The sing-off between The Dandy Warhols and Skye

Don’t tell me it’s another new month already? Yep, the calendar says it’s September 1st and it’s time for another Battle of the Bands. Last time, I featured a Blondie classic. Stephen is really going to hate me for this, but I’m going that route again. Actually, I’ll be pitting two new rivals neither of which will be Blondie for the heavyweight title in the sing-off cover song Call Me!

This is for entertainment only and is not included in the battle, so please do not vote for Blondie. 😉 Allow me to introduce to you two new-to-me artists going head-to-head in today’s showdown.

First up, is an American rock band from Portland Oregon. Gosh, I’d love to see the pacific northwest! Focus Cathy, focus!   Anywho, this group came together in 1994 and released their first major record cut in ’97 with Capital Records. I bring to you Courtney Taylor-Taylor and his merry band members: Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe , and Brent DeBoer who are…  The Dandy Warhols!

Next is a British singer/songwriter who started her career also in 1994 with four brothers forming a different band who released five albums with this female lead vocalist.  The band split in 2003 giving her the opportunity to spread her wings cranking out two solo albums. Give a listen to Skye!


Do you know which band you like the best? Are you going with The Dandy Warhols or Skye?

Voting is open to everyone visiting my site. There is no wrong vote, except if you don’t vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional). Then, I’d like you to do me a favor in telling your friends to come by to get in on the action. The more the merrier!

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Affinity photoedit play Cumberland Falls Kentucky #WW

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs to not-so Wordless Wednesday! A few years ago one of our day trips took us north to the state of Kentucky. We visited Cumberland Falls State Park. It was a gorgeous day. However photographing the river wasn’t the best time because of heavy rains received earlier that week. The water wasn’t pretty, just muddy brown.


The original, unfiltered photo.

Using the above photo in my Affinity photo-editing software I altered the image feel by changing the temperature.

DSC_3680 hue blue

This is a simple hue adjustment.

The blue hue is kinda cool, but I really like how the next photo-ed turned out.

DSC_3680 difference

This effect is called Difference. The eerie contrast gives the image a not-of-this-world sense. I think it would be a nice Sci-fi cover.

Nothing super magical in what I did, but the fun opportunity to playfully manipulate the original to make the image more interesting.

You can read more about my Cumberland Falls adventure in 2014, here.  In case you missed the mews I’m working on my site, repairing broken links and videos while summer blog traffic is slow. What this means is I’m minimizing my content by combining posts that are very similar such as (Not-so) Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday.

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The Partridge Family?

Hello, kittens and dawgs!  Three years ago this month, I featured The Partridge Family on Saturday Songsuasion in one of my very first editions. I thought it would be cool to learn what became of The Partridge Family TV show band members in this edition of What ever happened to….?

suzanne-croughLet’s begin in reverse order by starting with the youngest family member. Suzanne Crough starred as little Tracy Partridge. After The Partridge Family, Suzanne made several TV movies and guest appearances on TV shows. She graduated from Los Angelo’s Pierce College, married William Condray in 1985, mother of two daughters, bookstore owner, and an OfficeMax manager.  It seems her life was normal. I read she expressed an interest in returning to acting after the kids were grown. Sadly, in April 2015 Crough died suddenly at her home in Laughlin, Nevada. I had no clue until now. The reported cause of death was a rare form of cardiomyopathy.  She was only 52. I always thought little Tracy was  the sweetest, cutest little thing. I know she’s missed by those who love and knew her best.

On the drums is the next youngest Partridge family member, Chris.  Two actors played this character role. First Chris played by jeremy gelbwaks1Jeremy Gelbwaks, but he left at the end of season one and apparently the business. His father’s job transferred him to the east coast the summer of 1971. Gelbwaks wanted to return to show biz. The closest he came was doing the usual Partridge Family reunion stuff. Anything more beyond that wasn’t meant to be for him to make a comeback.  His career path lead him down a more stable life as a computer analyst, marriage, and a life in New Orléans, Louisiana. It would be cool to know more about the Gelbwaks. Unfortunately, there is limited info floating around on him in cyberspace. 🙁

Brian Forster starred as Chris #2 and remained with the show through brianforsterseason 4. Forster has some interesting family roots. His father was an actor and his grandfather played Alfred on Batman, but that’s not the most curious bit I learned. What’s really intriguing is he’s the great-great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens. Cool right?  Forster did some limited acting after The Partridge Family run was over (and reunions), mostly at a community theater, but I’m not sure if he still acts on stage. What I found sort of neat is Forster was once a race car drive in northern California. You can read this interview on Forster to learn more about him.

danny_bonaduce Danny Bonaduce played the wise-cracking character of Danny Partridge and I loved his role. I reckon most of us know a little about Bonaduce since the departure of the 70s TV show with his drug and alcohol addiction troubles. That’s so sad, but it seems he got his life on track and is a host of KZOK radio station in Seattle, WA.  You watch or listen to his shows, here.  He describes himself as a dad, husband, madman, and radio God. He still wears that infectious smile that says, there’s trouble brewing. To keep up with all the news, you can visit Danny Bonaduce Official Site.

Before winning the spot as Laurie Partridge, Susan Dey, was a model. That was new to me, but I remember seeing her in TV ads after the TV show aired. In The Enquirer online, I read an susandeyarticle from 2014 where it mentions a quote from 1993 of her battling anorexia for more than half her life. Geez, I knew she was slender, but had no clue she had an eating disorder. The same piece also mentions she’s a recovering alcoholic. I may remember hearing about her problem with alcohol.  I recall reading somewhere she had a crush on David Cassidy, but I never knew until now that they actually dated for a while once the TV series ended. The relationship didn’t go anywhere, though. Aside from four years with The Partridge Family, Dey starred in several other TV shows and her most prominent role in recent years was on the hit TV drama, L.A. Law. If you’re a Susan Dey fan, then you can find her show biz life cataloged at the Everything Susan Dey blog. She has a daughter from her first marriage and is currently married to TV producer, Bernard Sofronski. Outside the entertainment industry, I learned Susan Dey is a board member of the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA Medical Center. She appears to be just as lovely as the girl who played Laurie Partridge.

david cassidyDavid Cassidy was the star of the show playing the very cute, Keith Partridge and lead vocalist.  I knew this teen idol was crazy popular in the day with ten albums by The Partridge Family on top of five solos. Concerts were a sell out with Cassidymania growing with every appearance.  Sadly, a 14-year old girl trampled to death by the crowd at one of his concerts in 1974 became a turning point for Cassidy. That’s when he decided to quit touring and acting; instead devoting his time to recording and songwriting with international success continuing.

Did you know he became the first recording artist to have a hit with, “I Write the Songs” at #20 in the UK?  I didn’t know. In 1990, Cassidy returned to the US charts with “Lyin’ to Myself” and I’d be lyin’ to myself if I said I remembered it, but I don’t. Do you?

In 1998 he recorded this adult contemporary hit. Yes, another new-to-me tune.

In 2011, his Then and Now album went platinum internationally; returning Cassidy to the Top 5 in the UK for the first time since 1974.

I thought David Cassidy fell  off the face of the planet, but he stayed plenty busy. I just didn’t know it. The in-between years he did some acting on-screen and Broadway. He appeared on Celebrity Apprentice four years ago, which was a happy surprise and the first time I’d seen the teen idol in years. On a personal level, I learned he’s a champion for Alzheimer’s research and prevention when possible because his mother had the disease. He’s dealt with alcohol problems most of his adult life. Divorced and married three times and has a daughter, Katie Cassidy, who is a singer/songwriter. He currently lives in Florida. One of the heart-wrenching things I read is Cassidy filed for bankruptcy in 2015. I hope he finds good fortune again.

partridge-familie-season-one-die-shirley-jones-4-rcm0x1920uShirley Jones played The Partridge Family mom. Other than Danny Bonaduce, she was the only other cast member to use her real first name for the show. As one of TVs best-loved moms, this is what she said about The Partridge Family.

“The problem with Partridge—though it was great for me and gave me an opportunity to stay home and raise my kids—when my agents came to me and presented it to me, they said if you do a series and it becomes a hit show, you will be that character for the rest of your life and your film career will go into the toilet, which is what happened. But I have no regrets.”

I think the starlet had her priorities straight. The now remarkable 82-year-old Jones has a long list of acting credits consisting of TV shows, musicals, big screen production, and music recordings pre-Partridge Family right up through now. Shirley and Jack Cassidy divorced in the mid-70s. She married Marty Ingels in 1977. I found it interesting that she admits that Jack wanted to get back together on the eve of his death, but she refused to reconcile and admits now had Jack not died that she doesn’t know if she would’ve married Marty. Ingels and Jones had very different personalities, which caused friction in their marriage resulting in several separations, but they managed to hold it together until Ingels death last October from a massive stroke. She said this about her late husband, “He often drove me crazy, but there’s not a day I won’t miss him and love him to my core.” She lives a full life with a career, mother to three (Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan Cassidy) boys, step-mom to David Cassidy, grandma to ten, and keeps active dancing, swimming, politics, traveling, and spending time with family. If you ask me, she sounds a lot like Shirley Partridge still.

A few interesting tidbits on The Partridge Family. The only cast members allowed to sing was Shirley Jones and David Cassidy. Originally the music producer, Wes Farrell, decided that Cassidy would lip sync with the rest of the cast, but he convinced Farrell to give him a try.  Good thing that he did, huh? Here are a few more fun things I didn’t know, did you? The P

partridge family board game

A few interesting tidbits on The Partridge Family. The only cast members allowed to sing was Shirley Jones and David Cassidy. Originally the music producer, Wes Farrell, decided that Cassidy would lip sync with the rest of the cast, but he convinced Farrell to give him a try.  Good thing that he did, huh? Here are a few more fun things I didn’t know, did you? The Partridge Family had a cartoon spin-off, Milton Bradley produced a board game after the show, and Charlton comicComics ran TPF featured publication (1971-’73).

Want sort of cool facts can you share about The Partridge Family? Where you crazy over David Cassidy? Did you see him in concert? Do you own any Partridge Family music?


I’ll admit it, I am a fan. Not a screamin’, gone wild kind of fan, but I liked their music and I loved the show. I never saw David Cassidy in person, but I’m sure if given the chance I’m sure I would’ve liked that then. In recent years I finally bought the album, Come On Get Happy! The Very Best Of The Partridge Family (affiliate link) on CD. I don’t know why it took me so long because it has great songs on it!


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mewsic moves me Monday music

The Traveling Wilburys

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs a couple of weeks ago I kicked off the post series. In my first edition, I shared with you What ever happened to ELO? Several bloggers left comments of interest, but one person mention today’s featured band. I had no clue why until I took a quick peek to learn the Traveling Wilburys consists of several well-known music talents: Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and none other than Jeff Lynne (ELO).

If you’re wondering how this mega talented band came up with The Traveling Wilburys for their group. Wilbury is slang for “We’ll bury ’em in the mix” used by Harrison during a recording session of small production errors. Later on Harrison suggested The Trembling Wilburys and it was Lynne’s idea of The Traveling Wilburys that all members agreed on for the band’s name.

Allow me to (re)introduce these super band members who call themselves  The Traveling Wilburys!

  • Nelson/Spike Wilbury (George Harrison)
  • Otis/Clayton Wilbury (Jeff Lynne)
  • Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison)
  • Charley T. Jr/Muddy Wilbury (Tom Petty)
  • Lucky/Boo Wilbury (Bob Dylan)




During their time together as The Traveling Wilburys these artists helped each other with their solo records, but they never did a tour together. Here’s what Petty said on this matter…

“I think it would work, if we wanted to do it. I don’t think we ever considered it, really. There were a lot of nights when the conversation would roll around to that. But I don’t think anybody ever took it seriously. I think it would ruin it in a way. Then you’re obligated to be responsible and it’s not in the character of that group. It would make it very formal and that would be the wrong spirit.”

This league of extraordinary artists recorded one album before Orbison’s sudden death in 1988, but a second one followed. Harrison and Lynne continued to occasionally work together until Harrison’s death in 2001. In 2007, The Traveling Wilburys music reissued selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide in its first three weeks. Their roots rock style captured the hearts and ears of many in the decade plus spent together. If you have time, you might The History of The Traveling Wilburys interesting.

Have you heard of The Traveling Wilburys before now? What interesting factoids can you share about this supergroup?

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Jen Hirsh is Monogem

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs. Welcome to another edition of Saturday Songsuasion. This morning’s featured artist is singer/songwriter, Jen Hirsh.


This gal has blend of dreamy electro-pop disco music and soulful funky vocals which makes me want to get to my feet and….dance! It’s time to wake you sleepy heads up. Turn those speakers on and be prepared to boogie with Monogem!

What’s with the name? A monogem ring is a supernova remnants. In short the afterglow from an exploding star. Monogem is a hopeful exploding music star and I think that’s pretty clever for band name, don’t you? 😉

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