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Encrypting Hard Drives, Purging Duplicated Files, Cloud Backup, and Blog Fixes

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! I took much of last month off from blogging. It wasn’t nearly as restful as I had planned. I had too many things on my plate to deal with to enjoy the time away.

One major thing we did was encrypt three external hard drives. This isn’t a two or three-hour job or even an all day job. This took us two weeks (maybe a little longer) to complete. Before encrypting each drive, we had to move files to a different HD and sometimes two because encrypting deletes everything on that drive. The good news is these drives are now more secure.

While DH took care of the encrypting process, I decided to set up a private Flickr account (you can get 1TB of free cloud storage if you have a Yahoo email account, which I created just for this purpose) to store my digital photos in the cloud. Having three extra physical devices to back my files to is great but HD can fail. We went down that path about five years ago and it was horrible to get things recovered.

Uploading photos to the cloud is slow going. That was a perfect time for me to purge duplicate files on my computer and external HD. Over the years, we got in a bad habit of keeping more than one copy, sometimes two or three copies of the same file. All we wanted to do was make sure to keep my files safe but doing this eats up storage and causes confusion. I got a good handle on my documents and photos but I’m sure I need to do another sweep to make sure I didn’t miss something.

The last thing I had going and still am in the midst of working through is my blog. I have a lot of broken links. My British blog buddy, Steve recommended an app called Broken Links. I’m still trying to figure it out but it is quite useful in pointing out links that need my attention and after all the repairs get done then this should be an excellent resource to keeping my blog in tip-top shape!

We only managed one trip to the mountains in all this mess. The colors were at their peak in the upper elevations and while they weren’t their best, it was still an awesome, amazing day. You’ll have to come by tomorrow to catch a peek on not-so Wordless Wednesday.


I’m joining Les from Ink Interrupted for Tuesday Coffee Chat this with this morning’s prompt: How do you handle your failures?  Are you a crawl back into bed and wait for it all to pass kinda person?  Or are you a jump immediately back on the horse sort? The way I handle failure depends on how well I’m handling other things in my life. Generally, I take screw ups pretty well. I just chalk it as a lesson learned that practice makes perfect, and I need to try, try, try again sort of mentality but sometimes a gloomy gray cloud hangs over my head. We’ve all been there like we are now with DH out of work. There are days I find I struggle with to keep from sinking and I hang on to God’s reassurance that He’s in control. I remind myself of other times when things were bleak and find gratitude in what we have. Although things aren’t comfortable right now, I know there are others in worse shape than us and so I pull myself out of my pity party, dust the seat of my britches off and climb back on the saddle. A person’s attitude can make or break you. I prefer to tackle my failures head on and make life better, instead of being defeated, weighted down, and depressed.

That’s a wrap for this morning. I hope you’ll play along in today’s Revolution #BoTB showdown. and follow along as I visit Stacy’s for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Don’t forget to return for a glimpse of our fall colors in tomorrow’s edition of not-so Wordless Wednesday.546-tuesday-cat




Still More Bits and Bobs #humor plus Friendly Fill-ins & CTST

This is the last day of September and time really flies, doesn’t it, Kittens & Dawgs?  It’s time for our weekly dose of giggles with Friday Sillies Still More Bits and Bobs!

woman-reading-label ifjesusfeedthecrowdtoday



Please share your funny post with me (and others) by leaving a direct link in comments. Now, I invite you to email me your giggles (funny picture, joke, video, song, …). If it makes you laugh then I want to see it! In the subject line say Friday Sillies and if I use it, then I’ll add a link back to your site.

Got laughs? Share your giggles!

Let’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins!

Let’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins with Annie and Ellen. Every Thursday four fun and easy blank statements are posted for us to borrow, complete, and share on our site. The point is to simply have fun linking, reading, and meeting others who enjoy this sort of thing.

Here’s my response to this week’s fill-ins:

1. A 500 calories reduction each day for a week means you loose  a pound of unwanted weight. I hate counting calories, don’t you?

2. My favorite magazine is Reader’s Digest but I don’t get it anymore. All my reading is online. It’s easier and I don’t have to worry about do I keep or throw it away.

3. Recently, I began using my elliptical again after more than a year of not using it. I think I mentioned before with DH being out of work my whole routine got out of sorts so I’m working on getting back on track. Yay me!

4. Even though I shouldn’t have milk or eat ice cream, I occasionally break down and have them. I love diary but dairy doesn’t love me!

You’re welcome to tag along, as I hop over to link up with the Friendly Fill-Ins crowd.



I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate The Small Things. Here’s my list of celebrations!

I’m celebrating… getting an Apple Magic Mouse 2 for my computer. The one I used for years was Logitech Performance mouse. It’s a good device if you use it with a Windows-based system but not so good for use with a Mac. With every OS update, the Logitech mouse became more finicky and with the recent Sierra upgrade it made things nearly unbearable. So, we decided last Friday to buy each of us a Magic Mouse 2. What sealed the deal for us is we learned it has similar operating features we like about the Logitech and boy, do I love this new mouse!

What are you celebrating?

See what others are celebrating this week below and if you want to join the linky, then visit Lexa!


To continue the Friday fun, you may want to consider joining Friendship Friday, Friday Features, and Skywatch Friday linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration! If you’re visiting from SWF, then you’ll find my photo contribution, here.

I am taking a blog hiatus starting tomorrow, October 1st -17th , but I have my routine weekly posts scheduled, like my Friday Sillies. The fill-ins and CTST will return on the 21st line up. I will make return visits and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere.

The weekend is just starting, so I invite y’all to hop back tomorrow for some mewsic with Saturday Songsuasion!

Have a super funtastic Friday! ?










Friday Sillies: Tech humor

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image borrowed: credit

image borrowed

This will be my last edition of Friday Sillies. No need to frown because on August 3rd, I will roll out a new platform for your weekly dose of laughs with Sunday Sillies in its place. Keep smiling and a have laughtastic weekend!

#iParentTV info & #giveaway


The vase population of society is migrating more and more toward the Internet. We see people of all ages surfing the web and a parent’s responsibility to protect their children has gotten more challenging with new generation smartphones, tablets, and tvs.

Nearly three-fourths of today’s teenagers are using smartphones. It goes without saying, these kids are plugged in with one or more social medias 24/7. How can a parent keep guard, if they don’t know what’s going on? The answer is simple ~ they can’t without close supervision.

What is a parent to do? I am delighted to learn about a subscription-based web service to help keep parents a step ahead of the technology frenzy called iParent.TV.

The concept of iParent.TV was formed by a group of dads who felt like their 9-year olds knew more about technology than they did, and I dare say they found out quickly that they were right. Their vision to level the playing field for all parents is now obtainable.

Watch Graig Gross below introduce to you the basic fundamentals of how iParent.TV can work for you…

For complete access to iParent.TV’s educational videos, articles, reviews, how-tos, tips, tools, and live chat support to one of the largest sites on the net geared toward helping parents to understand what is safe and what is not. In addition to all of this you can receive expert advice on things like popular apps, social media sites, major websites, and top devices. As a parent, I know there isn’t a price tag that I can hang on my child’s safety, but iParent.TV has made its web-service affordable at $49 per year, and right now Indiegogo is offering a special promo for only $29 to join the iParent.TV family!

Are you intrigued? Then click on, Indiegogo, and get started on your way to safeguarding your kiddos!

Don’t forget to enter the iParent.TV #giveaway which will run March 4-18, 2014 below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please, share some love with me by being super, duper nice to spread the #iParentTV #giveaway news with your friends, just click on your favorite social media network button(s) at the top.  With that, let me say, “Thanks, you’re a peach!” 😉

Disclaimer: As a mother, I feel the iParent.TV subscription based program is a service that would be beneficial to my readers. In exchange for my blog post and giveaway promo, I will receive a 1-year subscription to iParent.TV.


Review Newz: Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Image source

Who here loves technology? I can hear the happy, reverberating voices, exclaiming, “Me! Me! Me!” I am so with you on this because I am crazy over gadgets that make my life a little easier while adding a whole lot of fun.

Are you in the market for a tablet? If so, then you may want to stick around to see what I have to say about the Google Nexus 7 Tablet!

Recently, I was invited by Staples to do a product review. I didn’t need to think twice about this offer when I learned they wanted me to try out the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet made by Asus for Google. I jumped at the chance!

That being said,  allow this girl next door to share with you my non-techie view of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet because after all, that’s what friends do, right?

The Google Nexus 7 Table offers everything readily at your finger tips. You can check your email, do web search, play games, read a book or magazine, listen to music, watch a movie or TV show, and more. It’s slender enough to slip easily inside a woman’s purse or a car glove box. It is the perfect size to take anywhere and everywhere. This is a great device for anyone who wishes to stay connected on the go.

Self-portrait of my hand (a not-so-easy job)
holding the Google Nexus 7 Tablet

From the second I opened the box of my Google Nexus 7 Tablet I liked the feel of its solid build. This mini-sized tablet is a comfortable, well-balanced fit for my small hand and it is trim enough for me to securely wrap my fingers around its edges. The grip-able size gives me the added confidence that I am in control of the device – a great selling point in my opinion.

Excited, I powered it on. The button felt nice, no wobbles. In a split second or so it seemed, the setup mode automatically launched. No second guessing needed. It just did it. You don’t have to be a geek or have a BA in Computer Technology to maneuver this process. It is very user-friendly for moms, dads, kids, or grandparents. It is totally easy breezy!

Image borrowed

Each year, Staples Foundation of Learning donates all proceeds of the Easy Button up to $1 million to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. You can feel good about purchasing this product in knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the lives of young people in America.

The impressive High-Def resolution LED screen definitely has earned Nexus bragging rights with its crisp image quality. The Nexus 7 has stereo speakers. Held horizontally, one is on each side of the screen. I was taken aback in my discovery that despite the small size of the speakers, they did a remarkable job producing a very clear sound. The combination of good video and audio reproduction in this product makes watching movies or listening to music a joy.

Sample screenshots of Ironman 3 from YouTube taken with my Nexus 7…



The Google Nexus 7 Tablet comes preloaded with several Google apps. I already use many of these regularly such as email, Google+,  and Maps. It also comes with Google’s, new-to-me, smokin’ hot web browser – Chrome, which really wasted no time getting me from site-to-site.

Other essential easy to use apps included on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet that I find very handy…

  • Keep allows me to create memos. I can do memo dictation or type it out. Saving a note electronically insures I will never loose it again. My headaches and worries are gone! It does a pretty good job translating my voice to text, but I thought this feature could stand some improvement.
  • Calendar lets me set up all of my appointments, special occasions, and upcoming events in one place. My world revolves around constant reminders of when to do what. I would be lost without my calendar on the go!
  • Clock has a large display unlike my regular digital clock, which allows me to see the numbers well and is good to use as a primary or backup alarm for morning wake up.
  • Camera  Another app that’s self-explanatory, but I have found it to be an indispensable part of my life to capture any aspect of my day. This app offers very similar options of many digital or phone cameras – still photography and video filming. A cool feature I like that it has is, panorama view. It actually does a decent job piecing together a 360 degree view. Another interesting feature built into this app is the camera can act as a barcode scanner.

The Nexus 7 Guidebook 2013 (preloaded on the device) failed to properly explain the features in depth. Google needs to get a technical re-write team on this matter ASAP to whip out a more self-explanatory guide for the consumer.

The app store, Google Play, has a large variety of free and paid programs designed to enhance your mobile experience. My over-all observation of the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet was engaging and I would recommend it to those looking to buy an Android-based device.

**For the curious minded person, you can find in-depth product specs, here.**

Please consider following Staples for the latest news on Facebook & Twitter!

DISCLOSURE: This review is based on my personal and honest experience with the above named product. I stand behind my opinion 100% good, bad, or indifferent. I was allowed to keep the above product in exchange for my review post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe to be good for my readers. I like to say a personal word of thanks to Staples for giving me the opportunity. It was a pleasure to work with you!


Friday Sillies #61

Have you had your coffee today?  There’s nothing like waking up to that first cup of coffee to make your day a little easier and for the rest of those around you.

I’m so glad you decided to come back to share in the giggles I have for you. With that, let get to more of my Friday Sillies picks.

If you were born before the age digial media, then you may have a problem understanding this one….

Borrowed from FB friend, Lauri. Thanks!

Barbie as you never have seen her before.

For those of us who would rather blog than do other things. Here’s one thing to remember….


I hope you enjoyed the sillies. Have a good weekend and keep on smiling!

Friday Sillies #39 – Computer Humor

Welcome to week 39 of Friday Sillies!  Last week techy devastation faced me, if you’ve followed along each day then you know of my headaches. Today, I thought I’d break the stress. I’m sure you can relate and I bet you have experienced similar troubles. Lets just say, this isn’t my first experience. This is your chance just to relax – no worries, no pressures, only fun! Are you ready to laugh?

Now, you wanna join the fun? This is whatcha gotta do…

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  •  Finally, I’m leaving the linky open for a full 9 – days.  Let the laughter begin now!