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Love Enough for a Lifetime by #ValerieGhent & more #music!

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Recently, singer/songwriter, Valerie Ghent sent one of her music files for my enjoyment off her album Day to Day Dream and it I loved it. Today, I share with you her 2013 #1 iHeartRadio hit, Love Enough for a Lifetime.

Who is Valerie Ghent? Just for starters, Valerie is a native New Yorker with five acclaimed CDs. She’s toured with Ashford & Simpson and Debbie Harry and shared the stage with other notable artists like Iggy Pop, Defunkt, American soul musician Billy Preston, and American poet/Civil Right Activist, Dr. Maya Angelou. You read her full bio, here.

Valerie’s soft, sultry, bluesy sound appeals to my listening pleasure. Last year, she recorded a romantic, love song in Venice where she discovered family roots. Please listen to Beating In My Heart.


This song is on her album Muse with 10 other tracks. You know me, as much as I love the seductive slow numbers I’m nearly as passionate about music that makes me wanna boogie. Get to your feet with Supernatural Thing.


I hope you enjoyed Valerie’s songs. You can follow her on Twitter @ValerieGhent and Facebook @ValerieGhentMusic. Valerie’s music is available for purchase on her site, iTunes and Amazon. What mewsic are you listening to lately? I’d love to know what songs are moving you, so please feel free to tell me in comments. ?


That’s a wrap for this week. Thank you including me in your weekend. If you had a good time here today, then please invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s always nice to share with others, don’t you agree? What’s next, swing by tomorrow for my 2016 AprilA2Z Reflections post!


Have a songsational Saturday!  😉 

Pre-spring blooms #WW

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs! It makes me happy you decided to join me for Wordless or in my case not-so-wordless Wednesday fun. Let’s give a round of applauds to this week’s featured photographer….

 Adventures in Weseland

Congratulation, Patrick! Please go by to see what’s new on Adventures in Weseland and while you’re there be sure to leave your footprints behind in comments. Now, I invite you to link your WW post below.

To enhance your experience, I encourage you to right click on each of my images and select the option, if available, View Image.

Pre-spring blooms DSC_6030

Last week while running errands and soaking up all that spring-like weather my eyes were amazed at the show of pre-spring blooms. Aren’t these purple magnolias beautiful?

Pre-spring blooms DSC_6032

On this particular day the sky was a bit gray, but the clouds were breaking a bit and long after I snapped these shots we saw blue skies.

Pre-spring bloom DSC_6037It was quite windy. Auto-focus was going crazy with all the movement, so I manually focused on this bloom to get a sharp image. Because of where this tree is located I couldn’t get close enough, so I used my long zoom (55mm-300mm) lens for this shot. Considering my distance and the elements working against me this picture turned out rather nice.

This week I’m celebrating pre-spring blooms! What are you celebrating?

Next month, I am participating in the April A-Z Blog Challenge. In order to get ready for it, then from here until the end of April, I am rolling my photo contributions and end of week hops into my Wordless Wednesday post.

Linking with….

Have a fototastic day!

Brushstroke Photo-art Pre-spring bloom (c)2016 Cathy Kennedy

Photo-art link up with s-A(R)T-urday



I highly recommend and use these photo-editing programs: Pixelmator,  Adobe Photoshop Elements, Affinity, Brushstroke, and Waterlogue. You can learn more about these using the above affiliate search app widget.


Skywatch Friday Sunburst through the woods

The middle of last month, I shared SWF Snow in the Smoky’s. From the same spot on the opposite side of the that mountain view a sunburst through the woods caught my eye; without hesitating I pulled my iPhone5s out of my pocket snapping a shot through my car window before the moment was gone.

SWF 2-10-2016 IMG_3666

In Pixelmator photo-editor, I added the vintage carnation effect with a vignette.

SWF 2-10-2016 IMG_3666 B&W

This is the same as the above photo, except I used the desaturate feature. Basically it converted my color image to B&W. I kinda like it, how about you?

I tinkered around with one of the least used applications, in Pixelmator the Kaleidoscope effect; it returned a fascinating pattern. What makes it especially appealing to my eye is that it reminds me of an heirloom veil; the kind once wore to cover the eyes while grieving. What do you see?

IMG_3666 Mandala

Would you have guessed the design is from the first sunburst through the woods photo?

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

I’m sharing my photo-art with the SWF team and s-A(R)T-urday.  Now, I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate the small things.

I’m celebrating…

  • Peyton Manning and the Broncos victory in Super Bowl 50! I had a feeling leading up to the big game that they would win despite the odds being against them. YAY!!
  • making a batch of dark chocolate raspberry truffles for the first time in years. I consider this a work-in-progress recipe. It needs a few tweaks before I’m ready to share it with you.
  • using Ebates.com  to earn a percentage back on my online purchases from LLBean (4%) this week and I got a 10% off promo code from Bean in an email, plus I got an extra 1% back for using my Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card.

What are you celebrating? Do you have special plans for Valentine’s Day?

Join the party below!

Let’s begin celebrating with Friendship Friday and Friday Features linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration!

That’s a wrap for now, but if you like music then I invite you to come back Monday for a two-for-one special with round two of BoTB and Monday’s Music Moves  Me. Until next time, have a fototastic weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet blogger friends! ?



Learn more about the various photo-editing programs mentioned on Curious as a Cathy such as  Pixelmator, Brushstroke, Waterlogue, or Affinity with the above affiliate search app widget.

*Referral and Affiliate links are in red. *

#HappyBirthdayAmerica edition

It’s so good to see you this morning, kittens & dawgs! Thank you for making me apart of your weekend. This morning’s music edition, I’d like to invite y’all to listen to two rock covers of our national anthem and vote for your favorite on #BOTB Star Spangled Banner Showdown ~ Spirit VS #MadisonRising.


I shared my#s-ART-urday photoart creation a bit early this week. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many to-dos on my plate. Maybe I’ll be back into the swing of things next week or then maybe I won’t. Is this a sign that I need to step away for a week or two or three from blogging? Could be! Meanwhile, I’m gonna leave you with a few giggles and I hope your day is full of smiles!








What’s got you laughing? That’s a wrap for this week. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share!  Don’t forget to join me on Monday Mewzik & Mewzings!


Have a songsational Saturday!

Saturday Songsuasion & Sillies #TheChrisBarron

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I got a new follower recently who happens to be a singer. So, I checked out some of his music because frankly I was unfamiliar with him and that’s okay because I LOVE the discovery of new-to-me artists.


 Chris Brown is best known as the lead singer of the band Spin Doctors. What you maybe didn’t know is that long before he was that goofy guy in the hat on MTV, he was an even goofier kid with an acoustic guitar. Chris plays nifty chords on an old Gibson to masterfully crafted songs that are poignant yet wistful and funny, all the while singing in a manner that’s sweet and somewhat different from what you would expect if you only knew his hits, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” and “Two Princes”. Live, his stage patter is almost as entertaining as his singing. A powerful story-teller, at once hilarious and thought-provoking, Chris sets up his songs with anecdotes from a life on the road, from opening for and encountering legends like the Rolling Stones to Polar expeditions. He says, “I don’t really think about what I’m going to say beforehand. I just say stuff and if it goes over well, I say more stuff like that later.” A founding member of a band that’s loved by millions of people the round world over, Chris’ solo shows have all the lyric poetry and singing virtuosity that Spin Doctors fans appreciate along with a range of expression and songwriting that will delight and surprise.
Well, I’m delighted to meet Chris. His music style definitely fits my ear. How about you? Here’s another album for your listening pleasure!


Is Chris Brown new to you, as he is to me? I hope you enjoyed his music as much I did and if you want to stay ahead of the game, then you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


image borrowed

Visit Chris’ site

Now for your weekly dose of medicine laughter. I have to warn you, it’s definitely habit-forming!

I spotted this on Facebook.

I spotted this on Facebook.

What’s got you giggling?

This past #WW, I shared a gnarled tree from the Blue Ridge Parkway that I captured and it inspired me to get creative.


Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday with Project 11. I used the above image and applied lightening and cloud brush effects supplied by Obsidian Dawn.

Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday with Project 11. I used the above image and applied lightning and cloud brush effects supplied by Obsidian Dawn.


That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share! What’s next? How about a little Monday Mewzik & Mewzings


Have a songsational Saturday!


#ComeBackToBed #TrentTomlinson

I’m still on my country music roll, kittens and dawg. I just can’t seem to shake it, but the picks that stick in my head are the ones that really put a groove in my soul.

Let me say something, unless a country artist has a ginormous name in the industry then chances are very good I won’t recognize newer talent. It doesn’t always mean I haven’t heard their music. It’s just I never paid attention before now and since I’m listening to iTunes Country station A LOT lately, then I’m taking note of the songs/artists I like.

For the most this morning’s artist has more old country twang to suit my taste, but he has a single that plays often that I really enjoy and that’s the purpose behind Saturday Songsuasion to share the new-to-me with you. Why not give a listen to Trent Tomlinson 2014 release Come Back To Bed.

It’s a good beat I won’t buy an entire Trent Tomlinson album, but THIS song? Yep, it has that taste of country rock making it a winner with this gal! How about with you, is it a winner?


What songsuasion is moving you?



In keeping with last week’s selfie humor…



Oopsie, you know you’re gonna be dead!


What’s making you smile this morning?


Linking with Claudia on s-ART-urday

Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday with Project 10! My photo-art creation is a mesh up of three original photos and the use of a Creative Market Anton Wicked Watercolor Area3 brush which was offered as a freebie recently.The short poetry piece is an original work, too. My inspiration for the boats in the sky comes from a photo DH did years ago of a double exposure of boats in the sky and I believe he took a picture at the same spot or very close to where I capture my own image of the boats.



That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share! What’s next? How about a little Monday Mewzik & Mewzings


Have a songsational Saturday!


#WW Dancing Forest Pixies

Hello, kittens & dawgs! I took this picture on our day trip to Mt. Mitchell in recent months. The moss-covered ground beneath the canopy of evergreens sparked my imagination.

DSC_4430 copyright copy

I could almost see pixie dancing in the sunlight beam. Do you see them? Look again….

DSC_4430 pixies copy

Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday Project 7: Dancing Forest Pixies

Let Your Heart Sing like these little dancing forest pixies!

Due to technical problems with LinkyTools, I can’t let random.org generate a  Featured Photographer to spotlight and I am unable to use it for today’s party. *sigh*  Enjoy the hop!

Thank you for stopping by. Have a fototastic day!