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#AprilA2Z Art Sketching through the Alphabet “G” + #BoTB results


Hello, Kitten & Dawgs!  I’m delighted you joined me for the next A2Z alphabet prompt. Daddy’s Little Girl always gets to me every. single. time I hear it. Having two little girls…okay they aren’t too little anymore bring more happiness than sorrow.  My lovely little girls grew up and became lovely young ladies but they’ll always be little girls in my heart and if you’re daddy well then…I don’t need to tell you how special little girls are, right?  I’m going with girls as in little girls for my inspiration in art sketching through the alphabet with the letter “G”.

My little girls were the best of friends with only 23 months separating them and as they grew up they kept that sense of closeness most of the time but like all sisters, they have their ups and down. In their hearts, they know the other is still her best friend and that’s the way it should be.

I think little girls like being a girl at heart no matter what her age. Heck, I still refer to myself as a girl! It makes me feel gleeful.  Ladies, do you like thinking of yourself as a girl? What about you guys, do you call your lady a girl? Does she like being referenced to as a girl?

Drawing a human likeness is tricky. I need a lot of practice, especially with children.  I took a second stab at sketching little girls.  This time at school on the playground.

Playground accidents happen. I took my share of tumbles when I was in playing tag or jumping rope and I remember in those early years always wearing dresses, too.  I don’t think I started wearing pants to school until about grade six.  I know public schools used to have a strict dress code.

Hopefully, what I share with you every day will encourage you to do something that interests you that you’ve long put off because like me you just don’t think you can. My advice is, just do it! Maybe, you’ll be surprised. I know I was! 🙂

Do you have any great “G” sketching ideas? Make this gal giddy leave your suggestions in comments!  😀

Before I go, I need to share the results in Apr. 1st BoTB.  I enjoyed both angel songs but I loved the soft more mellow tone of Great White. Any other time or any other song between these two bands, then I’d probably side with the other.  For those who voted or just visited, then it probably was clear from the get-go that my listeners favored one band a great deal and won’t be a giant surprise that Breaking Benjamin gets the glory in this round with a 8 to 4 victory.



I’m heading off to link up with other fellow AtoZers and you’re invited to come along.  I’ll see you Monday on the dance floor with Monday Mewsic Moves Me (theme: Grammy Hits the year you turned 18)  as well as my next installment of Art Sketching through the Alphabet!

Have a good weekend!






A2Z Art Sketching Through the  Alphabet post recap:

  1. “A” for Angels
  2. “B” for Boys, little
  3. “C” is for Cows, Chicken & Chicks, and Big Cats
  4. “D” for Dog
  5. “E” is for Elephant, Eagle, & Elk
  6. “F” is for Fence, Fox, & Frog