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F-Bomb Dropped on American Idol – T2Q

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This is going up late and I’m sorry.  As usual, life had a way of getting in the way today.  With that said, here are two more of my favorite Thursday blog hops!


Last night, Steven Tyler flipped his vocabulary wig when he dropped the F-bomb (this is the edited version) on American Idol after Casey Abrams’ performance of Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe”.  Mind you, I like Casey. I think he totally rocks! But,  com’ on Steven, there are youngsters in the audience and at home watching!


My Thursday two questions are:

1) What was your reaction, if any of Steven’s inappropriate word use?

I hate the F-word period. Steven should have bridled his tongue better than that.  Who knows,  maybe this was an accidentally on purpose kind of slip.  You know, to cause the Americans’ ears to perk up helping them to remember Casey’s outstanding job.  I dunno, but I’m still totally against the F-word. 

2)  Rating the F-word on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worse, how would you rate the F-word?

This is a no-brainer, a big 10! Of course, you saw that one coming, right? lol

Play along with Amanda from SelfSagacity and to continue the Thursday fun, I’m joining Dollycas.

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1. What is your favorite Easter candy? Isn’t it funny, I answered this question yesterday. lol. You can read my answer here!

2. Do you recycle, reuse, and reduce?  Recycle, not really.  Reuse, definitely! Reduce, always!

3. Do you have any special traditions to celebrate Easter or Earth Day? Yep, I have special traditions.  You may read them here!










Get into the Blog Hop!

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According to the urban dictionary online…Blog hopping IS NOT surfing the net and reading some blogs here and there at random. Blog hopping is when you find a few blogs that you think are really cool, written by people you can really relate to and you visit them regularly. These people feel a special bond towards each other and visit and comment on the blogs in their circle daily!


That sums up what blog hops are all about.  Now that I’m feeling a little more educated, then I don’t want to miss another second of playing my Thursday’s memes.   Come on, join in!

Not being like many of the regular Alphabe-Thursday followers I only have two Alphabe-posts.  With that being said, this leaves me few options for re-posts.  I decided to jump in with the letter ‘A’, but not to worry when next week’s assignment takes us to the letter ‘A’, then I’ll create a brand new post with all new A words.

Are you ready to Take a Chance on Me?


abba-011A is for  Abba a Swedish pop group became popular from 1972 – 1982 selling over 375 million records worldwide.  The boy/girl, boy/girl group were actually two married couples:  Picture L to R: Lyngstad and Andersson & Fältskog and Ulvaeus.  Both couples divorced during the course of their stardom, which influenced their music and later caused the musical team to split. To this day, they still remain popular selling two to three million records each year.  It must a real pain living off their royalties.

Abyssopelagic pertains to the depths of the ocean and might be where James Cameron got his inspiration for his 1989 debate movie, The Abyss.  The premise for this Sci-Fi flick is a civilian diving team is to search for a lost nuclear submarine but find themselves encountering dangers from an aquatic alien species.  It didn’t do well at the box office but received favorable online reviews.  After viewing the trailer, I find myself curious and willing to buy it on DVD. What do you think?

Acrophobia, the fear of heights.  Alfred Hitch’s Vertigo depicts this fear in living color.  What an awesome classic!  Have you seen it? You’ll love the ending.  Back to the fear of heights issues.  I believe most people have a touch of acrophobia.  I know personally, climbing stairs or ladders don’t bother me, but the act of climbing back down a ladder gives me the sense of coming undone just a wee bit. I recall one time as a kid, I got on the roof to help my daddy, but when I tried getting off I just freaked out. I was totally paralyzed.  Obviously, I’m not stuck on the roof typing this and must have found the courage within somehow to pull myself together to get off that darn roof, but to this day, I still get the heebie-jeebies when facing heights.  I won’t stand too close to the railing at overlooks, I refuse to cross a swinging bridge, I even close my eyes when my husband is driving across a long bridge, and I don’t like looking out of the windows of tall buildings either.

Anthropophaginian is another word for, cannibalism.  Cannibalism is deeply disturbing and it’s hard to imagine anyone doing this beyond the realm of survival.  Even then, many of us get squeamish.  Occasionally, this will pop up in headlines which sending a wave of shock across the nation.  Leave it to Hollywood to capitalize on mankind’s fears with The Silence of Lambs and subsequent movies which followed.  I have watched the first three movies, each getting a littler weirder than the first. It goes without saying, I didn’t watch beyond number 3.  I would highly recommend no one under 13 watching these flicks.

This rounds out my A words for an edgy Alphabe-Thursday.  Now, join me, in playing Amanda’s Thursday Two Questions.  My mind seems stuck in movie mood so in keepin’ with that, here are my questions:

1)What is your all-time favorite suspense thriller?  For me, I’d have to say What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer.


2)  What is the most fun movie you ever saw?  This one is more difficult for me, but recently we saw Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, which fits in this category.  In fact, we watched twice within short time period.


Bringing up the rear on this Thursday’s blog hopping hosted by Lori Caswell of Dollycas’s Thoughts Escape With Dollycas. This is Week 33 of Enquiring Minds.  Not that I’ve played the entire time, as I have not.  In fact, I’ve only been playing for a month or less.  Nonetheless, I’m having a blast participating.  Here are this week’s questions: 

1. How often do you go to the hair salon or beauty parlor?  I don’t go.  You can check out, last week’s post where I addressed this very question. How bazaar is that!  Could this be one of those great minds think alike occurrence?

2. Have you ever had a massage?  Not by a professional, if that’s what you mean.  Sometimes, I get DH to give me a good rub down and ah, it’s heaven!  I believe women have extra nerves in their body and enjoy massages more than men.  I know I’ve offered to give my hub a message and he says it’s sweet, but it doesn’t do much for him. 

3. Have you even been able to enjoy a full day of pampering at a spa? No.  This is something that really does not appeal to me.  The pampering sounds nice, but I’d rather do that in my home, in my spa bedroom. That is if I had a spa.  Maybe one day, when I’m super rich then I can have my own private spa.  It never hurts to dream big.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Perhaps, we’ll meet up again, next week same place and time, if not before then. Would you like to get in on the fun, too?  Be sure to click the blog hop button you wish to participate in and link up.  This is a great way to meet new friends, build your blog presence, and simply unwind a bit. 
Make me smile today by leaving a comment and just think, the weekend begins tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!  What are your plans?zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Have a good day, CathySaveSaveSave








Don’t Get Left Behind {More Thursday Memes}

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Who hates to make a special trip to the salon to get a haircut?  I, for one, do!  It requires a huge block of time out of my chaotic day and it’s expensive.  I haven’t been to a hair salon in over 20 years.  No, my hair is draping to the floor like Rapunzel.


Years ago, my husband discovered a nifty product called a Flowbee.  Originally, he wanted it for himself. He keeps his hair very short and hated using clippers.  You know the danger of using clippers, don’t you?  A slight slip of the hand and you have a disaster!

The Flowbee comes with removable attachments, which can be joined to easily adjust the length of cut you want.  This made using the Flowbee appealing to me.  My hair barely touches my shoulders so this device works excellent for my hair grooming needs which I have used for two decades now.

Thursday Two Questions
My Thursday Two Questions are:
  1. Do you visit a hair salon regularly? If so, how often?
  2. How much do you usually pay for only a hair cut?

Lori Caswell of Dollycas’s Thoughts  Escape with Dollycas asks these questions for Week 32:

1. Do you eat breakfast every morning?yes


2. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I love just about any kind of boxed cereal.  I have a particular fondness for Cheerios with bananas, but when we have cereal it usually is Quaker Old-fashion Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.  These are not only more economical but a more solid breakfast cereal to stick with you throughout the morning longer than sugary instant cereals.  Instead of sweetening these hot cereals with sugar, my hubs likes to use an all-fruit preserve like Smucker’s Simply Fruit and I prefer to use Splenda.  Either way, it’s tasty and good for you!

3. What is your favorite brand and flavor of yogurt?

I’m not a big yogurt fan, but I do enjoy it every once it awhile.  When I do have it, I like the Activia berry flavored ones the best.  What’s interesting about Dannon’s Activia fruit flavors is it’s not overly sweet tasting like some yogurt is.  In fact, the vanilla Activia reminds me of pudding and is quite good.

Don’t get left behind on this Thursday’s fun.  Be sure to link up with the above two memes and join in!