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A tribute to Roger Moore #goodbye #JamesBond

Yesterday, Roger Moore age 89 passed away in Switzerland after a short fight with cancer. Today, I honor the man who took 007’s character to a lighter, funnier side compared to his predecessor by sharing theme mewsic from his James Bond flicks.

His first three Bond movies –  Live and Let Die (1973), The Man With the Golden Gun (1974), and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) I didn’t see when they released in theaters (we owe the entire Bond Collection now). It was after DH and I got married before I watched any of these and I can’t swear to it if I saw them at the movies or caught them on TV.  It doesn’t really matter because these iconic films are a part of my favorite all-time action movies.




Roger Moore will always be The Spy Who Loved Me. I  often sing the theme mewsic to DH.

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best


Moonraker (1979) is the first James Bond movie to release the year we got married, so I definitely recall seeing this film at the theater. It was awesome to see on the big screen.


You gotta admire the producers and directors in the early years for incorporating all the hot babes in the opening sequences setting the viewers up for more of that James Bond playboy charm and I fondly recall For Your Eyes Only (1981) and perhaps my all-time favorite Moore Bond film. We saw it at least three times in the theaters and bought Sheena Easton’s US hot ranking (#4) song!

Throughout Roger Moore’s reign as James Bond, there was more comic relief than others past or present movies that I recall. Maybe I’m remembering wrong but I could be right on this.  In the 1983 film Octopussy there are a few unforgettable movie quotes that left the audience laughing out loud or snickering sheepishly.

James Bond (Moore): [Q’s mechanized version of the “Indian Rope Trick” malfunctions] Having problems keeping it up, Q?

Q (Desmond Llewelyn): Experimental model!

James Bond (Moore): [looking at the tattoo on Magda’s back] Forgive my curiosity, but, what is that?

Magda (Kristina Wayborn): That’s my little octopussy.


A View to a Kill (1985)  was Roger Moore’s last film as James Bond.  I read it was his least favorite of his Bond movies and I’d have to agree but it was good nonetheless. I found this bit of trivia interesting from IBDb.

Roger Moore said that he decided to end his run as James Bond when he realized that Tanya Roberts‘s mother was younger than he was. However, Albert R. Broccoli said he wanted a younger actor for the next film The Living Daylights (1987) and would not have kept Moore as Bond anyway. Broccoli felt that retaining Moore, who was 57, for this film had been a mistake. Contrary to what some sources have said, Moore was never offered another Bond film after this one.


According to IMDB, Moore’s Bond never actually uttered the line shaken, not stirred when ordering a martini in any of his 007 movies. He also never drove the spy’s famed Aston Martin.

I found two fun articles Roger Moore Had the Greatest Gadgets in the History of Bond and The Wittiest James Bond in History I enjoyed reading this morning during my search.

The news of Roger Moore’s passing was bittersweet.  I was sad that he died but thankful for having known him on the big screen as James Bond.  His good-looks and classy sophistication captured the hearts of women around the world. I was not offended by his Bond character’s playboy antics. I saw a man who loved women with a certain tenderness. Maybe that was Moore’s personality shining through but he gave me the sense that his sexual escapades were more than just a one night stand if his bed buddy didn’t wind up getting killed or his duties to Queen and country didn’t take precedent. Through his acting career, Roger Moore became a person I felt like I would want to meet someday because his goodness radiated through his eyes and smile. Unfortunately, I won’t get that chance in this lifetime. Perhaps in the afterlife, I will.

Roger Moore had a colorful life with women.  He leaves behind wife #4, Kristina Tholstrup and three children from a previous marriage.  The BBC reported his children statement which read, “Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.” These words touched me deeply. Moore’s kids appreciated and understood the value of their Dad not only in their lives but through the eyes of his fans.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the Moore family. May God’s loving presence give you comfort and strength in the coming days as you adjust to facing life without your husband, father, grandfather, and friend. God bless!


You will be missed, Mr. Bond!










Newcomer meets 80s POP star #BoTB results

Hello, kittens and dawgs in this round of BoTB I asked you to vote La Diva or Sheena Easton covering The Emotion’s “Best of My Love”.  The numbers came in with a strong lead for the 80s POP star. I scratched my head.  When I was putting this battle together I thought more people would like the newcomer’s strong R&B vocals but it didn’t like it was going in that direction.

I liked both covers but clearly, I liked one slightly more than the other.  I liked Sheena’s jazzy version and smooth vocals over LaDiva more copy-cat version. In the end, the newcomers didn’t make the cut only securing half the votes of the 80s POP star. I sorta thought LaDiva would carry more weight than they did but in the results were an 8 to 4 victory for Sheena Easton!


In case you missed the Whatever Happened to ….? series featuring Sheena Easton then check it out, here.

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I appreciate everyone who voted in this round of Battle of the Band. For more epic BoTB results, visit STMcC Presents ‘Battle of the Bands’ for the complete list of blog members. I hope you’ll join me for a few laughs tomorrow with Friday Sillies and more Friday fun stuff!

Welcome Fall!

This is Curious as a Cathy signing off Easton’s 1#1 peak position (1988) in U.S. group ‘Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales’, The Lover In Me!







Newcomer meets 80s POP star in #BOTB showdown

Good morning, kittens and dawgs! September is half over. I don’t know where the time is going. I barely can figure out one BoTB before the next one starts. Unlike, some fellow BoTBers I do not plan nor do my posts follow a pattern.  I’m a fly by the seat kind of gal when it comes to blogging. No, really I am just that spontaneous when it comes to what I share in my posts.

Today’s featured song rode the charts at #1 for five weeks in 1976 by the all-female group, The Emotions, that was written by Earth, Wind, and Fire band members: Al McKay and Maurice White.  Here’s the original for your listening pleasure only, which is not included in the showdown, Best of My Love!


Contender #1 is new-to-me. This group packs a lot of R&B with a touch of The Pussycat Dolls style. Please listen to La Diva!


Contender #2 needs no introduction and if she does then you’re too young to vote this round. lol Let’s give it up for the amazing Sheena Easton!


In this week’s edition of, Whatever happened to…?, I spotlighted Sheena Easton.  I was kinda inspired by her in this round of BoTB, so I fibbed just a wee bit. 😉

Voting is open to everyone visiting my site. There is no wrong vote, except if you don’t vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional).

Who gets your vote, LaDiva or Sheena Easton?

The fun continues with more epic battles underway and I invite you to visit, Stephen (at the top of the list), if you’d like to know how this works and/or ask how to join all this madness fun!

Tell your friends to come by to get in on the action. The more the merrier!?


Thanks for joining in on the fun. Don’t forget to swing by for Friday Sillies and other Friday fun stuff. 😉  This is Curious as a Cathy signing off, “Have a bandtastic day!”

Sheena Easton

Hello, kittens and dawgs! Inspired by last week edition for today’s post, I learned Blondie wrote the James Bond theme song, For Your Eyes Only, (the producer rejected their song and went with another version) which led me to find out Whatever happened to Sheena Easton?

I’m not sure at what point I lost track of Sheena Easton. Her career seemed at full steam in the 80s, but I think it was in the 90s that I didn’t hear her music so much on the radio. Part of this is I can blame on being a young, busy mom but there’s gotta be more to the picture.

The last time the six-time Grammy nominee charted in the US was in 1991 with her album (#90) and title song (#40).


I don’t remember this song. Interestingly, in 1993, Easton’s highly reviewed and praised jazz album never charted; I can’t figure out why unless her listeners by this time had fallen away.  All I can say is after listening to it for the first time is superb nailing that classic jazz flavor with her album No Strings (available now on iTunes for $5.99). Listen.


Sheena Easton’s last domestic pop album release in the USA was 1995. The tracks from this album gave me some of the same vibes from her earlier pop sensations. Enjoy the sounds from My Cherie (available now on iTunes for $5.99)!


The mid-90s, Sheena Easton continued as a singer, but broaden career and got into acting. In the animated children’s movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Sheena contributed to the soundtrack and was the character voice of Sasha La Fleur.



Aside the voice over acting, Easton appeared in a couple of episodes in a TV Canadian TV series, The Outer Limits (season 2) and performed in couple Broadway productions. Around this time she adopted two children a boy and a girl.

In the new century, Sheena Easton attempted a comeback in the UK with a  disco flavor throwback style album, Fabulous. The first single from the album, “Giving Up, Giving In” reached 54 on the charts in the UK (the album hit 185). In Japan Fabulous released in 2001 and the first single to chart was Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Easton’s music catalog has seen a few reissues. Currently, she’s involved with other guest vocalists performing in the United States “The Spy who Loved Me” symphony concert tour. These concerts consist of songs from popular spy movies (past and present) including 007 flicks.

You can follow Sheena Easton on… facebook_icon_small

Thank you for joining me in my discovery of Whatever happened to Sheena Easton. Please tell your friends!

I’ll see you tomorrow for not-so Wordless Wednesday!




It’s all about trains #music

This week’s theme is, “trains. If you know a song that’s about trains or has the word train in it, then we want to hear it. Are you ready to boogie? Lace up your blue suede shoes coz it’ time to dance!

In 1991, an all-girl English band covered this 1973 top 10 US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Sorry Bananarama, no one can do Long Train Runnin’ like The Doobie Brothers.

The words from this 1981 US Billboard Hot 100 hit Just a small town girl…livin’ in a lonely world spoke my name when it came out and still does. I think it makes me homesick.  Here’s Journey with Don’t Stop Believin’.

The same year Journey’s top 10 hit was playing on the airwaves, British sensation Sheena Easton popped up on my music radar. She was fresh, pretty, and could sing. She stole the #1 spot on the US Billboard 100 charts in two categories: pop and adult contemporary with Morning Train.


Thanks Danielle for today’s fun theme. I thought I’d have a difficult time finding my song picks, but my ole pal Google pointed to songs with the word train in the title post and I rolled right down that track list easy-breezy.

Last week’s #BOTB happened to fall on Monday, so y’all know I tied both together neatly into one post. I hope you enjoyed it. What did you think of voting for your favorite band? Anywho, I wanted to give you the tally on which artist won in #BOTB: The Lord’s Prayer.  Who do you think was the clear winner Meade, Como, Richards, Dykes, or Smith? I was torn between Meade and Como. After giving Meade my vote,  the count was a landslide win for Como, folks! I won’t quibble over Como taking the numbers because he did a beautiful job.

Now, it’s time for you to ask us to step out on the dance floor with you. By linking your musical post (all non-music link subject to labeling or removal) URL (not your main blog address) below you are inviting the 4M crew to boogie down to your tunes.

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On behalf of the lovely Dancing Queen, Marie @XmasDolly, and her Solid Gold dancers ~ Callie, Stacy, Becca, and I thank you for joining us for another week of Monday’s Music Moves Me. Next stop… your place!  What music moves you?



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Music – That Feel Good Addiction!

Music has a deep psychological effect on each of us.  Some melodies make us sad, others make us happy, some make us relax while others energize us. Have you ever wondered why music makes you happy? Accordingly to Discovery News, music releases a feel-good chemical associated with addiction called ‘Dopamine’.

This funky little chemical helps to motivate an individual in different ways, which explains why upbeat tunes make me dancing through the house while doing my chores or even force me out of a procrastination.   Do you groove to the beat?


Now that you’ve been educated on why Music Moves Me (you), it’s time to climb on the Love Train for this Music Moves Me Monday!


This week’s theme is no theme also known as “Freebie week”, which means you get to pick your personal best this morning.

Freebie themes is a like a curve ball.  I’m not sure what to do with it, especially on a Monday morning.  Hmmm… I believe I’ll use ‘Train’ as my theme and see what cool tunes I can hunt up.  Are you ready to get on board? Then turn the volume up on your speakers and enjoy the ride.







Wowza! Unbelievable!  What a ride!  The list of ‘train’ songs is looong.  These selections tickled the musical chords of heart and I wanted to share the love with you.  For more selections click HERE.  Don’t forget to link up with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew!

More Music Monday blog hops…


Have an excellent MMM!

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