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#WW Off Day

In case you missed the mews last week, I’m doing on and off weeks with my Wordless Wednesday post. I know bummer, right? 😀 Things are a bit hectic at the moment. My regular routine has taken a tiny set back with DH being out of work, but I’m making the most of it by spending quiet moments of R&R with him when we have time.

For instance…yesterday afternoon after DH worked his job search mojo we decided to go out to dinner at Cappuccino’s. The owners are local and the establishment has been here the whole time we’ve lived in Knoxville. Everything was wonderful! The ambient atmosphere and lovely setting inviting, our server, Sydney, sweet as peaches and the cuisine (We shared the Baked Lasagna, Capuccino’s Salad, Lemon Cream Cake, and Tiramisu) fantastico!

Next week, I will have photos to share and my linky party posted, but while you’re here I’d like to ask you to take part in my #BOTB showdown Ain’t No Sunshine. Just listen to two bands and tell me which you like the best in comments. It’s that simple. Really!

Join a few of my favorite #WW shutterbugs listed under “Daily Blog Hops” at the top of my Home page today while doing the whole hopping thing! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time, have a fototastic day! 😉



Twin Peaks #photoart #WW

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking of the TV series and every time I think of Twin Peaks I always think of the soft, haunting voice of Julee Cruise and if you like her style then you may want to listen to Monday’s featured artist because one of my commenters made the connection to Twin Peaks.

This morning’s music inspiration is from the popular TV program, but my photo-art creation is a simple mash-up of images taken of a new restaurant (opened 2014). We have not eaten here yet, but it sure looks neat.


DSC_3143 TwinPeaks photoart

Linking photoart project 13 with Claudia for #s-ART-urday!

Have you eaten at a Twin Peaks? If so, what do you recommend? Are you a fan of the cult classic TV show? Did you know ShowTime network will air a new season of Twin Peaks in 2016?



I hope you’re finding time to make the most of the long summer days, but if you’re stuck indoors due to rainy weather, then you might want to check out these #WW shutterbugs.


Have a fototastic day! ~borrowed image~

Have a fototastic day! ~borrowed image~