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#TheListingHop 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen #music

This is the last Monday in the month, kittens & dawgs. The year is flying away like a witch on a broomstick. I’m pulling together a theme based 2-for-1 post with 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen.

Let’s get started!

#1 Psycho


Everyone has to agree the shower scene is the heart-stopping moment in this flick. It’s definitely the most memorable. We didn’t have a shower when I saw this movie and afterwards I never wanted to take a shower. Years later I learned that shower sales declined sharply after people saw this movie. Talk about movie persuasion!


#2 Jaws


The opening scene with the gal taking a late night dip in the ocean struck real terror in my heart. Not only did it scare me to death, it roused a hidden fear that I have of deep water and since then if my feet can’t touch the bottom (excluding swimming pools), then I curl my legs up to my chest.


#3 The Exorcist


The wickedest part of this was the whole head turning completely around thing, regurgitating on the priest, bed levitation, creepy demonic voice in this movie. It sorta left me a bit traumatized because I know there are such things as demons and this truly raised the hairs on my head.

#4 Friday the 13th


Up until this point, I had NO idea what horror films were really like and honestly after all that slice and dice, thinking the bad guy is dead, but really isn’t stuff then this totally turned me against these sorts of flicks. This stuff actually happens. What was I thinking of? Anywho, after the first terrifying scene where I pierced DH’s ear drums and the people sitting the row in front us with a shrill pitch that surprisingly escaped my lips, and then I sat in the theater the rest of the time with my hands ready to cover my eyes, which was often, until the movie ended. Boy, was I ever happy when that movie was over!

#5 Alien


Science Fiction is a different kind of creepy and I’m pretty sure this sorta thing can NEVER happen. However, near the beginning of this flick where the “Alien infant” bursts out of that man’s robbed me of six of my seven lives on the spot. I screamed. I jumped. I pulled my feet into my chair (and, I’m pretty sure that’s where they stayed the whole time). It was seriously good scary stuff. The best part is I looked forward to a possible second movie.

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4M Rocks to Kiddie TV Shows Theme Music!


Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me 115 edition!

This week’s theme is “Kids’ TV Shows“. My childhood seems like a long time in the past and yet not quite far enough for me to forget it totally. Let’s have some fun reminiscing of the good ole days or if you wanna plug-in your kiddie’s favorite TV shows theme as your picks then that’s fine; it makes no difference to me! Now, let’s get this party on the show!


Notice: In this slot, I had the Mr. Rogers “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” YouTube video. Every time I replace it, I get a broken link notice.  I don’t know what’s going on but I’m tired of fixing it every few weeks. So, I’m sorry! 🙁





I randomly picked the first TV theme songs that popped into my brain from those early childhood years. WOW, that was a lot of fun! Was it fun for you? Then don’t contain your excitement, let all of your friends know about the greatest dance party in Blogosphere is happening every Monday and for them to come join the fun.

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