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Perfect Together #T2Q

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I just have to share this with you. DH did the most incredibly sweet thing the other night. He secretly downloaded a song to my phone while I exercised.

Click here for the lyrics

Isn’t this the most adorable song ever?  I just love it and it makes me super happy listening to it.

Thinking about the word play in Rosanna’s song, how would you choose to describe your relationship with your soul mate? I would answer this about DH & my relationship…If you were the doughnut, I’d be the jelly! Hey, what else would you expect me to say. DH LOVES doughnuts of all kinds, but jelly doughnuts might be one of his favorites!!

What kind of personality do you have ~ opposite or the same as your mates? We are definitely opposite, but over the years both of our personalities have changed a little more like the others’. For instance, DH has gotten more outgoing while I have grown a wee bit reserved. We really have rubbed off on each other after nearly 36 years of togetherness.

We may not be perfect, but we are perfect together. I think this song was written just for us. Thanks for stopping by this morning and I hope you’ll come back for Flashback Friday!


FYI: Perfect Together is available on iTunes. Not knowing a thing about Rosanna, I discovered she’s an adorable YouTuber DIY chick. Perfect Together is her first single and she used her songspiration for a  DIY Treats  Perfect Together video that I thought was cool. Do check it out coz I know you’re gonna like it!

Say, Aaaaah! 4 – internet resources, tricks, and tips on surviving an adult tonsillectomy #T2Q #random

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! This morning DD#2 is having a tonsillectomy. DH and I still have our tonsils, so I have no idea what she’s up against. Naturally, you would expect nothing less of me so you know I asked Google for a little help. I got hundreds of hits, but I narrowed it down to four internet resources, tricks, and tips on surviving an adult tonsillectomy from different bloggers first-hand experiences with this matter.

I’m totally ignorant on this subject, but found what the info these bloggers shared important and useful, if faced with the removal of my tonsils. I plan to text these links to her with the hope it makes life a bit easier for her in the coming days. Maybe this info will benefit you or someone you know to get through this common childhood procedure, as an adult. This is supposedly a difficult undertaking as a grown up. So, please say a little prayer for her! 😉

Do you have your tonsils?  If not, did you have them removed as a child or an adult? What type of experience did you have?

This has been a wild week, if all goes well, I hope to share another edition of Flashback Friday tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

All About That Bass?! #T2Q

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass plays often on the radio. I admit it, it has a rather catchy melody. But, I have a problem with the lyrics. Not that the words are bad. Okay, there are few inappropriate ones like every other song. It’s the message it sends.

The average size was once a size 12 and today we see the average trend pushing a size 16.


These beautiful woman look to be in the 12+ size category.

I’m certainly not a size two (anymore) or a silicone Barbie and I think every woman needs to feel comfortable in her own skin, but to imply it’s okay to carry a heavy backside bothers me. We all know, if you have extra weight there, then it will be other places, too. I think of long-term problems developing for these lovely women. I don’t know, if this is the artist’s intent or not, but do you get the same sense about this song, too?

Anyhow, it got me thinking, so I want to pose a fun question to you and hope that you’ll feel at perfect ease in participating in this morning’s survey.
[wwm_survey id=”3″]


(A) shapely, toned booty


(B) a booty gone wild

I think there is a lot of hype with the whole image thing. Real women are not stick figures and have shape, some a little more than others. We are all not genetically made the same. It would be a dull world, if we all looked alike. Don’t you think?

The point of this isn’t to insult you, but to make you think. About what, you say. A big bottom many times means you’re carrying extra baggage other places. It’s essential to stay at a good weight for your age and height throughout your life. I know first hand this is not always an easy job.  However, I love myself and I hope you love yourself enough to make wise choices for a glowing, healthier you inside and out! Let’s face it, calories have a way of piling up before we know what to do, so I can shake it, shake it like I’m suppose to do because I want every inch of you me is to be perfect from the bottom to the top.

Okay, that’s my cue…it’s time to hit the elliptical for the day! Have a terrific Thursday and please feel free to join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday!

#Reign Mary, queen of Scots #history

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! In 2013 The CW aired a new TV series based on Mary, queen of Scots called Reign. We tried following, but life’s demands got in the way. Thankfully, Netflix picked up Reign. We  watched season one with each episode filled with elements of suspense, secrets, deceit, passion, or murder. What more can you ask of a series? BINGO! We’re totally hooked. A total surprise to us, too.  Have you watched Reign?

borrowed image

Adelaide Kane ~Mary, queen of Scots, (L) Torrance Coombs ~ Sebastian, (R) Toby Regbo ~ Francis *borrowed image*

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#AprilA2Z announcement #T2Q #Q&A

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Whew, where did the week go? January is all, but gone. I’m counting down the days for spring’s arrival and for the biggest event of the year, the blogging from A-to-Z Challenge.


I don’t remember very well, but If my memory serves me I attempted this once in my early days of blogging and it was an epic fail. Last year, I decided to give it another go. I happily say I completed the challenge with flying colors.

Blogging everyday isn’t for the weak and fearful, but if you’re looking for a meme to hold yourself accountable while developing a daily ritual in Blogosphere, then this challenge might be just the ticket to springboard you in the right direction. It was exactly what I needed.

You will meet tons of cool, interesting, and most importantly supportive bloggers to give you that little nudge to keep on keeping on, doing what you love to do ~ cooking, writing, drawing, ranting, photography, or what have you.

I signed up yesterday for the shindig with both categories music (MU) & photography (PH). I’m not sure, if that was a legal move or not per event rules. I guess someone will say something, if I crossed the line. I am developing a theme of sorts somewhere inside this gray mass called my brain. Oh wait, DD#2 told her daddy when she 2-years old, “Mommy, doesn’t have a human brain.” I’m not sure what kind of brain I have, unless….yes, I got it!


I have an Abby Normal brain or it seems I do on most days anyway. Just ask anyone, they’ll confirm I’m right. 😀

Whatever direction I decide to go in or whatever theme I launch on April 1st, it’ll be with the spirit of creative fun ~ no stress or worries just hanging with my homies in Blogosphere doin’ our thang.

Have you participated in the challenge before? If so, what words of advice & encouragement would you like to offer?

Are you sold on giving the A-Z Blog Challenge a try? If so, then sign up here and get the full scoop on what to expect.

That’s it for another Thursday. Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday. Until next time have a terrific day!

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