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Presenting @LillyGoodman!

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! I’m so glad to see that you survived Black Friday to hop over for some weekend mewsic. This morning’s featured artist is another ReverbNation discovery. This young woman is a Latin R&B, Contemporary Christian artists. Her lovely vocals was an instant like to my ear and I hope you’ll enjoy her as much as I do. Give it for Lilly Goodman!

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Lilly has a soothing voice. Her style is just what I needed to help me unwind from this busy week. Show a little love by spreading the mewsic? of Lilly Goodman to your friends! ?

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend.  I’ll see ya on Monday for Mewsic Moves Me. Have a songsational Saturday!







Newcomer meets 80s POP star in #BOTB showdown

Good morning, kittens and dawgs! September is half over. I don’t know where the time is going. I barely can figure out one BoTB before the next one starts. Unlike, some fellow BoTBers I do not plan nor do my posts follow a pattern.  I’m a fly by the seat kind of gal when it comes to blogging. No, really I am just that spontaneous when it comes to what I share in my posts.

Today’s featured song rode the charts at #1 for five weeks in 1976 by the all-female group, The Emotions, that was written by Earth, Wind, and Fire band members: Al McKay and Maurice White.  Here’s the original for your listening pleasure only, which is not included in the showdown, Best of My Love!


Contender #1 is new-to-me. This group packs a lot of R&B with a touch of The Pussycat Dolls style. Please listen to La Diva!


Contender #2 needs no introduction and if she does then you’re too young to vote this round. lol Let’s give it up for the amazing Sheena Easton!


In this week’s edition of, Whatever happened to…?, I spotlighted Sheena Easton.  I was kinda inspired by her in this round of BoTB, so I fibbed just a wee bit. 😉

Voting is open to everyone visiting my site. There is no wrong vote, except if you don’t vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional).

Who gets your vote, LaDiva or Sheena Easton?

The fun continues with more epic battles underway and I invite you to visit, Stephen (at the top of the list), if you’d like to know how this works and/or ask how to join all this madness fun!

Tell your friends to come by to get in on the action. The more the merrier!?


Thanks for joining in on the fun. Don’t forget to swing by for Friday Sillies and other Friday fun stuff. 😉  This is Curious as a Cathy signing off, “Have a bandtastic day!”

Electric Hippo #music

Good morning, kittens & dawgs this morning’s ReverbNation pick is Electric Hippo!

The artists’ bio reads:

Phiilo (formerly Electric Hippo) ties together the power of EDM with the rhythm and fluidity of funk, jazz, rock, and soul. Live instruments—primarily Nick’s distinct and technical style of electric guitar—are incorporated alongside experiments in digital sound production and Jonny’s broad vocal range. These components, while designed individually with high attention to detail, combine to create what is best described as stylistic electronic compositions.

After meeting in Boulder, Colorado, Nick and Jonny capitalized on a unique musical chemistry and immediately started jamming, writing what would become the first few Electric Hippo singles (including “Closer,” which layers silky ambience, RnB vocals, and a punchy arena synth). The song-writing process reflects each member’s forte: Nick, as instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer, creates the musical composition and backbone, while Jonny writes and records vocal melodies. Unafraid to experiment, and dedicated to bringing listeners new sounds, Electric Hippo is poised to fill a crucial void in the ever-changing landscape of modern electronic music.

Bringing to you, hopefully, a new-to-you discovery, I give you Phiilo!


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What are your thoughts on Electric Hippo? Is this a group you would like to listen to regularly? Which song selection did you like best?

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. If you’re a new and upcoming artist desiring a little extra play time, please pitch me and I’ll plug your tunes in for my readers to enjoy. Have a songsational Saturday!

What’s next, more music on Mewsic Moves Me!









Mike Bauer #music

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs!  The weekends are for unwinding. There’s no better way to let go than with mewsic. I am happy to present a new-to-me artist from  ReverbNation … Mike Bauer!


Mike Bauer is truly a gifted person. He’s a singer/songwriter, multi-talented instrumentalist and independent recording artist. He comes from a musical roots. His grandfather was a singer/tap-dancer on the 1950s TV program, Lawrence Welk and his plays cello professionally.






You can follow Mike Bauer at any of the below social media connections

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Did you enjoy today’s mewsic? Which is your favorite song?

That’s a wrap for this week. I appreciate being apart of your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share! Have a songsational Saturday!

What’s next, Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me!

Taking A Moment to Myself to rest my Bones until the Boogie Oogie #music moves me!

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! On my latest BoTB edition, I featured two R&B artists doing Stevie Wonder’s hit song, Superstition. To keep the momentum going with the polls only days away from closing, I wanted to share more tunes by these contenders.

First is the American R&B vocals of Macy Gray.


The second Rhythm & Blues band hails from across the pond by way of Great Britain. I present…The Hoax!

There’s nothing like taking A Moment to Myself to rest my Bones until the Boogie Oogie music moves me!


Thanks for dancing with me. If you want to vote in this BoTB showdown, then I invite you to do so, here, before you miss your chance. Meanwhile, let’s keep the party going, link up and join the fun with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew.  I’ll be by to dance with you soon!

Minion Singing in the shower

Have a tunetastic week!




Superstition #BOTB showdown

It’s mid-October and you know what that means, kittens and dawgs, don’t cha? It’s time for round 2 of Battle of the Bands.

I decided to go with a theme for this battle and with Halloween at the end of the month, then I elected to use Stevie Wonder’s 1973, not included in the showdown, hit song Superstition.

Introducing contender #1, a new-to-me British Blue band, The Hoax. What surprised me to learn is this group has been around 20 years and I’m just now hearing them.  What’s with that? Oh, well…here they are doing Stevie Wonder’s #1 tune, Superstition.


Contender # 2, is another new-to-me artist. This America R&B jazz singer/song writer’s unique vocals style steps Wonder’s song pace down a notch bringing something different to this cover. Kindly listen to Macy Gray!


Alrighty, boys and girls, you know what to do. Tell me in comments who gets your vote and why. There’s no wrong pick other than the one you don’t make. So have fun!

Meanwhile, the fun continues with more epic battles taking place on these amazing bloggers sites. Check ’em out!

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Don’t forget, the polls close midnight of October 21st and I’ll share the results of this competition a week from today, so mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named! Thanks for joining in on the fun. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with a bonus cover, for your entertainment only, I thought was worth sharing.

Are you superstitious? What’s the weirdest superstition you know? Have a bandtastic day!





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#BOTB results of Sugar Sugar

Good-morning, fellow BOTBers and fans (those of you who aren’t actively participating, but who vote and love music)! Let me say, sharing two covers for Sugar Sugar was fun and I believe I stirred some memories for many of you.

First off, let me say thanks to everyone who hopped over and voted for their favorite candidate. At first I thought this showdown was going to swing in favor of one artist, but as the votes trickled in then it provided to not be a complete shut out.

The popular opinion, including myself, felt Wilson Pickett did the job better capturing 13 of the 17 votes!




Wilson Pickett recorded more than 50 songs to hit the US R&B charts and many crossed over to the US Billboard Hot 100. It comes as no surprise with this sort of songwriting and recording impact in his career that led to his 1991 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I hope to see you Kittens and Dawgs back here for September 1st round one of Battle of the Bands. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with In the Midnight Hour!


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