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MMM – Independence Day Music

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Over the weekend, we watched “Defiance” with Daniel Craig. This movie is based on a true story of how a group of Jews survived in a forest in Germany during WWII.  The evil Nazi empire murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews. To see a peek into the past of how some fought their way through the impossible crushing regime was incredible. I was deeply touched.  I am not Jewish but you don’t have to be to appreciate the Jews’ determination and self-preservation at all cost.

America, the land of the brave and the home of the free would surely be under another country’s thumb if our forefathers had not risen up to claim this nation for which it stands.  We must always be reminded of the great liberty we have in the USA and never forget history does repeat itself.  Crush liberalism(a.k.a. socialism/communism) and fight for conservatism!

Did I sound like I was on my soap box? If I did, I make no apologies for it. I do love this country and I dare say, you do, too!  It’s with great pleasure, that I bring to you this week’s MMM theme chooses, which are military/patriotic or a Broadway musical.  Guess which I picked?

Here’s my honored dedication to America and those who keep her safe!

God bless America!




Thank you to all the American soldiers for the sacrifice you make for me, my family, and the entire United States of America!


1.  Timmy Fornication

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Thanks for coming by and let me say, I’m proud to be 100% American!




Red, White, & Blue

Toby Keith and Darryl Worley ignited our nation after 9/11 with their songs.  Their sentiments captured resounded through every Americans’ heart.  When the media stopped refreshing our memory of why the war in Afghanistan and Iraq was still being waged, our servicemen and women knew the answer.  For those of us who did not want to become desensitized over time by what was in the past, always kept a vigil of truth burning inside so that we may never forget.


This week’s Music Moves Me theme is “Color or Weather related songs”.   I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a swell of patriotism and celebration after learning the news last night that Osama is finally dead.

This one is for all those who lost their lives in any act of terrorism before September 11th or on that horrible day, and since that time. This is for the brave young men and women serving across our world to make sure our freedom remains intact and crushing the evil threats to our nation.


This is America!  We are Americans — red, white, and blue-blooded Americans!


I love this instrumental version of the above song and the vid is so moving!




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Bow your head in prayer with me for our nation and for all those who faithfully serve us well. Let freedom roll!

God bless the USA!