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#BOTB results of duel between stars

Howdy, kittens and dawgs! First up, let me say thanks for making my August 1st BOTB so much fun. I have to admit when I decided on the two artists to use I was a bit hesitant. I guess my insecurities of whether or not my challenge would be liked or not played on my brain, but I felt goofy and thought why not? After all, it’s my post and battle showdown. So I decided to just breathe in and have fun with it.

I was happy to see my silly duel between stars fared well among my fellow BoTBers. Why, I even managed to make some smile and others laugh-out-loud.

Without further ado, it gives me delight to say….William Shatner’s over-the-top, cheesy cover won 10 to 5!


To round things out, I invite you to listen to another dramatic cover done by Shatner (skip to 0:53).


Don’t forget to come back for round two of August BoTB on the 15th.  The world is a bit better because of music, so keep playing those songs!

#BOTB double post with duel between stars

Hello, rock n’ roll kittens & dawgs!  Technically, I’m still on break. I goofed up last month by not posting the results of  the Mr. Bojangles #BOTB showdown with the onset of DH getting laid off (this is what created the disruption to my blogging ~ a pleasant, but unexpected routine buster all the same) for the umpteenth time over the course of our 36 years of marriage.

Anywho, if you weren’t keeping a count and I seriously doubt that any of you did not mentally take note of the tally for both contenders, but on the off-chance you are clueless (my normal state of mind) then let me say Nina Simone shot Nancy Wilson out of the ballpark with a 15 to 2 victory.

Most of y’all felt, and I agree, that a female vocalist didn’t suit the song, but I wanted to do something different because…well, I’m different. 😀 However, it seems no matter which two artists/band I choose to dual the vote count is usually lopsided.

Today battle I’m using an oldie from the 60s, Mr. Tambourine Man. It’s hard to beat the The Byrds 1965 cover of Bob Dylan’s original. So….I’m taking a fun approach.  I found two artists who are better known as movie stars performing this classic tune. After you listen, then share in comments who gets your vote and why.





Who gets your vote Kevin Costner, the more serious singer style or William Shatner, the more dramatic cheesy version? Both have their pluses and minuses. In a weird sorta of way, I kinda like Shatner’s form, but I haven’t totally decided who gets my vote yet.

I’m still on my blog break, but plan to pop in from time-to-time. Meanwhile join me for more epic battle showdowns and to learn how this all works by visiting STMcCP.

Music humor2

Have a bandtastic day!