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National D-Day Memorial Part 2 #WW #SkywatchFriday

WW 7-27-2016 IMG_5141

The town of Bedford lost more boys per capita on D-Day than the rest of the nation. If time permits, you may want to watch this National D-Day Memorial video.

Thank you for joining for my mid-week post, Not-so-Wordless Wednesday! Two weeks ago, I shared our adventure to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. Let’s continue our stroll. The life-like statues depicting the invasion grabbed my heart. WW 7-26-2016 DSC_6660

In the below photo, you can see the spray of water in the right bottom corner just in front of the Landing Craft. It replicates the sound of bullets hitting the water. It sent shivers down my spine and for an instant my mind transported to the beaches of Normandy.

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6661

Everything about the memorial site pulls me emotionally; just thinking about the bravery and sacrifice is unbelievable.

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6667

The Germans had the upper hand sitting at the top of the cliffs of Normandy, but God lead American servicemen and her allies in this battle to regain Frances’ freedom that day and the beginning of the end of Hitler’s strong hold on Europe. It wasn’t long afterwards the war was over.WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6669

I stood here looking below at the soldiers advancement toward the cliffs and I felt the fear those men felt. Despite the casualties, they kept going determined to crush the Nazis and to liberate France.WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6712

Conquering the cliffs!WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6713The Normandy invasion was known as the Overlord Operation. The monument bears the June 6th 1944 invasion date in the Overlord Arch’s height at 44 feet and 6 inches tall. I think that’s rather cool.

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6726

Under the Overlord Arch inscribed on the floor are these words:

In Tribute to the Valor, Fidelity, and Sacrifice of Allied Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6723

This is just an amazing site. I love this place and all that it represents! The best part is it’s privately funded. That means the U.S. Government can’t tell them how to run or what to or what not to display.

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6751 c

I liked how I was able to capture France’s flag in the background to the left of the Overlord Arch with this intriguing statue in foreground donated by appreciative Guy Wildenstein to the U.S. for liberating France and giving his parents refuge.

WW 7-27-2016 DSC_6750

That concludes our outing at the National D-Day Memorial. I’m looking forward to going back for another photo-op. It’s truly an amazing place and if you’re in the area you then you’ll want to see it.

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All Things Vintage: War Bonds #AprilA2Z

Welcome, kittens and dawgs to another chapter in All Thing Vintage!

Today’s alphabet letter prompt “W” is for War Bonds. What are War Bonds? War Bonds were popular during the WWI and WWII. The way I understand War Bonds is basically the government is borrowing the money from the citizens to finance the war. Let’s say, Willie Wigglepants buys a $25 war bond for $18. In 10 years the bond reaches its maturity at which time its face value earns Mr. Wigglepants a small return on the money Uncle Sam borrowed. This means to raise funds to support wars made many uncomfortable to invest in a new uncertain market and others saw it as a means of coercion to be patriotic.

I thought it would be fun nonetheless to look at the old patriotic propaganda used to sell War Bonds.


warbonds s-l1600 copy


The Canadians called their war bonds, Victory Bonds.


us war stamps mickeymouse warbonds 1917 WW1


3g09023u-91 ww1.14 world-war-i-propaganda1 GOOD_BYE__DAD__I_M_OFF_TO_ bonds BombGirlPoster-232x300

People who love their country, like I do, are patriotic and proud. They want to serve the best they can by joining a branch of the military or national guard or other volunteer posts, but misuse of government influence over its people is rarely tolerated and often results in a backlash as saw during WWII with disappointing sells of the war bond.

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