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My 12 Favorite Photos from 2015 #WW

Brevard NC Soda Shop Jan 2015

Brevard NC Soda Shop Jan 2015

I hope the holiday season was a light and festive one for you, Kittens and Dawgs! I’m delighted you included me in your day and I’m eager to share 2016 with you.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee while you enjoy my top 12 favorite photos from 2015.


Maggie Valley North Carolina snow tubing

Maggie Valley North Carolina snow tubing

Mingus Mill in Cherokee, North Carolina

Mingus Mill in Cherokee, North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway Mt Mitchell State Park

Blue Ridge Parkway Mt Mitchell State Park

Chimney Rock, North Carolina waterfall shot and moon

Chimney Rock, North Carolina waterfall and moon shot

Linnville Falls, North Carolina rhododendron blooms

Linville Falls, North Carolina rhododendron blooms

Pineola, North Carolina lake community

Pineola North Carolina lake community

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cades Cove community

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cades Cove community

Mabry Mill in the fall

Mabry Mill in the fall

Little Pigeon River near Chimney's Picnic area

Little Pigeon River near Chimney’s Picnic area

Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Christmas in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Christmas in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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#WW Picturesque Lake

To the casual observer, one wouldn’t think there is much to do In the hills of western North Carolina, but from this picturesque lake in Pineola.


Pineola, North Carolina

There’s plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, like fly fishing, golfing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, camping, biking, or photo-ops.



Please remember,  I’m doing one week off and one week on with my mid-week photo posts till life settles down, but it doesn’t mean I’m not around. I pop in and out, replying to comments and visiting those who link up or comment. So, please let yourself be known! ?

In honor of the first day of fall and good things to come…cooler temps, hot chocolate, bonfires, hayrides, …., here’s a look at things from October of last year.


Image taken from the BRP somewhere south of Boone, North Carolina.

Now that it’s autumn, what makes you the happiest about the change? Until next time, have a fototastic day!  taking-photos-humor-funny-fun-blog

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#WW: Starburst sunset

IMG_1817 oct2013

Prior to upgrading to the 5s, I snapped this photo with my iPhone4 last October. The photo processor in its camera was amazingly good; better than in some phone cameras today even. Linking up with a few of these lovely Wordless Wednesday bloggers.

This month I’m taking a hiatus. There will be no featured photographers, but I’m keeping the linky party going and will do return visits in short order.

Thank you for making me apart of your day. Have a fototastic day!

shhhh_Fotor(grab my #WW button code )

WW: Lake Junaluska, NC

DSC_3448 copy

Lake Junaluska in western North Carolina

Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of Haywood County, North Carolina is home to the beautiful, tranquil Lake Junaluska.

The early morning clouds hovering over the mountain peaks transformed the surrounding to an almost dream-like world. It compelled me to stay forever but reluctantly I pulled myself out of that state of mind because there were other things to do on our agenda for the day. The good news is I can revisit Lake Junaluska anytime with the drive being under 2-hours from home.



Mama and her babies. I immediately thought of the children’s story, Make Way for Ducklings. Do you remember this little tale by Robert McCloskey?


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Wordless Wednesday: Revisiting stay-cation 2013

Last fall, DH & I enjoyed a little stay-cation from mid to late October. I got to use my big girl camera (Nikon D7000) a bit while we zipped here and there.  Unfortunately, I was not able to share all my photos with you.

Today, I will take you to a few spots outside Knoxville’s city limits to the town of Farragut, TN. Let me encourage you, if you have time to snoop through my November 2013 archives for more pictures from our stay-cation.

A still calm beside the water, washing your cares away…
Fort Loudon Lake Farragut, TN
This is in west Knoxville

However, staring at the water too long made me dizzy. I don’t think I would do well on a boat. In the original shot above, the water appeared lopsided. This is particular disturbing when shooting bodies of water to the eye in the aftermath. Your mind screams, “the water is spilling over the side!”

Luckily, I can counter attack my screw-ups with a simple straightening process in Fotor. I’m trying to train my eye to be more discerning to see this kind of flaw before releasing the shutter button, but honestly it doesn’t come natural to me.

We were quite blessed to enjoy many beautiful days during our period of relaxation. DH was always so patient to stop anywhere I wanted, even beside the road just so I could snap this shot. The rolled hay in the field brought out the wannabe artist out in me, so I used Fotor to apply “old wall’ effect giving it a painting-like appeal.

Exploring side roads, spotting rolled hay in a field

As I said,  it was beautiful and quite sunny. Do you remember me mentioning I’m on a learning curve with my DSLR? I was more so then, than now, but anyhow I could not tell the below image was drastically underexposed until I looked at it on the computer. The picture was too dark.

Turning in a church parking lot next to an old red barn
against a rich blue late summer sky

Thankfully, I was able to off-set the damage by adjusting the exposure through Fotor. The photo is still darker than I would like, but I love this barn. I am so happy for modern technology, aren’t you?

Taking time out from our schedules, even if it is staying around town or going to the mountains for the day that kind of break is every bit as relaxing, as a vacation far, far away. The only difference is, we didn’t have to shell out a lot of bucks to have fun. Happy WW!!

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Sunspiration: DIY: Masculine birthday rubber-stamp art

This past Friday was my FIL’s 91st birthday providing me with another opportunity to express myself creativity through my rubber-stamp art.

It brought me such joy to make this card. Inspiration in coordinating the layout and colors fell effortlessly into place with very little thought.

This is a great outdoorsy design for the men in your life. I can see this being used for many occasions.

Feel free to duplicate my results or use as a guideline to make your own one-of-a-kind card. Here’s what I used to create my design:

  • Rubber-stamp M-119 (image size 4 ¼” x 3 ⅝”) from Stampin.com.
  • White card for the image, stamped in Color Box black pigment ink.
  • Prismacolor pencils.
  • A piece of olive-green cardstock to glue beneath white card stock image
  • Next glue the two pieces directly onto a natural color pre-cut card, leaving enough room at the bottom to add your text.
  • Clear Embossing pen, Ranger Queen’s Gold embossing powder, and embossing gun for text on the front of the card.
  • Brown Marvy LePlume II pen for inside inscription

Inside of card, I lined the card with a piece of tan parchment paper to include a personal birthday wish, which I created. The sentiments speak from my heart of how I feel about this man. It read:

One who gives much; but
Expects no words of praise
One who means a lot to
friends & neighbors; but
One who for a few means…
the whole world!
Happy Birthday, Dad!


The inscription turned out beautifully.  I printed all the text, except the Happy Birthday, Dad, I wrote in cursive. I failed to snap a shot, but next time I will be sure to capture and share so you can see for yourself just how nice it works together.

In honor of my wonderful FIL’s birthday, and for his service to the United States of America during WWII I thought this song would be one he enjoyed back in the 40s…


I had the privilege of scanning many of my in-laws’ old photos several years ago. Below are a few from my FIL’s day in the service. I made slight adjustments to enhance the images but maintained much of the original appeal. Click on image to enlarge. It really makes a big difference!

Stationed in Miami, Florida
Out on the town
A visit home
A picture with Mom

What inspires you this Sunday?


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Tuesday Talk Time ~ Highlands, NC

Highlands, North Carolina

I snapped the above photo Saturday. You can learn a little more about the western North Carolina mountain community on this week’s Monday Morning Musings #16 post. For a better viewing experience, click to enlarge photo for your enjoyment.

I am running super late today, so I dispense my chattiness and get right on today’s hops. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies!

Les from Time Out For Mom prompts us to answer the following question…

If you really knew me, you would know….

This is an easy one for me. If I knew you? Well…dah, yell, I know you! Like I know that you have this crazy thing for the handsome, bad boy ~ Jeremy Renner. Another thing is I know your iPhone predates my previous iPhone and that’s pretty old, but yet it’s still a darn good camera…I mean phone. lol Also, you love to craft to the point that it gets to be a little obsessive… sometimes. There are groups out there that can help you with this, you know? I know that I should never, ever complain about the cold weather to you because I don’t really know what cold temperatures are like in your neck of the woods. I have discovered that you’re an excellent, excellent mama whose children are the center of her world, that your mother raised you practically single-handed (BTW, she did a fabulous job! You turned out to be a pretty amazing big girl, in my opinion), you’re a fierce sister in Christ, and oh yeah, your husband has handcuffs. I’ll leave that one point along. I have found we share many things in common. For instance… the love of music, photography, and writing. Who ever thought something like blogging would bring people together forming new and wonderful friendships such as ours. 😉

Patrice’s chats on the farmhouse porch questions this week are:

  1. What is your favorite kind of bread? (wheat, white, rye, sourdough, a gluten-free type, etc.) At the moment, I’m really enjoying Arnold’s Country Kitchen whole wheat bread. This is great stuff toasted and it makes fabulous sandwiches. However, when I make biscuits I use Hudson Cream self-rising white flour. It makes excellent home-made biscuits!
  2. Would you go to an opera if someone you know was in it? Maybe…but don’t hold me to it.
  3. What is your favorite kind of citrus fruit? Tangerines or oranges or grapefruit. These are all good and would be difficult for me to settle on just one as my favorite.
  4. Are you doing any home renovations or decorating projects? Nope, but I am getting more serious in finding our dream house. I actually contacted a realtor who is sending me listings of homes/property that fit our cafeterias. I getting a wee bit excited with the hopes of finding something before this year is out. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer.
  5. If you could sit in a rocking chair and view a beautiful scene, where would you be and what would you be looking at? Without question, on a porch with a view of the mountains. Our good friends have a cabin in the mountains of western North Carolina. This is their summer home. We try to visit them during their 6-month stay and while they do not have any rockers on their screened in porch it still fantastic to sit there enjoying the warm company against a stupendous backdrop.


Stacy Uncorked is taking a blogging hiatus. You may recall, she and her family moved back to her home state of Washington last summer. For the past several months, they have lived in Stacy’s parents’ basement. She’s thrilled to share they are on their last leg of this journey now that they settled on a new home. Stacy promises me to return to Blogosphere in March. All of her loyal friends, including myself, are looking forward to seeing her soon. Until then, I continue doing what I always do… visit my other buds!

Have a terrific Tuesday!Save