Friday Sillies # 53 – Simon the Cat, Daffy on Idiots, & Dog Tease Video

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Borrowed from FB friend’s wall. Thanks Rosie!

Come on folks, the weekend is here! It’s time to relax and unwind. Kick back and enjoy a few laughs on me or on you or on some by else. Luckily today’s pokes aren’t targeting any one person. I got some good material to share with you. I hope you die (not really) laughing at these!

Last week, I discovered this hilarious video at, here.


Thanks for sharing!

Borrowed from a FB friends wall.  Thanks Billie Gibson for sharing!

The next video DH got from a friend through email. It’s hilarious! So, you know I had to share it with you…


Have a good weekend and keep smiling!



Friday Sillies #43 – Just LOL

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Welcome to week 43 of Friday Sillies! TGIF! Whoo-hoo, this has been one hairy week for me! I’m so ready for some down time. My brain has been on overload. Are you ready to unwind? Then, let’s kick off the weekend right!

Thanks to many of my Facebook friends for supplying an endless array of comic relief. Here are few things which tickled my funny bone this week or was it last week? Oh well, it’s funny when I came across it….








Now, you wanna join the fun? Here are a few suggestions, you may want to consider…

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      •  Finally, I’m leaving the linky open for a full seven days from Friday to Friday. Let the laughter begin now!


Image credit: Facebook

Keep smiling all weekend long!



Friday Sillies #40 – Parent of the Year

Welcome to week 40 of Friday Sillies! Have you wondered should you be nominated as “Parent of the Year”? I dare say, you are by far more deserving than these. This is your chance just to relax – no worries, no pressures, only fun! Are you ready to laugh?

This came via email. I added my personal twist to the pictures. It’s time to vote for Parent of the Year. Here are this year’s candidates.


Seriously? Did this person not read the warning, “Plastic bag not a toy. Keep away from small children” and what about allowing the kid to double head on the motorcycle?


This gives a whole new meaning in side bucket car.


 This little lady isn’t ready for the big guns just yet, Dad!


I think proof of ID is definitely needed, what do you think?


Now, we see where teenage boys get the dumb idea of skate boarding while holding on to the back of a tailgate. Monkey see, Monkey do!



Dad, what happens when your kids trousers fall off, dropping him on his head & having frightened raccoons biting at your child?


How do you explain to the EMT exactly how your child got run over?


Obviously, don’t need to know how to read English to get this. There’s no explaining stupid, I suppose.



 Oh lady…did you forget something other than your brains this morning?


And you don’t like your children because why now? Talk about being in the hot seat!



I think trike riding should be limited to closed driveways NOT highways!


Text reads: “Ouch, Dad! You’re crushing me”



Do you not have ANY shame, daddy? Or, worse still lets hope that’s NOT mommy.



 Oh, Mom! Mom? Help!



Wanna baby? Pick a baby, any baby! Is this a baby swap or what?



We certainly must applaud Mom for exercising, but suffocating your child definitely will not earn you Parent of the Year!

Which nominee gets your vote?

Pick yourself up off the floor and join the fun!

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  • Create a wacky post that’s sure to make us giggle – rib cracking videos, hilarious pictures, jokes, funny emails,…If it makes you laugh, share it! Please, keep humor clean and if you get a bit wild then post a warning.
  •  Finally, link your URL below & let the laughter begin!

Friday Sillies #22 – Trunk Monkey & More

These were some of the funniest commercials. In this compilation, my favorite is of the Trunk Monkey as an auto theft deterrent. Watch and enjoy!



Next up, Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun with Hilary. This week’s statements are:

1. I never wear ___ and I don’t know why
2. In the winter I always___
3. When I ___, I miss ___
4. I love the way ___ feels.

My answers:

1. I never wear pantyhose and I don’t know why. (Actually, I do know why. I don’t like them period. I prefer a natural look and it’s a rather liberating sensation, too!)

2. In the winter I always enjoy having a cup of hot cocoa or tea to start my morning, instead of coffee. That comes with breakfast about an hour after I get up.

3. When I think back on when I was younger the one thing, I miss the most is the sound of my mother working in the kitchen.

4. I love the way cotton flannel feels.

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Have a good weekend!
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