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The blessings of health #music

Puritan's Pride Vitamins

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! This month I’m dancing to the blessings in my life. One thing I’m very blessed to have is good health and the energy to not quit when my body tells me nooo more!


Are you ready to boogie? Lace up those blue suede shoes and step out on the dance floor with me!

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Nothing says good health, like the way good music makes me feel and the way it makes me feel groovy…

Or, how happy it makes me feel….


What it all boils down to is Life is too short to not be my best. God has blessed me with good health and it’s my responsibility to not waste it.  I think it was Billy Blanks who said something to the effect fight to be fit for life and because I’m able, I try to live by this principle. The simple truth is I want it all!


When I’m not dancing (yes, I really do this) around the house doing my chores. I love to spend an hour on my elliptical trainer each day. What activity do you do to keep fit for life?

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Sexilious Nights with EdenFantasys

Puritan's Pride Vitamins

I’m a wife and mother period. That’s not all I am, though. I’m a lover. Don’t you feel like you’re being pulled at every seam with mundane chores? I know I do. If you’re like me, then why not spice things up? Let Edenfantasys help you to find ways to turn your hoo-hum days to hallelujah nights.

Let’s get things started, set a date night.  Make it a sexilious night, girls. The kids are at the grandparents or if you’re empty-nester, kick if off by pampering yourself. In Eden Fantasys’ Beauty and Body shop, you’ll find an array of bath, massaging lotions/gels, cosmetics, and fragrances to make yourself not only look enticing, but you’ll feel beautiful.
You’re relaxed, you’re gorgeous.Now… think, “what do I wear?” For a night on the town, call attention to yourself. Strut your stuff! Let’s be honest, what man doesn’t like this, especially your man, right? These little hot numbers will be sure to turn some heads or you hear a wolf whistle. There’s nothing wrong with that, ladies!
Honeymoon Sweet Long Gown

After a night on the town, don’t let the flame dwindle. Slip into some sexy lingerie to keep your partner’s attention.  Edenfantasys has baby dolls, chemises, and more. Remember, fanning the fire in your marriage is essential. Why not look the part? Treat your evenings like its your wedding night all over by wearing something alluring like this…

But wait, there’s more!  Edenfantasys has intimate products for your personal pleasure from sex toys to adult books & DVDs. You can shop at your discretion or convenience and have your items delivered straight to your front door. It’s that easy!


Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

*I am a participant of  the Edefantasys bloggers’ program. For expressing my opinion, eden fantasys offered to compensate me with a giftcard in lieu of payment.*