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My last time in an outhouse

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I am totally into learning about my ancestors. Last Friday, you sampled a taste of my genealogy with Meet my parents. I shared with you that Mom and Dad were both born in southern West Virginia. Of course, I lived there until I married in 1979.

In the era my parents were born (late 30s to mid-40s) times were hard for the mountaineers. Folks in the small woods communities in McDowell County had few luxuries and many lived in conditions we would think are primitive today.

outhouse found on pintrest

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I got to thinking about their many inconveniences and things we take for granted like bathrooms. In those days, you went to the bathroom in an Outhouse (outdoor toilet) in most areas. Although, finding a spot behind a tree would work, too. When I was a little girl that’s the only bathroom my family had until the late 60s. Have you had the privilege of using one?Now, this brings me to the point of post. I have a funny story to share about my last time in an outhouse.

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Atttention Moms of Young Children

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I’m working on two new children’s stories for early readers and looking for mothers with young ones ages 5-10 who may help by refreshing my memory. Are you interested? If so, lets talk about my first story. ┬áThis book will be about a little girl loosing her first tooth. ┬áThe working title is “What’s Happening to My Teeth?”

  • What was your child’s first reaction to his/her wiggly tooth?
  • Did he/she try to pull it out?
  • How long was it before it finally fell out or had to be helped out?
  • Did you child put her/his tooth under her/his pillow for the Tooth Fairy?
  • What does the Tooth Fairy leave at your house?
  • Do you like the working title of my book?
  • Would this be a story your children would find interesting?

Let me say, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and feel free to add any comments you want, either on my blog or via email.

Blessings to you!