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What does Aubrey, Cathy’s Clown, & Rockin’ Robin have in common?



I am so happy to co-host the best virtual dance party in Blogosphere with my lovelies XmasDollyJAmericanSpiceStacy Uncorked, and this month’s honorary co-host Everyday Life.
This week for our 140th edition, we’re partying to “songs with a name of a person in the title or lyrics” as suggest per Helen’s request. Whatever tunes are getting your groove on, then we want to hear them right here on Monday’s Music Moves Me.


My featured song, Aubrey, by Bread was “our” song back in our dating years. It still is one of my favorites. This being said, I decided to make today’s song selections about “us” in bringing two oldies using “our” names from the song title.


Featuring this one and the next just seem so right together. Wouldn’t you agree?


What I like about this song is not only has DH’s first name, but he used this song every night when he signed off the radio. If you’ve followed for a while then you may remember this tid-bit that he was a DJ at a local radio station in high school. I know cool, huh?


Did you figure out what Aubrey, Cathy’s Clown, & Rockin’ Robin have in common? It’s all about us – DH & me! 😀


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Next stop… your place!  What music is moving you?

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Birds & Cats Like To Dance On MMMM, Too!

Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me 103rd edition!  This week’s theme is “Freebie” pick. This simply means you share whatever tunes that’s stuck inside your head or just those that are stirring your soul to boogie.  Now…let’s get this party on the road!

Last week’s scheduled post was ready to fly when the music theme announcement came for songs with animals in the title or lyrics.  I liked this idea a lot. So much so, I elected to feature as my freebie picks from… you guessed it, songs with animals in the title or lyrics choice.

Visit www.songfacts.com to find more fun songs in this category!

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Head conductor of the Love Train is Marie of XmasDolly & her co-conductors are the lovely: Callie of JAmericanSpice, Cathy Kennedy’s Blog (me), Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, and this month’s honorary co-conductor, Danielle from Royal Legacy .

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