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Linville Falls Picnic Area #BlueRidgeNPS #WW

Hello, Kittens and Dawgs! I’m feeling happy and blessed these days. We got some good news yesterday. I’m not ready to share that just yet but maybe on Friday I can fill y’all in.  I can’t believe the splendor of autumn is passed us; most of the leaves have fallen off and the trees stand bare. November is pushing past me like a blur. Here’s another peek from our October trip to the parkway. It was such a beautiful day!


What have you been photographing lately? Do you prefer to take landscape or people shots?

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Watauga Lake #WW #SWF

Thank you for joining in another week of not-so Wordless Wednesday. Today, I’m taking you to Watauga Lake in the Appalachian mountains between Elizabethton Tennessee and Boone North Carolina.


This is one of the prettiest lakes in our area or at least that’s what I think. The waterway traffic is usually not busy like many other lakes and nestled in the mountains conditions are generally cooler than most. It’s a beautifully refreshing spot to visit every time we go to Boone.


The clouds hung low over us on our drive but lacked interest. I altered these images using the haze remover which makes the sky more dramatic and below I didn’t have the depth of field in my original so I manipulated the Affinity Photo to put the focus on my feathered friends. This one never lost sight of me.


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I am taking a blog hiatus beginning October 1st -17th but I do have my routine weekly posts scheduled. I will link with a few regulars, do return visits, and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere. Meanwhile, the work continues on repairing blog posts and until I get everything tidied then I’ll continue to use today’s photo contribution as a double up with my global participation on Skywatch Friday.

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#WW: An Autumn drive

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday communities.  I captured this scene when I was taking a blogging hiatus in October….


An autumn drive along North Carolina side of the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Adventures in Weseland


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#WW: Flowers in a jar

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! If you haven’t heard the news I’m back from my long blogging break. Although, I was unplugged from the net, I found it difficult to unplug myself from one of my favorite pastimes ~ photography.

On one of our adventures to the mountains in the early morning hours, we enjoyed the stunning beauty of the Appalachian mountains from a campground off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I snapped frame after frame in order to preserve at least one good shot of that morning, as I pulled away just to awe I noticed this bit of quaintness. Continue reading

WW: Lake Junaluska, NC

DSC_3448 copy

Lake Junaluska in western North Carolina

Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of Haywood County, North Carolina is home to the beautiful, tranquil Lake Junaluska.

The early morning clouds hovering over the mountain peaks transformed the surrounding to an almost dream-like world. It compelled me to stay forever but reluctantly I pulled myself out of that state of mind because there were other things to do on our agenda for the day. The good news is I can revisit Lake Junaluska anytime with the drive being under 2-hours from home.



Mama and her babies. I immediately thought of the children’s story, Make Way for Ducklings. Do you remember this little tale by Robert McCloskey?


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Skywatch Friday view from yonder mountains


Water Rock Knob on Blue Ridge Parkway

Good morning, lovelies! Last weekend, gorgeous conditions graciously blessed us making it a prime time to spend the day in the mountains. Unfortunately, we were not alone in our idealistic thinking. The park was crawling with locals and out-of-staters alike. We spotted plates far from home as Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, Massachusetts, and Quebec. Clueless to why there was a big draw to our neck of the woods I thought, If this is any indicator of things to come, then we may want to avoid the Smoky’s  until late fall.

Nonetheless, I did not allow the crowds deter my fun.  At Clingman’s Dome the parking was full, forcing us to leave . I persuaded DH to park temporarily in a spot at the entrance because I am an eager shutter bug and I did not want to leave empty-handed for my fellow Skywatch Friday photographers.


ISO: 100, f-length:18mm, f-stop:10, exp-time:1/320

ISO: 100, f-length:18mm, f-stop:10, exp-time:1/320

From the same spot, I took these pictures. It just goes to show, my position changes how the eye perceives these image. In the above photo, I stepped onto a flat rock (you can see it in the bottom picture) in the grass and crouched down to shoot. Little ground, rocks framing the bottom edge, and with the sky less than a third creates a tight composition. The second one,  I stood on the side-walk,  zoomed in a little and panned my camera to the right opening the image distance to the eye. I like both shots. It’s difficult to say, which one I like the best.


ISO:100, f-length: 21mm, f-stop: 10, exp-time: 1/400

Do you have a favorite?

I stumbled upon a new-to-me photography meme called i heart macro. I want to join in the fun, but I don’t have any recent macro shots. Not wanting to miss the opportunity,  I am sharing the love – close up with these photos. Hopefully, I won’t get snubbed.


Image captured at James White Fort in Knoxville


Photo taken along the Dogwood Trail in Sequoyah Hills

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