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#WW Cherohala Parkway Mountain View + #BoTB results

Howdy, Kittens & Dawgs! Last year this time, DH and I were enjoying a drive in the mountains. It was a gorgeous spring day but the wind had a nippy bite. We stopped at an overlook along the Cherohala Parkway and walked the very short trail to the observation deck.

The panoramic view is nice but what really caught my eye as we were leaving were the trees. What character, I thought and had to snap a shot.  Now, looking at it doesn’t look like much but I played with the image coming up with a new photo artwork which I really like and I’ll share it on Friday.

Do you see a shot like this and think I can use this scene in my photo editor for something really cool or do you just say, Nah, I don’t like that so much and go on?

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Let’s move on to my last week’s BoTB.  The song choice was John Fogerty’s Have You Ever Seen The Rain covered by Belinda Carlisle and Karen Souza.  At firs,t both contestants were at even keel but then Carlisle pulled out taking the lead and stayed in front of the showdown by a big margin.  While I liked Belinda, Karen’s slow jazzy tempo seemed to suit my mood but casting a vote for Souza still left her with less than half the number of tallies. The gal earning the golden mic with a 9 to 4 victory is…


Check with Stephen to see how the other BoTB showdowns went down last week.   I’m undecided on what to do about April 1st BoTB. It’s sorta up in the air with the A-Z Challenge but if I can swing it, then I’ll do it. 🙂 I’ll leave you with this bonus track, and just a short reminder that next week I’ll be away from Blogosphere mostly while I pull together my A2Z posts set to begin March 31. I hope you’ll hop over for your weekly dose of giggles with Friday Sillies!











#SWF: Walking in the clouds

In case you missed the news, I’m taking a wee break this month. I scheduled my photo posts ahead with the anticipation that you would stop by. Today’s Skywatch Friday contribution is snapped from the parking lot at Mt. Mitchell State Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Clouds hung over head most of the day. By the time we got here the sun was peaking through. What made this moment special is the low lying clouds rolling in and the light cloud mist caressing my skin.  Do you like walking through the clouds? This was truly a tricky photo to get. My camera meter over-exposed the image and I just couldn’t seem to get what I was after, but later at home while viewing this picture on the computer I decided that I like the washed out appearance. What do you think?

Let me say, Thank you for making me apart of your day and although, I’m unplugged I will return visits to anyone who leaves a comment.  Until we meet on the other side of the lens next, have a fototastic day!

SWF: Fall afternoon sky over Knoxville

Last fall, while DH & I took a little vacation time spent around town I captured this beautiful image on a glorious peaceful, October afternoon. I love the vivid blue sky and how the sunlight reflects off the tall amber grass. If  you look close enough, you can see the wind blow….

IMG_1815 oct2013

Prior to getting my upgrade to the 5s, I snapped this photo with my old iPhone4. Despite it being a dinosaur in cell phone technology, the photo processor in it was fabulous! Linking up with photographers across the globe in Skywatch Friday.

Do you feel it? I can!

This is the last Friday in September. The next time we meet it’ll be a brand new month, which means I plan to take a little break in October from blogging. I have scheduled posts in advanced and I may or may not drop in. My goal is to stay unplugged, but I will return visits in short order. Everyone needs a break or two each year, don’t you agree? Thank you for making me apart of your day.  Have a foto-tastic day!

How are things shaping in your sky view this week?


~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Sun. Fun. Water. Sand.

Welcome to 133rd edition of Monday’s Music Moves Me.  This week’s theme is “your choice“!

The winter blues have my mind on one thing and one thing only. Sun. Fun. Water. Sand. Okay, four things.  Let our minds drift to some Hot Fun in the Summertime as we take this party to the beach! 






Did you feel the sun’s warmth crease your body or the giddiness of vacation fun rise within or the surf spray on your skin?

If you’re like me then perhaps you felt a little temptation to lay bareback in the sun or splash in the waves without any clothes before winter’s chill snapped me back to reality. *sigh* Think happy thoughts – spring will be here this week with the promise of the warmer days to come. Now, that’s better!

Are you ready to get dancing? Admission to this awesome dance party is totally doable. Here’s what you do….

  • Go to YouTube insert your music video of choice
  • Grab the “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button
  • Follow all 4 hosts, including the honorary co-host.
  • Link your 4M below

Hostess of this dance party is Marie of XmasDolly along side with her lovely co-hosts:

  • Callie of JAmericanSpice
  • Stacy of Stacy Uncorked
  • Cathy Kennedy’s Blog (my old blog)
  • And, this month’s honorary co-host is Naila Moon from Just the stuff you know!

Our spotlight dancer tops the linky line up in the number one spot – Congratulations, my friend!

Go ahead, shake your bootie with any of the fellow rockin’ bloggers below and if you wanna make put a smile on someone’s face today then be sure to leave them a comment!

Please visit XmasDolly to link up this week.  I’m taking a siesta this week from blogging to spend time with DH. I will hop over to your place next Monday to do a double dance with you! What music is moving you?

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