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A show of hands #life #snowday

tired+Of+snow+imageGood-afternoon,  kittens and dawg! Geez, Louise a second snow day in one week! Why can’t Mother Nature bring the white stuff at a time when we all really, really want to see it…. like Christmas?!

We got more snow with this system, then we did Monday night. I roughly guess we got 6″-7″ of accumulation. It’s really beautiful and it’s a gorgeous winter wonderland outside, but everyone in our neighborhood is kinda trapped. The city keeps the main arteries clear and the secondary streets are left at the mercy of Mother Nature. Yeah, like she’s gonna help! Well…not today!

DH will go out in short order to shovel the fluff…okay it’s not fluffy! This storm dumped the wet, good-for-packing snow on us this go around. DH is in for a better than usual driveway workout.

The forecast shows promises of warmer temps starting Saturday and carrying into next week. If this pans out then maybe the worst of winter has passed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Keep calm, it’s just another snow day! #status #humor

snowday007Yep, Mother Nature dumped a bit more snow than expected during the night. The traffic cams along the interstate showed cars moving only where traffic traveled throughout the night with heavy snow falling. The express and emergency lane were completely snow-covered. Bridges and overpasses no doubt were icy and dangerous.

At 6am the temp hovered around 24º with 3″ of accumulated wet snow on the ground, as it continued to snow heavily. DH cleared the windshield off and attempted to go to work.

Several minutes later, I heard the door open. After sliding down the driveway and into the street kinda clinched any idea of trying to traverse our hilly neighborhood to reach the mainstream of things. He barely got the car off the street and sits at the bottom of our drive still.

No sooner did he get back into the house, we heard a vehicle spinning somewhere on our street. An hour later, the vehicle was still spinning. This time we could see him from our living room window.  The driver of a Jeep finally abandoned his efforts, leaving his vehicle parked near a neighbor’s house. That’s when we crawled back in bed for a little more shut-eye.

The snow has let up for the time being. What doesn’t melt away, will refreeze overnight. DH is shoveling the drive, so he can put the car back in its normal spot while the neighbor’s kids across the street enjoy a snowball fight. Heading this way is another threatening winter storm tomorrow and I’m more than ever ready for ready for spring.

I'D RATHER BE IN MIAMI, 'Oognik, I'd like to talk to you about your attitude...'Stop by to see this week’s featured photographer tomorrow on #WW and join the linky party. Keep warm and be safe! So, it’s just another snow day for us. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?