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Possible Twins Separated by Time #FlashbackFriday

Dorothy left 2

Last Friday, I mentioned DD#1 looking very much like her paternal grandmother. In the above vintage photo, my MIL is the girl on the far left.  She looks to be in her early teens.  Now, take a peek at possible twins separated by time.

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Somewhere in Time

I’m struggling this week. How about you? The long holiday weekend threw me for a loop (always does) and then I had a crazier than usual start to my normal work week yesterday. So, this is why I’m running late for today’s post. At least I can’t blame my problem on lack of material because this isn’t it. I knew what I wanted to share with you, but ran short on time. Dang those short days! I mean, how can anyone get anything done in 24 hours anyhow?  Let’s take a step back in time to the year 1980.

Do you remember the handsome Christopher Reeve? Which movie is this photo from?

If you said, Somewhere In Time, then you absolutely correct. This is a romantic fantasy, sci-fi of sorts chick flick. Reeve plays Richard Collier, a playwright from Chicago, Illinois. At the triumph of his 1972 play, an elderly woman approaches Collier presenting him with a pocket watch with the inscription “Come back to me,” then leaves. Eight years later, while leaving the city for a retreat to nowhere in search of inspiration for his newest play, Collier comes upon the beautiful nostalgic Grand Hotel (pictured on right). After touring the hotel’s history room, he becomes enthralled by a vintage photo of the enchanting Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour) who was a famous actress from 1912,  who coincidentally was the same elderly woman. Collier becomes fascinated with Miss McKenna when he learned she died the same night there in the Grand Hotel after their brief encounter. This pressed his urgent curiosity to explore time travel possibilities through self-hypnosis after being told Miss McKenna’s favorite book was on this subject which was written by one of Collier’s former professors.  Somewhere In Time is a sweet and if you’re a sucker for romance movies then look no further.


Listen and be captivated by the beautiful theme song from Somewhere In Time


Would the man in your life bridge time barrier, if possible, to connect with you?

Do you ever think about venturing to another place in time, even if for a day to experience life on a different realm?

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