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On the Run #TMP

Good-day, Kittens & Dawgs!  Thank you for joining me.  This week’s TMP theme is On the Run, hosted Wandering through the Shelves. The basic rules simple; base on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell why I picked them. Grab your popcorn, coke, and follow me to the movies!

Filmed partly in the western North Carolina mountains is one of our favorite ‘On the Run’ all-time flicks starring Harrison Ford is “The Fugitive”.  Accused of murdering his wife, Richard Kimble (Ford) a prominent surgeon, claims a one-armed assailant killed his wife and then attacked him. However, a jury finds him guilty. During the prison transfer, the bus crashes giving Ford a chance to prove his innocence while on the lam. It’s a fabulous action-thriller with US Marshall Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) heading the manhunt to capture Kimble!


Hollyweird left behind the bus/train crash scene in Dillsboro, North Carolina after the 1993 production, which I photographed a few times over the years most recently I shared them here.



Featured in my next movie selection are Mel Gibson and Golden Hawn from 1990, “Bird on a Wire”. For 15-years Rick Jamin (Gibson) was hidden in witness protection for putting away a drug leader when his former girlfriend Marianne crosses his path while working as a gas attendant. She thinks he’s been dead. Now the truth is out and the fun begins with Rick’s cover blown and dragging Marianne into trouble. It’s an action-comedy ‘On the Run’ film that will leave you in stitches!


What’s not to like about Mel Gibson? This is a fun film. He and Goldie make a great team!


Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) is a New York cab driver who watches the government and reports his conspiracy theories in a self-published newsletter.  Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts) is a lawyer with the DA who befriended Jerry after he saved her from a mugging.  She thinks he kooky but harmless with his paranoid delusions but when one of Jerry’s articles rubs the wrong people then everyone on Jerry’s mailing list ends up dead, except him and he’s next. Check out “Conspiracy Theory”!


Mel Gibson probably is my favorite actor from the 80s and 90s.  That’s when he cranked out some of his top films.

That’s a wrap, folks! I hope y’all decide to come back tomorrow for a lot of Friday fun rolled into one post.  There’s something for everyone photography (Skywatch Friday), blessings (Celebrate the Small Things), Friendly fill-ins, and lots of laughs (Friday Sillies)!


Gorgeous Sky & Choo-Choos SWF + CTST Vol. 2

Hello, Kittens and Dawgs!  Last week, I started sharing two of my regular Friday segments, Skywatch Friday and Celebrate the Small Things on Thursday as a way to make the content more enjoyable for all who stop by.

In my Skywatch Friday section today, I’m taking a look back to our December day trip to Bryson City and Dillsboro, North Carolina.  These two towns are about 30-minutes apart.  We had a lovely time strolling around Bryson City and shared some of those photos here and here.

We were in these mountain communities in the middle of the week and there were no worries of crowds or traffic.  When we got to Dillsboro, we decided to swing by to see the left-behind movie scene props from Harrison Ford’s hit flick, The Fugitive.

I photographed this last in late fall 2013.  The angle and exposure were not the best in those shots, so I was glad to have another chance for a do-over.

This time I zoomed in more for a better view and in the below picture if you click to enlarge you should be able to read Illinois Dept. of Correction on the side of the bus.

It was a splendid day for early December to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine even with the occasional wind gusts.

After we got done in Dillsboro, we stopped off to see the Balsam Mountain Inn and as the veil of night fell, we venture to Pigeon Forge on our way home to enjoy the lights.

Today, I’m Celebrating the Small Things include…

I know I’ve said it before but I’m celebrating living in a place I love and can have many do-overs on photo-ops or moments to just soak up the beautiful mountain atmosphere.  I know there are some who visit may only have that once in a lifetime experience or perhaps an annual trip to this part of the country that we call home. I count us truly blessed to live here and do not take a moment of it for granted.

What are you celebrating?

See what others are celebrating this week and if you want to join the linky, then visit Lexa for details!

Tomorrow, I invite you to join me for some social media fun and your weekly dose of laughter with Friday Sillies.













The Fugitive bus-train crash scene {Wordless Wednesday}

Do you remember this movie scene from The Fugitive?

Just across the Tennessee mountains near the Smoky Mountains in the tiny North Carolina community of Dillsboro, you will find the remains of Hollywood’s bus-train crash scene from this flick. We were in the Smoky’s just before Thanksgiving giving me an opportunity to capture these photos.

The blog migration downsized some of the images within my site, so you may want to click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.

Nikon D7000


Nikon D7000




This 25-year old action/adventure movie is one my favorites. Harrison Ford has to prove that he’s innocence in the murder of his wife, after being sentenced to life in prison when an opportunity makes itself available for him to pursue the open & shut case against him on the outside as a fugitive of the law. I highly recommend this film, as a must see!

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