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Monkey Town #WW + #BoTB results

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I’m taking things easy this summer. Blogosphere is a bit like a ghost town this time of year and that’s ok. We all need to break away from our normal routine to enjoy life and what better time to do it than summer? Exactly.

DH and I are getting out more but staying relatively closer to home with shorter trips. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together. We passed through Dayton Tennessee. I noticed a business we passed called Monkey Town Brewing Company.  That seemed like an odd name. DH mentioned the famous trial against a high school teacher for teaching evolution was held in Tennessee and maybe somewhere nearby. I consorted with Google to learn this 1925 case took place in Dayton at the Rhea County Courthouse. July 10th will mark the 92nd anniversary of the landmark Scopes Monkey Trial.

While summer is under way, this Cathy wants to play. Not-so Wordless Wednesdays will be few; meaning limited linking time, so I decided to not add my linky party. I hope you’ll include a link back in comments for me and others to find your photo shares, though. 😉

Now for all you #BoTBers and other mewsic enthusiasts, I’ll share the outcome of my last battle but first let me pass on a little mews bulletin…

Starting next month, some players including myself plan to cut back participation. I decided to step down for the rest of the summer. If you subscribe to my post via email then you won’t miss a thing other wise mark your calendar for my BoTB return on September 15th. 😉

Alrighty, it won’t surprise any of y’all to know who the winner is in my A Father’s Day Tribute Showdown.  I threw three contenders onto center stage to rival for that coveted golden mic award. The battle nearly left one daughter out and the other only gathered a few votes making this an easy steal for…

Final tally: Carnie & Wendy (my pick) 10 votes, Jen 1 vote, and Roseanne 2 votes. Thanks to everyone for playing along!


You’re invited to visit Stephen for a complete list of BoTBers to see how their battles went last time. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off this YouTube Wilson (Carnie & Wendy) Phillips (Chynna) playlist .


Have a funtastic summer and join me on the dance floor “freebie style” with Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me!











#BOTB Results, Friday Sillies, Celebrations, & More

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Okay, I changed my mind. On the 1st, I said I would wait until the 12th to share the results of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” #BoTB Showdown but I thought it was best to go ahead in bringing the outcome (as if you don’t already know) today. You can blame this on crazy female hormones. Forget the hormone imbalance, I’m just crazy!

The battle between Ali Ollie Woodson and James Durbin was a near shut out but thankfully one lone soul, other than myself saved the day.  Most of  y’all preferred Durbin for his rockabilly version and as a group collectively liked Woodson but not the length of his cut. The one thing I thought of going into this battle and wondered if it would hinder you guys mentally but no one mentioned it other than “Stephen the Neanderthal”, (Hey, I didn’t come up with the name, I’m just quoting the dude. 😀 ) and that’s getting passed a chick song sung by roosters. The honors for this round goes to….


Thank y’all for making this battle successful and fun. If it pleases you, let me give you another taste of Durbin super talents. You know heavy rock isn’t me, I prefer middle of the road rock but I found a couple of new recordings that I enjoyed from his latest album, Riot on Sunset.




The #BoTB List Master keeps and shares all players on his site, so if you want to find out how the other battles went down then hop over to visit, Stephen now.  Next battle is the 15th and I need your help picking the next winner, so mark your calendar for the next event!

Today is very special for two reasons and is why I celebrate the small things with Lexa while giving you your dose of laughs.

The first reason I celebrate is… it’s my little sister’s birthday!



Coincidentally, I honored all my siblings through mewsic on Monday. 😉

The second thing I’m celebrating is, it’s our anniversary!








In honor of our 38th wedding anniversary, I will share with you and fellow Skywatch Friday photo enthusiasts a few sky view photo memories from our 10th anniversary spent in New England.

Images from top to bottom: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Bristol Maine, Porcupine Islands View from Cadillac Mountain – Acadia National Park, Hammond Castle Gloucester Massachusetts, and Motif No. 1 in Rockport Maine. These moments captured with my first big girl camera a Nikon FG-20 35mm camera in 1989.  I scanned the negatives a few years back to my computer but they needed a little photo touch up to mainly remove dust but I adjusted the color balance a bit in Pixelmator. This was a magical trip for us and DD#1. It was more magical for us than her since she was three weeks shy of her first birthday.


A biggest part of blogging is getting to know one another. Earlier in the week I shared, “30 Odd Questions” about me and here’s yet another way we can get better acquainted with FRIENDLY FILL-INS hosted by Annie and Ellen.

A prop from a tv show or film I would like to own is the ruby-red slippers from The Wizard of Oz.


My oldest friendship is with my two friends from Kindergarten – Anita Davis Rice and Robert Hogan. (Two kids in foreground are me and my little brother, JC. Anita and Robbie are behind us.)


Whenever I have dairy products, I always stomach problems. I’m lactose intolerant but I love cheese (which bothers me the most) and ice cream.

I wish I could show my tummy off like this but three pregnancies compounded by age sort of stands in the way.

The best part of my day is when DH comes home.


That’s a wrap for another tunetastic, giggle-filled, photo-optimistic day. Hit the dance floor “Freebie” style with the 4M gals on Monday’s Mewsic Moves Moves!








December Songs #BOTB Showdown Results

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This is from our annual Dillsboro, North Carolina outing to see the beautiful luminaries and decorations from Dec. 9th. It’s a real magical treat to experience and this young gal was playing her violin lively. I don’t know how she did it with the temps being in the low 30s. My fingers were freezing off!

In last week’s BoTB, I used two December songs in my battle.  Tchaikovsky’s “December” VS Pandolfi’s “Once Upon a December”.

Tchaikovsky’s song transported me to a Christmas long ago on the dancefloor with women in long flowing dresses and men in formal attire waltzing in a beautifully decorated room whereas Pandolfi’s surreal arrangement felt soothing to the soul and I dare say if I allowed myself to listen to this mewsic at bedtime then it would lull me peacefully to sleep.

How did these two songs go head-to-head?  Like me, most preferred the soft, romantic piece of Contender # 2 nearly making this showdown a shutout with 9 to 2 victory.


To see how the other showdowns went, I invite you to visit the official manager of BoTB, Stephen for the update list of players.

I’m taking a break in Blogosphere with limited activity for the holidays but plan to resume things after the first of the new year.  My scheduled posts are set and I hope you’ll come join me tomorrow for latest Friday Sillies for a few Christmas Giggles. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with another Pandolfi song for your enjoyment.


Have a songtastic day and a very Merry Christmas!










Drops of Jupiter #BOTB results

Howdy, kittens and dawgs! Yesterday, I shared sunset shots taken from Water Rock Knob, North Carolina. I got a little creative and thought I’d share it with you and if you like photo-art, then you may want to visit Claudia for s-A(R)T-urday.

DSC_6552 heart bokeh color balance

In my original, I bumped the grey scale removing most of the color except for the sunset glow and added my copyright. Then, I went back in added a bokeh heart background as an overlay and lowered the opacity so the hearts appear faintly in the image. My last touch came with the color balance in which I bumped the mid-tones and highlights causing the sunset to stand out.

Alrighty, I know I’m late with announcing June 1st battle showdown between Judy Collins and Eddie Money covering Drops of Jupiter by Train. I know you guys follow these battles pretty darn close, even with out the help of a fancy widget showing the results. Anywho, here’s how it went down.

Judy Collins VS Eddie Money (Drops of Jupiter)

Eddie Money was like a runaway Train (pun intended, totally) in this battle making him the clear victor.

Who got my vote? Conflicted on who to give mine to, I went back and forth between the artists until I finally decided to give it to Judy Collins. Her vocals and song style was different from the original and Eddie’s giving Drops of Jupiter more of that summer airiness I was referring to in my post. Judy made the song seem magical like a summer night. 😀

Congratulations to Eddie Money!

I know many of y’all couldn’t cast your vote thanks to the internet police restricting both video contents to folks outside the USA. I really don’t get this, but that’s just the way things go.

Unfortunately, I failed to make all the rounds this time. I got side tracked with repairing issues Google flagged on my site. This is the second time in the past month I’ve gotten notification from Google. Each time something new and it’s so annoying.

Last week the urge for a blog hiatus hit kinda hard. I need energizing! So, starting now, I’m officially taking a break from blogging. This is a perfect time to kick back while blog traffic is light, too. I’m not setting my return date in stone, but I’m aiming for July 1st. Who knows, I might sneak back early or decide to go a little longer. I’m playing it by ear.

Thanks for your votes! I hope you’ll visit Stephen to see how the other showdowns went down.  This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with….


Baby Hold On to me. I’ll be back in Blogosphere in a wink of an eye! 😉

All Things Vintage: Flapper fashion era #AprilA2Z

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! Let me point out that if you voted in the April 1st BoTBs, then you’ll find the outcome listed in my side menu on a sticky note.  Thank you joining me for today’s edition of All Things Vintage!



The roaring 20s was full of mischief, but I am 99.9999% sure my grandma or great-grandma was NOT a flapper girl.


For a long time, I thought flapper was some sort of fashion statement from the 20s. However, it was more than this, it was a lifestyle. Flappers girls were a new kind of women who wore short skirts, bobbed hairdos, makeup, consumed alcohol, smoked, listened to jazz, sexually promiscuous, and other unsuitable behavior for women of that time.


With any group, there are those who live by the rules and there are those who break the rules. People come and go through time, but the same scenarios play out from one generation to the next.

Liberalism is fueled by discontent and never passes a chance to promote disharmony. The basic truth is that women and men are both different and equal; men do something better than women and women do some things better men and there are things both sexes do equally well. Life would be for us all, if we all can see this for what it is.

The Flapper era gave us a girls gone wild period, but I like it for the fashion, hair style, makeup, and music. Unfit behavior is never right regardless of your sex and should not be glamorized or glorified.

Thinking about the Flapper girls make me think of another more recent era. Look at the woman in the first picture below with the flowers in her hair. Now, what other generation comes to mind for doing this and having loose morals?

TwentiesPortraits-118_SummertownSun flapper girl in lingerie flapper girl smoking

The Dandy wrote Flappers and the Roaring 20s that include a good source of history reads surrounding this topic.

I always said God uses bad situation to bring about good and this is one of those incidents. Flapper girls were synonymous with naughty living, but out of this rebel women were granted the right to vote, the option to attend college, and to work outside the home. God knows better than anyone what a woman is capable of doing. After all, He is the creator!

What comes to mind when you think of the Flapper fashion era? If you lived in the 20s, would  you be a conservative Victorian lady or a Flapper girl or maybe a hybrid?

A special thank you to my good friends the incredibly gifted A2Z Team…

Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out
Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh
Heather M. Gardner
Jeremy @ Hollywood Nuts
AJ Lauer
Pam @ An Unconventional Librarian
Damyanti Biswas @ Daily Write
Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary
Joy Campbell @ The Character Depot
John Holton @The Sound of One Hand Typing

Now, I invite you to hop with me in checking out some of the amazing A2Zers playing along this year and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to read about GSMNP.