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Hello, sweet kittens and dawgs! I know I promised to return to Blogosphere with a new edition in my series of Whatever Happened to….? The thing is my break wasn’t a break. I did not get to gallivant around the mountains or do anything fun. I was way too busy tending to some important jobs that needed my attention. So, I decided I needed to stay away from Blogosphere a little while longer. I’m not promising anything this time but hopefully, by November 1st I’ll be back to normal blog routine. I don’t believe I have any posts scheduled and my BoTB result post may need to wait until my return date, too. With that, please accept my apologies and happy blogging!



Pink Moon #BoTB showdown

Hello, kittens & dawgs! It’s mid-month which means it’s time for a new ropinkribbonund of Battle of the Bands. I wanted to spotlight Breast Cancer Awareness by using a song title with “pink” in the title and I decided to go with a new-to-me tune, Pink Moon.


Listed on Rolling Stones Magazine 500 Definitive albums of all time you’ll find Pink Moon at 321. Nike Drake first released this song in 1972. I don’t recall this artist but learned this tidbit interesting about him from RSM….”Drake recorded his last album in a couple of nights, delivered the tapes to Island Records and checked himself into a psychiatric ward. If the music were as dark as the lyrics, it might be unlistenable. But Drake’s soothing vocals and unadorned acoustic picking make Moon unfold with supernatural tenderness.” I won’t be using the original in the showdown but here it is for your enjoyment and reference.


Contender #1 recorded Pink Moon in 2012 and I have not heard of this artist before now. I sought Wikipedia to know more about Meshell Ndegeocello. This is what I found out….“Born Michelle Lynn Johnson is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, bassist, and vocalist. Her music incorporates a wide variety of influences, including funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, and rock. She has received significant critical acclaim throughout her career and has had ten career Grammy Award nominations. She has been credited for having “sparked the neo-soul movement.” If I read this beforehand then I’d be a little skeptical about listening to her cover. Please, listen to Meshell Ndegeocello (song begins at 0.35 seconds)!


Meshell did a nice job. I liked the slow tempo and her vocals surprised me. With this song, she sounded nothing like her talking voice. Meshell’s rendition is a bit boomy but there’s something almost enthralling about her cover.

The rival, another new-to-me, artist recorded their cover in 1992 and being curious naturally I turned to Wikipedia to learn… “Walt Mink was an American alternative rock power trio formed in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1989 by guitarist/singer/songwriter John Kimbrough, drummer Joey Waronker and bassist Candice Belanoff. The band released four studio albums over the course of their eight-year career.” Turn your attention now to… Walt Mink!


Walt Mink’s uptempo version compared with Meshell Ndegeocello kinda makes me think happy thoughts and gets me movin’ in my chair. I like their cover but I’m gonna let both versions churn awhile inside my head before I decide who gets my vote. Do you know who you like best?

Ok, here’s the drill. Voting is open to everyone visiting. There is NO wrong vote, except if you DON’T vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional). Are ya going with Meshell or Walt Mink?

The fun continues with more epic battles underway below.

I invite you to visit, Stephen (at the top of the list), if you’d like to know how this works and/or ask how to join all this madness fun.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. I’m still on blog hiatus and I’m thinking about extending it because I’m not able to simply have fun. I need to re-energize! I’ll do my best to make my rounds and if I decide to break just a little longer then I’ll post an announcement on the 18th. Meanwhile, this is Curious as a Cathy signing off with a live performance of Krystle Warren and Teddy Thompson singing Pink Moon and I am giving you the option to include it in today’s battle if you want. It’s up to you! 😉

Have a bandtastic day!




Cat #humor

Good day, kittens and dawgs! It’s Friday again and while I’m taking a break I’m keeping things simple. I hope these make you giggle just a little with a bit of Cat humor!












Please share your funny post with me (and others) by leaving a direct link in comments. Now, I invite you to email me your giggles (funny picture, joke, video, song, …). If it makes you laugh then I want to see it! In the subject line say Friday Sillies and if I use it, then I’ll add a link back to your site.

Got laughs? Share your giggles!

The weekend is just starting and I’m seriously thinking about extending my blog hiatus. It’s just not been….relaxing. I have too many irons in the fire and no down time to re-energize. Anywho, I hope you’ll hop back tomorrow for my scheduled post. Instead of my usual Saturday Songsuasion contribution, I’ll be bringing you my second October edition of Battle of the Bands!

Have a super funtastic Friday! 😉






Mt. Mitchell State Park Visitors Center View #WW #SWF

Good morning, kittens and dawgs! We had a gorgeous day last month in the mountains while on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the visitors center near the Mt. Mitchell State Park summit. We were on our way back down to the parkway when we saw a picture we wanted to get.


This is the view we saw that we wanted to try to capture.  I love how the wildflowers and fence frame the bottom of this shot!


I thought the hillside with its large flat boulders and low-growing shrubs in the foreground against ginormous fluffy clouds and swatches of blue sky overhead was dynamic! dsc_7062

On the other side of the boulders in the previous picture is Radio Station Road (not paved). It’s usually gated off. I walked up it and took this picture of the opposite valley looking back toward the Smoky’s.


I did a screen grab of a satellite view of the area. I placed a star where we parked our car to give you a better sense of where I snapped these pictures.


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I am taking a blog hiatus beginning October 1st -17th but I do have my routine weekly posts scheduled. I will link with a few regulars, do return visits, and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere. Meanwhile, the work continues on repairing blog posts and until I get everything tidied then I’ll continue to use today’s photo contribution as a double up with my global participation on Skywatch Friday.

Please join me for Friday Sillies and more Friday fun stuff!








BOTB new

October Song #BOTB results

Good-day, kittens and dawgs! I’m on a blog break (Oct. 1-17) but I felt it my moral responsibility to bring to you my October Song #BoTB showdown results!

On October 1st, I asked you to vote on two different “October” song titles by two different artists. I featured a new-to-me alternative-rock group, Broken Bells singing against Goth-rock band, Evanescence. Everyone enjoyed both songs and for some the decision was tough. I gave my vote to Broken Bells. Their song put me to chair dancing. Unlike most of the Evanescence’s music I’ve heard that depresses the spirit, this song didn’t do that and it’s actually rather nice.

The count stayed close but one band had to get knocked off-center stage, right? A 7 to 5 tally reveals the winner receiving the Golden Mic award is…



I appreciate everyone who voted in this round of Battle of the Band and I apologize if I didn’t make it over to your place to play along. It’s just been that kinda wild around here.  For more epic BoTB results, visit STMcC Presents ‘Battle of the Bands’ for the complete list of blog members. Now, it’s time to get back to the other tasks at hand that’s keeping me from enjoying my blog break.


This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with….


Have a bandtastic week! 😉