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Bad things come in threes #chat

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I’m happy to report for now Knoxville is out of the deep freeze. It amazes me just how warm it feels in the house when the a.m. temperatures are above 32º. Seriously!  If we never got below freezing all winter, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me. I’d be happy as a Cathy can be.

How are things at your house? We experienced a wild ride last week. You know the old saying, bad things come in threes? That’s our story. Continue reading

One thing I want to accomplish in 2015 #goals

I’m joining Les from Time Out For Mom for Tuesday Coffee Chat with this morning’s prompt: One thing I would like to accomplish in 2015 is…

I usually have a set of goals kinda sketched out in my mind that I want to shoot for in the new year, but this year…I haven’t even so much as done that. It’s not that I don’t have aspirations to work toward because I truly do. In fact something which nagged me the better part of last year, I decided this weekend to change in order to help with the one thing I want to accomplish in 2015.
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Tuesday Talk Time: #Sottopelle Therapy part 2


In April, I spoke of starting on a new HRT. If you missed that post, you can read it about here.  It has been three months now and it’s time to share with you the benefits of my SottoPelle Therapy.

Energy boost

The first thing I noticed within 4-days of getting my first pellet inserts was my energy level. WOW, what a difference! Prior to the insertion, I was dragging around the house with no life by the time DH got home in the evenings.  All I wanted to do was go to bed. At the time, I would give my energy level on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best ~ a 5. My levels kept improving over the weeks and most days I give myself an 8 on the energy scales. I feel pretty amazing! Continue reading

Tuesday Talk Time: How tos

Good morning, my lovelies! It’s been a VERY long time since I did a TTT post. Yeah, life gets crazy sometimes, but the main reason I have not kept up with my routine Tuesday posts is I had too much on my plate. What’s changed? Nothing. I still have too much going one. But…I hope to get back into things regularly soon.

DH subscribed me to a neat newsletter called, iPhone Life Magazine. I receive daily tips and tricks on how to use my iPhone. If you’re interested, click here. A pop up (if you have pop-ups blocked on your computer, you’ll need to turn that off) will appear on your screen shortly after you land on the homepage, asking if you would like to subscribe to their newsletter. However, for those of you who prefer to get tips and tricks directly on your iDevice, then you can get the free app through iTunes.

That being said, I thought it would be fun from time-to-time to share with you some of these cool tips with you. Who hear hates autocorrect? Personally, I do. This is why so many funny goofs are made. Yeah, we get a good laugh out of some of these, but I never thought about the usefulness of having to enter words that autocorrect doesn’t recognize until this daily tip arrived in my in-box on July 29th…

How to Teach iOS Autocorrect New Words

Autocorrect is awesome at turning your garbled typing into coherent messages, notes, and more.

Except when it’s not.

Here’s how to make the awesomeness of autocorrect work for you:

Override autocorrect’s suggestions by tapping the suggestion bubble that appears above the word autocorrect thinks you have misspelled. autocorrect will then learn your preferred spelling.

Type a space, punctuation, or Enter to accept the suggestion.

If you accidentally accept an autocorrect suggestion, tap delete and retype the last letter of your word and the suggestion will go away. Sometimes autocorrect offers other suggestions. If you accept too many erroneous corrections,autocorrect may start correcting words you don’t want changed. If this happens you can reset autocorrect by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

image borrowed from iPhone Life Magazine

image borrowed from iPhone Life Magazine

Add to Contacts. If the name of a person or company is in your contacts, autocorrect will no longer try to change the correct spelling of that name and will even catch it if you mistype the name.

Use the Word in the Safari search field. Once you search the word in Safari, autocorrect will learn the correct spelling.

Create a shortcut. Create a new shortcut for the word that autocorrect does not recognize by going to Settings>General>Keyboard>Add New Shortcut. Type the word you want in the Phrase field but leave the Shortcut field blank. Autocorrect will no longer think the word is misspelled. If you commonly misspell a word that autocorrect doesn’t catch, use the misspelling as the shortcut for the correctly spelled word.

What new tricks and tips have you learned?

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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#a2zchallenge Yellow butterfly on Tuesday Talk Time

The end of the month is tomorrow. How did this happen? It only seems like yesterday, I kicked off the April A-Z Challenge and now it’s drawing to a quick close. *sigh*  Which brings me to the letter prompt for today.

On our second trip to Cades Cove this month, I was fortunate enough to capture the below photo of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly aka Tiger Swallowtail.

DSC_2975This type of butterfly is common in many parts of the US and Canada. The male is bright yellow where the female is either yellow and black or black and blue. The darker form is more common in the southern states.  I believe my little lovely is a female after looking at different pictures on the web.

Nothing speaks spring like seeing butterflies outdoors. Attracting a Tiger Swallowtail to your garden is easy with a little planning by choosing the right nectar (Butterfly Bush, Dianthus Family, Petunia, Mexican Sunflowers, & Chastle Tree) and host plants (Sweet Bay & Willow).

My flower garden needs a complete make over. It is a little too late to get started this season. However, I will aim to buy the best annuals and perennials that say welcome to these lovely creatures for next spring.

Would you like to see yellow butterflies in your garden?

It’s time to visit my lovelies. Grab a cup of coffee and join me, my first stop takes me to Time Out For Mom. This morning Les wants to know…

Are you good at Small Talk? Awkward Silences? What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?

Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist? – See more at: http://amothersluv.blogspot.ca/2009/05/coffee-chat-sneak-peeks.html#sthash.PS1IctAd.dpuf
Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist? – See more at: http://amothersluv.blogspot.ca/2009/05/coffee-chat-sneak-peeks.html#sthash.PS1IctAd.dpuf

This is a tricky topic. I like to think I am fairly good at small talk, but I do have a period of warming up before I ease comfortably into a conversation. I don’t consider myself shy. However, if I am around a group where everyone seems to know what’s going on with the other, then I am the odd person out of the loop. To be honest this is just the way it is in most circumstances. I find it helpful to do the how are you doing and talk about the weather thing in melting my insecurities or nerves or a little of both. The thing that drives me up the wall is when the other person isn’t very interactive after covering the generalized stuff. This area I need help in desperately or maybe there is nothing I can do about it, if the other person chooses to not look for other topics to discuss. One person cannot expect to carry the conversation alone. What do you think? How do you handle yourself in these sorts of situation?

For now, did someone say coffee? Oh yes, that was me. Hee-Hee! It’s time to get another refill of Joe. As luck has it, my last stop takes us to Starbuck’s home state to visit Stacy Uncorked who does what she does best  ~ random musings on Random Tuesday Thoughts ! I’m gonna to join her linky party now. Wanna come with?

What do you have on your plate today?

Have a terrific Tuesday!


#a2zchallenge #SottoPelle therapy on Tuesday Talk Time

DS came down with Strep. He was off on Good Friday, and the doctor ordered him to not work for the next 2-days. Although, his work schedule including the weekend shift at FYE, the timing couldn’t have been better. This is his second job he uses to get a few extra bucks. As of Sunday, he was still feeling awful and felt like it would be best to not go into work on Monday. Poor kiddo!


This morning’s participation in the A-Z Challenge continues. Today’s alphabet prompt ties perfectly in with my subjects of conversation.

Springtime allergies are reeking havoc on me this year. This weekend tree pollen was high. I was head achy, and constantly sneezing. The sneezing gave way to my drippy sinuses. My poor nose was sensitive and chaff from the blowing. Despite the misery, spring thrills me still! How do spring allergens affect you?

Earlier in the month, I went in for my annual GYN appointment.  While I waited, I picked up a pamphlet on hormone replacement therapy. When my eyes fell on the phrase, most female patients report that they experience improvement within several days of receiving their pellets my eyes widen with anticipation to learn more.

I have taken oral HRT, since 2006. Initially, this drug helped with some of my menopausal symptoms, but I never felt completely on track and for the past two years I feel like some symptoms have grown worse.

Last week, I began Sottopelle Therapy. This is a bio-identical hormone replacement in the form of pellets that are place just below the skin.

The process was simple and nearly painless. The only ouch came (and it wasn’t anything to cry over) when Dr. T numbed the fatty part of my hip for the incision and I didn’t feel that at all. It took less than 10-minutes to do the procedure, out the door, and on my way to a new, improved me.

Can you benefit from Sottopelle? Here are some good reasons why you might consider this type of treatment:

  • This therapy has been around since 1939
  • It’s purely natural ~ no fillers or horse urine. It’s designed to reproduce human hormones
  • Your body controls the release of hormone as needed – no more peaks and lows of traditional HRT
  • It works around the clock 24/7 releasing a low dosage directly into the blood stream that’s right for you
  • More effective than other forms of hormone therapy in treating mood swings, relief from anxiety & depression, increased mental clarity, focus, & memory, restores energy, exercise tolerance, & muscle mass,  improves cholesterol & triglycerides levels, urinary & vaginal problems,  sexual function, breast health, bone density, and  hormone ratios

It is a bit early in my treatment to make any conclusive comments on change in my hormone health, but if this is an indicator (and I hope that it is) for the past three days I noticed I think with more clearly than I have in months…even years.  The brain fog is lifting. Hooray!

Are you interested in Sottopelle? Learn more by visiting SottoPelle Therapy.


Now, it’s time to do the hop…the Tuesday morning blog hop that is. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies at. Starting first with Les from Time Out For Mom wants us to share something that made us laugh this past week.

I can’t think of anything that made me laugh as much as something that made me smile. DS’s bout with strep this Easter weekend made me think fondly of a time when I was horribly sick Easter 1996.

Springtime allergies had me absolutely knocked out in the worse way ~ stuffy head, congestion, fuzzy head,…the whole nine yards. I didn’t know what planet I was on and to this day I don’t remember much about that weekend other than this…

Okay, I knew that we were visiting the in-laws. During my waking hours, my head was in the clouds, but most of the time I was sleeping. DS missed me terribly and decided he had enough of being away from mommy. He snuggled against me and went to sleep, too. My heart aches just a bit for this poor little guy, but it gives me a warm feeling and puts on my smile on my face when I look back. It also makes me wonder, where did the years go?

Patrice’s chats on the farmhouse porch questions this week are:

  1. Do you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, or any “word” activities? I like doing word finds sometimes.
  2. What’s on your dining room table right now? A mess! My dining room table has been grand central station during our home school years and now it’s where I do all of my work on the computer. I really need to get into my dream home fast!
  3. Do you like Italian food? Definitely! I love it!
  4. Did you ever want a brother, twin, or sister, when you were a child? I don’t know,if I did or not. I just got them anyway without asking.
  5. How far away is the nearest grocery store? There is a Kroger about 2-3 miles from our house, but we rarely shop at it. Instead, we drive across town to the Super Wal-Mart to do all of our grocery shopping. It takes us about 30-minutes to get there.

For now, did someone say coffee? Oh yes, that was me. Hee-Hee! It’s time to get another refill of Joe. As luck will have it, my last stop takes us to Starbuck’s home state to visit Stacy Uncorked. She is now back in Blogosphere doing what she does best  ~ random musings on Random Tuesday Thoughts ! I’m gonna to join her linky party now. Wanna come with?


Have a terrific Tuesday!



Tuesday Talk Time: a montage of my life lately #a2zchallenge

 Despite it raining all day, I didn’t allow those Monday blues to swallow me. Music always has a happy effect on me, and if you stopped by for the A-Z Challenge yesterday then you got a chance to boogie with me.  What’s that? You missed out! No worries, there is always time to for a little one-on-one with me on the dance floor!

Tuesdays are my day to go random. I am a member of an élite group of bloggers who like to sit around in Blogosphere chatting over a cup of coffee. Oh, you belong to this group, too! That’s fabulous, then you know this morning, I am throwing together a montage of my life through photographs lately.

Good news! Motivation and moving is a paying off. In the past 3-weeks, I have lost 4-pounds. The scales read 113 yesterday. Yay, me!

happy dance 2_fotorI would love to shed two pounds this week, but as long as the number is dropping then I will happily take what I can get. 😉

How was your weekend? Ours was quite nice. In fact, the past two Saturdays we spent in the mountains.


deer grazing in the cool of the morning

Cades Cove is an isolated spot nestled in the Smoky Mountains, settled by Europeans in 1818 and families lived in the Cove up till the 1930s.


Snow on the mountains

The 11-mile loop road is one the most popular parts of the park for motor tourist and bicyclist to visit today.


Remnants of the past dot the valley ~ log cabins, churches, and graveyards. My FIL always referred to Cades Cove as a piece of heaven.

DSC_2789I think he’s right. I know the way of life in the cove was a hard one for those early pioneers. A way of life I am not accustomed to or want to know. However, I know they loved the surroundings ever bit as much as each person who passes through the valley and secretly I am sad they gave up their land for people like me to soak up.

DSC_2868It is not uncommon to see horses grazing in the field at the loop road entrance. The first Saturday, we saw plenty of deer and horses in this same spot, but none were close as this past weekend.

iPhone5s capture

iPhone5s capture

These two were curious to see what people were doing.  I made a little small talk with the blonde beauty. I asked if she knew my friend Patrice’s horse Wendell from New Jersey and all I got was, “*Neigh*!  Translated: my mother’s, cousin, sister, daughter’s son was a Wendell…but New Jersey?  *Blustery exhales!*  Translated: I don’t think so.” That’s when the solicitation for carrots followed and I knew it was time to leave.

Usually, you see a traffic wad before you see the wildlife and you know it will be something big. and that’s precisely what we were fortunate enough to come upon.

Bear DSC_2895 Spotting black bear in the mountains is a rare and spectacular event. This is the first sighting for us in a three or four years. I was so thrilled! This guy was way back in a field. I had to use my 300mm to pull him in. I am always amazed to see the number of idiots eager to run headlong into the field to see how close they can get to it. What generally happens is the animal runs off spoiling it for the onlookers from a distant.


We saw many deer enjoying the fields two Saturdays ago. I think the cooler weather (48°) contributed to our sightings but this past weekend it was 20 degrees warmer. Luckily, a small herd of deer was feeding right next to the road and I captured this little lady just as she looked straight at me.


I will be looking forward to our next day trip to the mountains. Next outing, we plan to take in the views higher up. Perhaps, Clingman’s Dome, as well as enjoy the south end of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


I hope you enjoyed my little photo essay. You may want to come by mid-week for my Wordless Wednesday post to see more pictures taken in Cades Cove. Now, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit that élite group of bloggers I spoke of earlier:  Les for Tuesday Coffee Chat, Patrice’s for Chats on the farmhouse porch, and Stacy for Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Have a terrific Tuesday!