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American Girl #BOTB showdown

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! I’m back to the world of blogging once again. I’d like to say I fixed the issues with my site, but I did not. This will take more time than I planned. I reckon I will whittle the post repairs down little by little until the job is complete. *sigh* So, what happened while I was away? The calendar flipped over again. It’s not only a brand new month, but it’s time for a battle of the bands spinoff.

In a few days, the USA will celebrate her 240th birthday. It’s time to get this party on the road! This American girl not Irish-American, `but 100% red, white, and blue American girl is featuring a song that has nothing to do with patriotism, but is just an excellent summer song.  I’m using Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 1976 classic American Girl. You’re welcome to enjoy the original, but remember do not vote on it.


Fun factoids: Did you know American Girl did not chart in the US until its second re-release in 1994? However, it did hit the charts in the UK in 1977 peaking at #40.  Another tidbit, Rolling Stone ranked this song 76 on “The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time” list in 2008.

Contender #1 is the English rock band, Def Leppard. Heavy metal is not my forte, but now and then I get a surprise.


Contender #2 is country star Taylor Swift. This young gal’s personality shines through her music.


Both artists did a great job covering, American Girl. This is a hard choice for me. How about for you? Do you know which singer/band you like best? If not, listen again and cast your vote below.




I will share the results of this competition a week from today, as well tell you who got my vote. Mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named the winner.

The fun continues with more epic battles underway; I invite you to visit, Stephen, who manages the ever-growing list of BoTB players.

I’m was asked to help co-host Monday’s Music Moves Me this month, so I hope you’ll stop by to dance with me and the rest of the 4M gang.  Thanks for joining in on the fun today. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with have a bandtastic day and funtastic weekend and a safe 4th of July! 😉


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Drops of Jupiter #BOTB results

Howdy, kittens and dawgs! Yesterday, I shared sunset shots taken from Water Rock Knob, North Carolina. I got a little creative and thought I’d share it with you and if you like photo-art, then you may want to visit Claudia for s-A(R)T-urday.

DSC_6552 heart bokeh color balance

In my original, I bumped the grey scale removing most of the color except for the sunset glow and added my copyright. Then, I went back in added a bokeh heart background as an overlay and lowered the opacity so the hearts appear faintly in the image. My last touch came with the color balance in which I bumped the mid-tones and highlights causing the sunset to stand out.

Alrighty, I know I’m late with announcing June 1st battle showdown between Judy Collins and Eddie Money covering Drops of Jupiter by Train. I know you guys follow these battles pretty darn close, even with out the help of a fancy widget showing the results. Anywho, here’s how it went down.

Judy Collins VS Eddie Money (Drops of Jupiter)

Eddie Money was like a runaway Train (pun intended, totally) in this battle making him the clear victor.

Who got my vote? Conflicted on who to give mine to, I went back and forth between the artists until I finally decided to give it to Judy Collins. Her vocals and song style was different from the original and Eddie’s giving Drops of Jupiter more of that summer airiness I was referring to in my post. Judy made the song seem magical like a summer night. 😀

Congratulations to Eddie Money!

I know many of y’all couldn’t cast your vote thanks to the internet police restricting both video contents to folks outside the USA. I really don’t get this, but that’s just the way things go.

Unfortunately, I failed to make all the rounds this time. I got side tracked with repairing issues Google flagged on my site. This is the second time in the past month I’ve gotten notification from Google. Each time something new and it’s so annoying.

Last week the urge for a blog hiatus hit kinda hard. I need energizing! So, starting now, I’m officially taking a break from blogging. This is a perfect time to kick back while blog traffic is light, too. I’m not setting my return date in stone, but I’m aiming for July 1st. Who knows, I might sneak back early or decide to go a little longer. I’m playing it by ear.

Thanks for your votes! I hope you’ll visit Stephen to see how the other showdowns went down.  This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with….


Baby Hold On to me. I’ll be back in Blogosphere in a wink of an eye! 😉


SWF: Sunset view from Water Rock Knob

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! A week ago this past Monday, we took a spontaneous trip to the mountains with the hopes of seeing Mars at its closer than usual position above the earth. Not nearly as close as it was a few years ago, but apparently it was worthy enough for the news to run a piece on it. Unfortunately, my night photos did not turn out well, but I did a fantastic sunset shot.


North of Cherokee, North Carolina about 45-minutes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sunset from Water Rock Knob overlook.

I’m not going to lie to you folks, I tweaked this picture a bit. Here, I’ll let you see the original.

DSC_6552originalThis isn’t a bad photo. The exposure is off just a bit. Thankfully, photo-editing makes it easy peasy to fix your image to your liking. In the first image, I used Pixelmator to apply the healing brush to remove the hot white spot in the sunset and increased the color saturation.

It surprised us to see a gathering of folks at Water Rock Knob on a week night, but with a few small nearby towns then no doubt this an excellent afternoon R&R destination spot.

Just before getting on the parkway in Cherokee, we got dinner to-go from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and it was great fun to sit in the car enjoying our meal with such a magnificent view stretched before our eyes. You just can’t get this kind of atmosphere in a restaurant.  After we ate, we began snapping pictures. Me with my big girl camera and DH with his iPhone. I love that we like photographing together! This has been a shared hobby of ours for 20+ years.

About 10pm, we decided to head across the Smoky’s. The peak for Mars closeness to earth was shortly after midnight, so we figured we could get another glimpse of the Red Planet one more time from there before going home.

At first I thought I didn’t want to share any of my Mars pictures with you and then I thought why not? So, I found one that is passable. In the below picture, you’ll see that I labeled Mars, as well as Saturn in the night sky. I only know this because I used my iPhone app Sky Safari to see what else I might want to know what I’m looking at.

Mars DSC_6589

Captured at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains with my 55mm-300mm lens.

The evening was well spent in our favorite, most beautiful place! What more could a gal ask for? Ah, a million dollars? Nah, not that I’d turn it down or anything, but I’d settle for a nice job for DH in town. 😀

I’m sharing my photos with the International Shutterbug Association (Yep, I just came up with that one. I wonder, if anyone else has thought of this before?) and if you want to see what the sky view is like elsewhere, then I  hop over to Skywatch Friday!

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Now, I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate the small things.

I’m celebrating…

  • the adventures behind my photo shots.
  • sharing the same hobby with my best friend and husband.
  • cool mountain temperatures and a beautiful evening.
  • the amazing mysterious universe. Are we alone? Probably. But, it’s fun to think we aren’t.

What are you celebrating?

Join the party below!

Let’s begin celebrating with Friendship Friday and Friday Features linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration!

That’s a wrap for now, but if you like music then I invite you to come back on Monday for Mewsic Moves Me. Until next time, have a fototastic weekend!


Douglas Lake Vintage View & Other #Photoart Creations

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs. Les from Ink Interrupted (click on link ot see what I’m talking about) inspired me with her recent photo-art creations in today’s Not-So-Wordless Wednesday share that I entitled, Douglas Lake Vintage View.

Someplace in time DSC_6108

Douglas Lake Vintage View

From a church parking lot over looking Douglas Lake, I snapped this shot of the gazebo. I added the fog effect to my photo in Pixelmator giving my image a dreamy sense and then I used a free vintage postcard background as an overlay. I like the way it turned out, don’t you?

Bokeh 1 Pinlight effect DSC_6108

Added Bokeh background as a new layer with a pin light effect. The pin light verses only an overlay gave me what I was looking for in the bokeh design.

vintage clouds overlay DSC_6108

Here I applied the vintage clouds background as an overlay.

Gazebo Overlooking Douglas Lake DSC_6108

This is my original image with no special effects, only my copyright.

You can always tell when summer arrives even before its officially here with blog traffic slowing down. I know some folks pop in to read the contents only while others let ya know they stopped by with a comment, but what gets my attention mostly is blog hop participation. The numbers are visibly not there. No worries, though. It is what is. Summer should be enjoyed to its fullest. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Those who can will and those who can not won’t, but they know they’re always welcome any time.

What have you been photographing lately ~ scenic views, children, pets, or random stuff? I’d love to see it. I invite you to link your WW post below.

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I’m toying with the idea of taking a blog break. I will either suspend posting while I’m away or combine all hops into one weekly post. I haven’t decided yet. I’m a bit conflicted about what to do, but I do know I need to temporarily step away to refresh my mind. Come back for another peek through my lens with my Skywatch Friday feature and get in on the Friday social media action. Have a fototastic day!

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3 Female Vocalists with 3 Different Styles

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I have a few new artists I’d like to introduce you kittens and dawgs to this morning. I’ve been meaning to share them before now, but I couldn’t find the right time slot until now. That’s life for ya, huh? Okay, cutting straight to the chase. Here are three female vocalists with different styles. Turn up your speakers and boogie in your seat or beside it.

Tag only with Jane on Twitter and Facebook.


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What did you think of these ladies? Which style/artist did you like the best? Let’s show some love by hosting a tweet party for these gals! 😘

What mewsic are you listening to lately? I’d love to know what songs are moving you, so please feel free to tell me in comments. 😉

This is a quick & painless way for others to find good tunes in Blogosphere by joining my no strings attached music hop, just add your music post URL below and wha-lah… instant traffic directed to your site. Clever, eh? I thought so.

Have a tunetastic week!

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