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Gorgeous Sky & Choo-Choos SWF + CTST Vol. 2

Hello, Kittens and Dawgs!  Last week, I started sharing two of my regular Friday segments, Skywatch Friday and Celebrate the Small Things on Thursday as a way to make the content more enjoyable for all who stop by.

In my Skywatch Friday section today, I’m taking a look back to our December day trip to Bryson City and Dillsboro, North Carolina.  These two towns are about 30-minutes apart.  We had a lovely time strolling around Bryson City and shared some of those photos here and here.

We were in these mountain communities in the middle of the week and there were no worries of crowds or traffic.  When we got to Dillsboro, we decided to swing by to see the left-behind movie scene props from Harrison Ford’s hit flick, The Fugitive.

I photographed this last in late fall 2013.  The angle and exposure were not the best in those shots, so I was glad to have another chance for a do-over.

This time I zoomed in more for a better view and in the below picture if you click to enlarge you should be able to read Illinois Dept. of Correction on the side of the bus.

It was a splendid day for early December to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine even with the occasional wind gusts.

After we got done in Dillsboro, we stopped off to see the Balsam Mountain Inn and as the veil of night fell, we venture to Pigeon Forge on our way home to enjoy the lights.

Today, I’m Celebrating the Small Things include…

I know I’ve said it before but I’m celebrating living in a place I love and can have many do-overs on photo-ops or moments to just soak up the beautiful mountain atmosphere.  I know there are some who visit may only have that once in a lifetime experience or perhaps an annual trip to this part of the country that we call home. I count us truly blessed to live here and do not take a moment of it for granted.

What are you celebrating?

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#SWF: November Sky over Becky Cable House

Welcome kittens & dawgs to this week’s Skywatch Friday edition! I apologize,  if you’re tiring of the same local of my photo shoot, but here again is another photo taken from our visit to Cades Cove earlier this month.


The old Grist Mill is pictured on the left and the house on the right is known as the Becky Cable House.

This is a wonderful spot to casually stroll and unwind, while the surroundings melt away all your worries. To live near a place of this beauty and charm is truly a blessing. How is your sky looking? What’s the first blessing that pops in your head?

That’s a wrap at this time. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day.  Until we meet on the other side of the lens next, have a foto-tastic day!




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Smoky Mountain Railway in Bryson City, NC

The evening, I photographed Christmas in Dillsboro, NC we hopped over to the quaint Smoky Mountain community of Bryson City, North Carolina before dusk. While we walked around taking pictures, we bought coffee and cinnamon buns from Mountain Perks on Depot Street, which isn’t pictured but is left of the train across the street in the first picture. The coffee was good, but those home-made cinnamon buns were delicious!

In Bryson City, you can catch a ride on The Smoky Mountain Railway and you can also board in Dillsboro. A Christmasy train adds to the magic of the holidays. Don’t you just love it, the engine is the Polar Express?




It was such a cozy feeling visiting the Bryson City community during the festivities of the Christmas season. What small towns in your area give this sort of feeling?

Next week, I will share the last of my Christmasy pictures before I get back to everyday shots. That’s a snap for this week. It’s so nice to see & I hope you’ll decide to make it a repeat visit each week to share in  my photo ops. Wanna make me or someone else happy? Then, leave a comment! I’ll be hopping over to see you soon!

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