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Still More Bits and Bobs #humor plus Friendly Fill-ins & CTST

This is the last day of September and time really flies, doesn’t it, Kittens & Dawgs?  It’s time for our weekly dose of giggles with Friday Sillies Still More Bits and Bobs!

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Please share your funny post with me (and others) by leaving a direct link in comments. Now, I invite you to email me your giggles (funny picture, joke, video, song, …). If it makes you laugh then I want to see it! In the subject line say Friday Sillies and if I use it, then I’ll add a link back to your site.

Got laughs? Share your giggles!

Let’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins!

Let’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins with Annie and Ellen. Every Thursday four fun and easy blank statements are posted for us to borrow, complete, and share on our site. The point is to simply have fun linking, reading, and meeting others who enjoy this sort of thing.

Here’s my response to this week’s fill-ins:

1. A 500 calories reduction each day for a week means you loose  a pound of unwanted weight. I hate counting calories, don’t you?

2. My favorite magazine is Reader’s Digest but I don’t get it anymore. All my reading is online. It’s easier and I don’t have to worry about do I keep or throw it away.

3. Recently, I began using my elliptical again after more than a year of not using it. I think I mentioned before with DH being out of work my whole routine got out of sorts so I’m working on getting back on track. Yay me!

4. Even though I shouldn’t have milk or eat ice cream, I occasionally break down and have them. I love diary but dairy doesn’t love me!

You’re welcome to tag along, as I hop over to link up with the Friendly Fill-Ins crowd.



I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate The Small Things. Here’s my list of celebrations!

I’m celebrating… getting an Apple Magic Mouse 2 for my computer. The one I used for years was Logitech Performance mouse. It’s a good device if you use it with a Windows-based system but not so good for use with a Mac. With every OS update, the Logitech mouse became more finicky and with the recent Sierra upgrade it made things nearly unbearable. So, we decided last Friday to buy each of us a Magic Mouse 2. What sealed the deal for us is we learned it has similar operating features we like about the Logitech and boy, do I love this new mouse!

What are you celebrating?

See what others are celebrating this week below and if you want to join the linky, then visit Lexa!


To continue the Friday fun, you may want to consider joining Friendship Friday, Friday Features, and Skywatch Friday linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration! If you’re visiting from SWF, then you’ll find my photo contribution, here.

I am taking a blog hiatus starting tomorrow, October 1st -17th , but I have my routine weekly posts scheduled, like my Friday Sillies. The fill-ins and CTST will return on the 21st line up. I will make return visits and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere.

The weekend is just starting, so I invite y’all to hop back tomorrow for some mewsic with Saturday Songsuasion!

Have a super funtastic Friday! ?










Sunday Sillies: Women

Good-morning, my lovelies! I always say, “Life is short, don’t take it too seriously and laugh at yourself often.” This week’s inspiration came after DH shared a funny video that a buddy from work sent to him, but before I get to it. Here’s a few things to put a smile on your face.

This one is making another round on Facebook. I shared this with you once before, but it’s well worth the repeat.




understanding women (1)


UnderstandingwomenwithBillCosby-38817Oh yeah, you know it’s true!


The-Hormone-GuideI don’t drink, but I think its funny how the ultra safe approach is, “Here have some wine.


'How to speak Woman.'Just give it up, guys! You’ll never learn how to speak woman as long as you live because only women understand women. See what I mean….


Now for the video DH got from a friend, who got it from his son.  You don’t have to be a man to think this is hilarious and honestly from a woman’s perspective, I think this guy is on to something here. What do you think?

However, guys did you know….

funny-women1If you’ve lived long enough then you probably already know this rule from first hand experience. lol That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you have a funtastic week filled with lots of laughter. Keep smiling!

The Spanish Computer

A Spanish teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine. “House” for instance, is feminine: “la casa.” “Pencil,” however, is masculine: “el lapiz.”

A student asked, “What gender is a ‘computer’?” Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether “computer” should be a masculine or a feminine noun.

Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation.

The men’s group decided that “computer” should definitely be of the feminine gender (“la computadora”), because:

  • No one, but their creator understands their internal logic;
  • The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;
  • Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and
  • And, as soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

The women’s group, however, concluded that computers should be Masculine (“el computador”), because:

  • In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;
  • They have a lot of data but still can’t think for themselves;
  • They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; 
  • And, as soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

The women won.

**This joke does not belong to me.**

Friday Sillies

Don’t deny it, we’ve all worked hard this week. Give yourself a little pat on the back. Doesn’t that feel good? Hey, you deserved it – SAHM, WAHM, Workforce Moms, and Career Gals need a little time to unwind, even if it’s just for a short time visiting a bloggy friend, right?

Photo borrowed:

I’m feeling mildly ludicrous, or a little crazy, maybe ridiculous or better put… goofy today. How about you? With that being said, I found some sillies, I wanted to share with you and hopefully get your weekend off to a good start.

A sign in the Bank Lobby reads:  “Please note that this Bank is installing new “Drive-through” teller machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their accounts. After months of careful research, MALE & FEMALE procedures have been developed. Please follow the appropriate steps for your gender.


1. Drive up to the cash machine.

2. Put down your car window.

3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN.

4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw.

5. Retrieve card, cash, and receipt.

6. Put window up.

7. Drive off.


1. Drive up to cash machine.

2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine.

3. Set parking brake, put the window down.

4. Find handbag, remove all contents onto passenger seat to locate card.

5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up.

6. Attempt to insert card into machine.

7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car.

8. Insert card.

9. Re-insert card the right way.

10. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN is written on the inside back page.

11. Enter PIN.

12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN.

13. Enter amount of cash required.

14. Check makeup in rear view mirror.

15. Retrieve cash and receipt.

16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside.

17. Write deposit amount in check register and place receipt in back of checkbook.

18. Re-check makeup.

19. Drive forward 2 feet.

20. Reverse back to cash machine.

21. Retrieve card.

22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided.

23. Give appropriate one-fingered hand signal to irate male driver waiting behind you.

24. Restart stalled engine and pull off.

25. Redial person on cell phone.

26. Drive for 2 to 3 miles.

27. Release Parking Brake.

***For more jokes about women, visit: http://www.101funjokes.com***

Now, released in paperback!!!!

Manual for understanding women...

Men and women aren’t so different. It’s just our brains work differently.

Are you laughing? If not, then you should be! Don’t take life too seriously, it’ll bite you. =D

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