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Rubbing elbows with #Mayberry_Days stars, Part 2

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Hello, kittens and dawgs! It’s been a week ago today that I met celebrities from the popular TV series, The Andy Griffith show. If you missed part 1, then I invite you to check it out here.

Watching life in the homespun setting of Mayberry, I grew up feeling much apart of each character, just as one of my next door neighbors. Their ability to reel the audience in with such belief stayed with me and I wondered what kind of people they were when not in front of the camera.


Who remembers sweet-as-apple-pie, Thelma Lou? That’s a stupid question. Of course, you remember her! The sweetheart who played Deputy Barney Fife’s girlfriend.

That’s Betty Lynn and I’m here to tell you this, she IS ever bit as sweet as her Thelma Lou character.

IMG_4155 cropped copyright
Her face lit up with enthusiasm the second we greeted her. She was genuinely happy that we came to see her. She wasn’t pretentious in the least and SO sincere. Let me illustrate the sincerity of this woman. I extended my hand during the introduction, which she kindly accepted. “Oh  your hand is cold as ice,” she fretted. Not that I was freezing her, but because she was concerned I was too cold. She took DH’s almost at the same instant and commented on his hand being cold, too. What she did next surprised the socks off me! She touched both of our hands to her cheeks to warm them and just like that Thelma Lou became our mother for just a moment. This melted our hearts. How can she be so sweet? She took delight in speaking with us and we talked for several minutes with no hurry to move us on at all. This enduring experience alone makes us want to return to Mayberry Days, if nothing else to see Betty Lynn again.

We spoke with Margaret Kerry, the original model for Tinker Bell. DH commented, “Tinker Bell, you are a lot bigger than I thought you’d be.”  He’s so clever and quick to think of funny things to say. She laughed, “I think the rain may have shrunk me just a bit.


Somewhere alone the way I recall learning that she modeled for the animated Walt Disney character. Do you see Tinker Bell in Margaret? I do, especially in the below photo.


On The Andy Griffith Show, she was Helen Scobey and appeared only on two episodes, but I remember her.

Margaret was a delight to chat with and we learned that she’s one busy lady! At 86 she puts me to shame with her energy and full schedule. I got dizzy just thinking about it all.

IMG_4162 cropped copyright

I squeezed this shot in while waiting. Unfortunately the one I got with her while we were talking disappeared from my camera. I wonder, if Tinker Bell pulled it from my camera roll? lol

borrowedNext up, we stopped by to visit Ronnie Dapo a.k.a The Spoiled Kid on the show.

I teased Ronnie about being mean to that sweet Opie and he said he likes to think he was teaching him about the finer things.


While chatting with Ronnie we found out he currently lives in Colorado and is a Denver Broncos fan. We shared with him that we’ve followed Peyton Manning career even since he played at UT and that we’ve always liked the Broncos.

This feller definitely isn’t a spoiled kid and is actually a thoughtful person. He noticed we had a color print of one of the other stars and gave us a plastic sleeve to keep the autograph photo dry. He didn’t have to do that, but he did and that was a pretty nice thing to do.

IMG_4164 copyright

Ronnie Dapo


Ronnie Schell "Duke Slater"

Seeing Ronnie Schell, we dashed over to his table for another round of fans filed into the room. I know him best for his role on the Gomer Pyle show, as Duke Slater, but he appeared in a couple of episodes of The Andy Griffith show as the same character.






It was fun talking with Duke…I mean Ronnie. What can I say, his character personality shines through his real self! Here’s the dialogue between DH and Mr. Schell.

How much for an autograph picture,” DH wanted to know.

With a sneaky grin, Schell said, “A hundred bucks.”

Well…I’m gonna have to rethink that.” (We knew what it was, though)

Nah, it’s only ten dollars,” he smiled.

DH handed him a Hamilton, “Here you go.”

Holding the new bill to the light, he said, “Are you sure this is a ten dollar bill?”

Sure, it’s a ten dollar bill. I made it this morning!” DH said breaking into a laugh.

We talked a bit after Ronnie signed a photograph for us before we immortalized him digitally. It was swell getting to know him off-screen. Thanks, Duke for making time for us!

Odd enough, my iPhone did a burst shot collecting 300+ images of Ronnie.

Strangely, my iPhone did a burst shot collecting 300+ images of Ronnie. All I can say is its a girl phone. 😀




The last celeb we saw was Goober. Well…not exactly Goober, but the real son of Goober (George Lindsey). It could be, though.




Look how much he looks like his dad!

When we joined him at his table, he was talking to a woman with an autograph book who asked him to sign his name on the same page that held his dad’s signature. It sorta threw him emotionally for a bit. He turned to us and said, “Dad’s been gone for three years now and this (talking about seeing his dad’s handwriting) has me choked up. Please give me a moment.” Needless to say, that touched our hearts. Every child should feel exactly this way about their parents.

He said a few years back he found a box of his dad’s comedy, so he tried out in Los Angeles and bombed! People were like that’s not funny because his act had no profanity. He continued by saying, however when he uses the same material for Mayberry Days everyone loves it.

Hollywood, if you’re reading this then please note ~ cursing doesn’t make comedy funny. It’s the material that gets the laughs! What you call comedy is anything, but comedy. It’s routinely stupid, embarrassing stuff or a lot of swearing or both. Here’s a little advice to ya, go back to the old school of doing things and you’ll be winner!

George is a real likable feller. He seems like a down to earth kinda person and super easy to talk  to, too. It was a wonderful way to round off all-star photo and signing session with some childhood favorites.

This was our first year to attend this event and I’m telling you, we are pumped to do it again next year. Before you go I invite you to read blog buddy, Stephen’s poem (mid-way down the post) that was written about Floyd Lawson (Howard McNear) called Ode To A Barber.

Thanks for being apart of my day and be sure to swing by to dance with me on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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Possible Twins Separated by Time #FlashbackFriday

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Dorothy left 2

Last Friday, I mentioned DD#1 looking very much like her paternal grandmother. In the above vintage photo, my MIL is the girl on the far left.  She looks to be in her early teens.  Now, take a peek at possible twins separated by time.

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She’s pretty as a picture #FlashbackFriday

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You may remember me telling you that my in-laws are pack rats. The above photo is of my darling MIL and DH. Judging by DH’s size he was about 5-years of age making it the early 1960s. The thing that caught my attention is the dress my MIL is wearing. You won’t believe it, but I have it. Yep, she kept it for years passing it to our oldest daughter who would play in it. Oh, I tell you DD#1 is a dead ringer for her. Why they could pass for twins! Don’t take my word for it, take a look here and you can decide.

Have  you ever wondered about the saying, she’s pretty as a picture? According to an internet source picture was used to describe a beautiful object from the early 1800s. I sorta figured that out, but I was hoping for a more history than that. Do you have anything of interest to add? Do you use the phrase?

You can find a song just about anything, here’s Christian Kane singing, Pretty as a Picture.



Today, I  celebrate the small things in my life…like getting a cool award.  I’d like to say I’m awesome (I really am) and this is why Far Away Eyes gave it to me, but if the truth be told she passed this fun award to her #BOTB buds earlier this month. No problem! No problem! I’ll take my awards anyway they come ~ personally presented or mass handout. I’m tickled pink regardless. I don’t need anyone to tell me say thank you, but that’s what the first rule says to do. So….thanks, Faye for passing this little jewel to me. You’re a peach!!

Like all awards this one is no different. The second rule is to share five Cathy facts. Really? Really. What can I say about myself that you don’t already know? If you’re new to me and want to know more fun facts, then I invite you to check my archives to read posts from February 2011. I devoted the entire month to the get to know me blog challenge. In recent months, April & June, I spilled more interesting beans about me or at least they aren’t as bland as these five I just gave you. I think I need a 3rd cup of coffee to get my mojo going this morning.

  1. I was in my first parade when I was cheerleader for the midget league football team.
  2. I helped make paper flowers for the float for the parade the year I was midget league cheerleader.
  3. I was in a parade in a marching band playing flute a few times.
  4. The last parade I was in was in 9th grade. I was a majorette.
  5. I always wanted to do back flips, but never could.

The 3rd criteria is to nominate bloggers to receive this fine award and let them know they have been given the honors to carry the torch. This is always the hardest one cross off the list and since it is difficult job I decided to take the easy way out by bestowing it to all of YOU.

Bloggers in general are pretty darn creative people. I’m awestruck by the numerously talented writers, cooks, photographers, and musicians hiding out there behind an IP address. Sometimes I know your real name and other times it’s just a blog name, but the fact doesn’t change you’re amazingly wonderful at what you do, so I proudly pass it to YOU!

Creative Blogger Award


Last, but not least I’m instructed to pass the rules on with the award. That’s simple, I’ll just copy & paste them below:

1. Thank and post a link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share five (5) facts about yourself

3. Nominate 5-10-20 blogs and tell them

4. Pass on the rules


What are you celebrating?

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The bicycle is a good invention #FlashbackFriday


Circa July 1962 My MIL, Dorothy with DH at 3-years of age

Last week, I wanted to feature a photo of my late MIL with the anniversary of her passing on the 19th of June. It’s been rather hectic here. Anywho, I found the above photo and while it has her and DH in the picture what really grabbed my attention is the tricycle. At the time of our second child’s birth, my in-laws gave the trike a new look and passed it on to DD#1. Coincidentally, we still have it in our garage.

Brittany 1990

My scanner was unavailable, so I used my iPhone to take a picture of a picture. lol DD#1 September 1990 at Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains.

My FIL who was in his 70s, BILs, and DH would ride their bicycles around Cades Cove in those early years. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday with family in scenic beauty, picnicking, and biking. How can I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention… 😀


Today, I  celebrate the small things in my life.

I celebrate the simple pleasure of air conditioning. A week ago this past Monday ours abruptly died. They just don’t make ACs like they use to, but then again we did get 15-years of service out of the old girl and the one prior lasted 20-years. I celebrate internet product research; within a matter of hours I figured out which one we needed and found it in town.  I celebrate DS for delivering the unit to our home, so we didn’t have to wait for Home Depot to schedule us in for delivery. I celebrate my wonderfully sensitive and compassionate husband who took the day off so we could do the entire job in one day. Yes, it took that long and then some. The rusted screws and heavy caulk around the AC made it a tiger of a job to break free from the window and then came the part of decrypting unclear installation instructions and manipulating things into place. The AC chassis weights more than I do. I helped DH, but he did most of the lifting. And, finally, I celebrate having the finances at the right time. God is truly awesome!

What are you celebrating?

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Lazy Daisy memories #FlashbackFriday

IMG_3892 light lee "Pavo"

Every time I see daisies I think of my mother-in-law ~iPhone capture, Pixelmator photo-editor Light Leek Pavo effect~


On the bank side of my in-laws yard wild daisies grow. My MIL loved flowers. All around their yard beautiful blooms happily greeted you, but the daisies that covered the hillside leading below their house to the tractor garage was always a joy to see. Someone snapped these photos of DD#1 and DD#2 in 1993.

Brittany1 fog

I recently found stuffed in an old diaper bag the jacket DD#1 is wearing. Her grandparents got it for her, as well as the one her sister is wearing.


Nikki1 fog

DD#2 was inseparable from her little panda toy, Polly Anna.


I love these pictures of my girls. It’s pure innocence at its best! Daisies are happy little flowers and they always put a smile on my face. Funny thing is music makes me happy and it puts a smile on my face, too. I found this cute, original ditty and it fits perfectly with my Flashback Friday moment. Listen to Emily Proper sing The Daisy Song!


Today, I  celebrate the small things in my life.

  • fond flashbacks
  • forever friends
  • freaky fun
  • freckled faces
  • fabulous Fridays

Whoo-hoo, the weekend is here! What are you celebrating?

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