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Computer Problems to Aging with Random Tuesday Thoughts!

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It’s Tuesday. This means, it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts.  I’m joining the Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked and the rest of the rebellious bloggers in Blogville by doing a CPU(my brain) data dump of things on my mind.

Saturday morning,  I booted our computer and noticed our antivirus software needed updating. I clicked the icon and selected ‘Run LiveUpdate’.  Soon, Norton flagged a warning for my attention.  Our computer and browser didn’t have intrusion protection or something of the sort.  That was not a good day to be fooling with technical issues, I thought. The fix was to install an extract tool file from Norton to remove older versions from our system, and then download and install the newest version of 360.  I had no choice, but to do this. The computer was freaking out and not working properly.

Like most changes with computers there is always a down side. I discovered (not to my surprise) a compatibility conflict between Norton 360 and SpySweeper during the new installation process.  The simple solution was to uninstall Webroots software.  There was no time to fret over the craziness.  We had plans to visit our families.  This (resolving SS  problem) would wait til Monday. Nah, I still didn’t get the issue with SpySweeper resolved yet, but my computer has protection and it works. I’m not going to go all to pieces over this one.

This morning, I was thinking about my dear grandparents. We were so fortunate to see them over the weekend. They are in their 80s; Grandma is 82 and Grandpa is 87. Their health is declining. I admit I was a bit apprehensive about seeing them. My mother told me Grandpa mentioned one day not knowing who Grandma was and it scared me that Dementia or some other form of senility was beginning to claim his memory, but thankfully he didn’t miss a beat and recognized us when we walked through the door. In fact, he asked about our daughters who weren’t with us.

Aging is a stinking shame. With the onset of years, we notice things about ourselves we hadn’t noticed before or we see them in those we love. One thing about myself, which bothers me is over the last several years the strength in my hands have declined. I can no longer open jars or bottles like I before. This seemingly easy job requires help from my son. Physical limitation just happen.

Getting older isn’t all that bad, though.  I mean, most of the time people change – personality wise. I’ve seen folks who have a stern nature become more mellow. Also, elderly people are more patient unlike parents who often times aren’t. I know I haven’t been the most patient mom, but as I think on my in-laws or parents it dawned on me why older folks are so patient. They don’t have the same demands, as parents of younger children. It’s just another process of life we must go through. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we had the sweet patience of our grandparents while we are young parents? There’s something to be learned in this, but I’m a bit too late to cash in on it. Perhaps, I can share this wisdom with my own children someday when they become parents.

My plan is to fight the aging process every step of the way. I don’t want to ever feel or act like my years. If God blesses me, then I hope I shall be able to keep my endeavors strong by being active through sports and exercise while I continue to pursue my interests as a writer, craft-enthusiast, amateur chef, and novice photographer.

For example, My dad asked over the weekend, if I could take care of an old photograph of him and his niece.  The photo needed big time help, as you can see below.  I have Corel PaintShop, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to make it do some stuff.  I downloaded a trial version of Adobe PhotoShop Elements to repair and restore Dad’s picture.  Take a look.


The repairs were simple. I cropped the image so I wouldn’t have as much area to fix. Next, I used the scratch and blimish remover feature in PhotoShop, which worked beautifully and then I did a auto correction on saturation making the black & white image crispier looking.

While I have my 30-day free-trial of PhotoShop, I’m going to try to use it as much as possible to see, if I want to buy it.  A good photo editing program is an absolute must! Do you use a editing software? If so, please share your experiences and recommendations!

As I continue my age defying rebellion, I will live life to its fulliest and I hope you’ll be there to share in it with me every step of the way! Thanks for joining me this RTT and be sure to link up below…


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Have a Terrific Tuesday!