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1983: Mobile Phones, Fashions,Technology, & #Music #wbw

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Good day, Kittens and Dawgs! Thanks for dropping by this morning, Kittens and Dawgs! It’s mid-week and I know most of y’all are here looking for my “not-so Wordless Wednesday” contribution. It went live earlier HERE at 12am. After you join my linky party be sure to come back to this post! 😉

In today’s WBW edition, let’s flashback to the year…

I got to thinking about communications on the go this week, since we’re planning to get new iPhones with ours on the unpredictable side due to age. Although, Motorola introduced the first mobile handset in the early 70s. Very few folks had them. In the 80s the handsets became smaller and in 1983, Motorola debuted the first portable units.

Portable phone technology has changed a lot since its introduction but if Apple and Android companies keep it up they’ll soon have phones nearly this big again. LOL When I think of portable, I think of small. Whatever happened to the days when you could slip your mobile phone in your pants’ pocket? I struggle to get my iPhone5s in mine and there’s no way the newest generation iPhone will fit! *smack forehead*

I graduated technical school with an A.S. in Business Data Processing in the spring of this year.  I studied programming but didn’t land a job as a programmer. My first job was in computer sales. I wore a gray wool dress suit for my interview – jacket, skirt, and blouse.  It looks similar to the first photo except it had two small jacket pockets and the skirt had a slip on the backside. I also recall wearing the other fashions pictured below.

I wore classic pumps and sandel heels.  I had a pair of black dress boots, too.  Gee, I wish I had those boots today!  Anyhwo, I don’t know how you feel but I think women dressed better 30+ years ago than they do today in the workforce and on the go, what do you think?

In keeping with the idea of “portable” technology because we love our computers small and in 1983 this was small.

Look at that hefty price! Today we have faster, smaller computing in the palm of our hands with smartphones and other mobile devices than we had in a portable computers 34 years ago.  Can you image having to store data on floppy drives? We would totally freak out! On the upside, we’d have some nice biceps toting this heavy booger around. 😀

If you want to chock a bit on a price tag, Apple (formerly Macintosh) released “Lisa” a desktop computer (pictured below) in ’83. Are you ready for the price? You may want to set down for this… are you sitting? If you’re not, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. The sticker price….$10,000!

Needless to say at $10k this was worse than a fatal computer error as sales flopped due to the high cost of the unit.

The first compact disc player invention announced this year but it didn’t reach the pubic until the following year but Sony one of the front-runners of music on the go kept making Walkman technology more compact.



Speaking of music, how about listening to a few top hits while you read my hodgepodge responses. 😉



Did you have one of the first portable phones, computers, or mewsic player? What did you wear mostly, dresses or slacks? What songs do you remember from 1983?


Next, I’m visiting Joyce for her mid-week Q&A to give you a little insight of the workings of my brain and others. Feel free to play along! 😉

1. What’s something you’d rate a 10/10? Tell us why.

I think I shall give DH a “10”. He’s the best husband in the world! I don’t know why God gave me such a wonderful man but He did and I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world. I know what you’re thinking, she’s dreaming. If I am then don’t wake me up! This 38 year coma is pretty darn nice. 😀

2. What job would you be terrible at? What makes you think so?

Hmm, the list is impossibly long with this question because there are so many jobs requiring a particular set of skills that I am not trained to do or interest me to do or maybe not smart enough to tackle. Somedays, I feel I fail at my job as a mother but then I know every mother feels this way on occasion which needs no explanation. This is one of those days, too. Please keep me in your prayers. 

3. When did you last take a fall? What’s something you’re falling for (in a good way) these days?

I think the last time I fell down was in 2013 while unloading the car. Grocery shopping is always a big job and getting everything inside to put away is another big job.  I’m like a crazy woman with a mission. I’ll grab some bags race up the few steps leading to our porch then in the house I go. I do this repeatedly until it’s done but on this occasion my toe caught the edge of the step and down I went.  Luckily,  I caught myself as I fell with my arms bent and my back straight. I could’ve cracked my forehead on the steps but God had His hands upon this idiot. I did feel a bit stiff, so I took it easy after that so to not do it again.

I can’t think of anything I’m falling for other than the first day of fall.  This is my favorite season. I love everything fall! So, I’ll be falling for lots of tasty treats and cooler temps!

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America’s best fall festivals- National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM).   Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Which one appeals to you most? Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend?

I have not been to any of the festivals listed. I think the Harvest on the Harbor festival most interests me simply because it’s in New England and I’d revisit coastal Maine again.

Knoxville hosts a state fair early September and businesses’ sponsor the Autumnfest and Oktoberfest but these are things we usually do not attend.  I don’t like being in a crowd because people will are rude and impatient. They will plow over top you if you let them, so I just try to stay out of situations like that because it’s too stressful.

5. What is your goodbye message to summer?

Dear Days of summer,

Although, you’re not my favorite season. I do feel a little sad by your going away. I tried my best for the first time to not wish my days away while you were around because I’ve come to realize juse how short life is and while living in the moment I still found it hard to not look forward to fall.  The things I will miss the most is your seemingly long days and beautiful cotton candy sunset skies and things I won’t miss is your heat and humidity. So, until next time we meet, God willing…farewell!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Blogging makes me happy for the most part but since my return I think I’m taking things too fast and it’s causing me to rethinking (again) how often I should post.  I find I can’t keep up with the comments and return visits like I want while doing other important things.  Maybe, it’s just the way this year has spirled with DH’s eye health, kid-related situations, and more.  I’m feeling a bit down today and I don’t like it one bit.  In God’s hands I send these issues and with Him I place my trust. He is my strength and guide. I will lean on His understanding in all things! I’m sorry for the glum. I’ll be okay…I promise! 😉


That’s all for now. At this time I’m unsure how often I will bring these posts to you but I experimenting with my schedule and trying to find my way back to my older style of blogging. I encourage you to keep from missing a single post to subscribe by email to get notifications of the latest mews from Curious as a Cathy. It was such a pleasure to have your visit and I hope to see you for some Friday fun with skyviews, giggles, and more!  X💋X💋, Cathy










Wayback Wednesday Returns!

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Hello again, Kittens & Dawgs! I’m finding my way back to a new bloggy me, so If you’re looking for “not-so Wordless Wednesday“, then here’s where you need to be!

Years ago, I hosted Wayback Wednesday with another blogger. She used this spot to feature a song from a particular year and you know how much I love mewsic, so this was great fun. I incorporated other stuff like This Day in History or other fun trivia. This is one of those posts that sorta fell by the way when I got involved more with photography but I like the idea of sharing things from the past (short or long past) and miss doing this segment, so I’m kicking it off again while kneading in other memes I once participated in regularly.

Let’s go back, waayback to 1971!

When I was little, I remember buying soda from a vending machine such as this vintage dispenser. It wasn’t quite as cheap as this but I do recall when Pepsi and Coke was a quarter. Man, were those drinks cold! I mean icy cold! Did you ever buy soda out of a vending machine like this?



However by the time I was in the 5th grade (1971), schools had pop (aka soda pop) in cans as seen here. I was more of a Pepsi drinker than a Coke drinker, though. It seems my school had both products side by side. We also could get fountain sodas from a vending machine.


You inserted your coins in the slot, a paper cup dropped through the machine filling it with a syrupy mix and carbonation. Sometimes the cup would turn sideways and you had to be quick to fix it or your drink went everywhere! That’s about as scary as it got in my school days, too. 😀 I don’t remember if there was a brand on the vending machine at my school but I nearly always got a cherry soda. I don’t think it was cherry cola,  it was just cherry flavored soda. If I’m remembering correctly, it seemed the vending machine also served hot chocolate and it was steaming hot. We didn’t need any warning to be careful with it, we knew that danger from experience and guess what? No lawsuits filed. 🙂

Here is a playlist of 10 songs from 1971. Feel free to share some of your favorite tunes from this year in comments. Perhaps, I’ll grow my playlist by borrowing from your suggestions. 😉


ATTENTION EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS! Did my video playlist show and play in your email?  I’m working on trying to get this to work and welcome suggestions on how to do it.


Moving right along, I thought I’d make an honest attempt to rejoin Joyce in her mid-week fun of Q&A and you’re welcome tag along!

1. When you think about your future what do you fear most? Hope for the most?  This sounds silly but I think about growing old and not having anyone to take care of me or my husband. Part of this has to do with realizing the difficulties my father-in-law. Three years ago, my mother-in-law died. We saw a man once motivated by his passions to fix things up slide drastically as a multiple of health problems cropped up.  I never thought about him being old but it’s clear that age has caught up with him and requires a constant live-in caregiver since none of us are close enough to check on him daily.  It’s sad to see our parents revert to being the ones who need caring for when they did so much for us and others. My hopes naturally are for good health as we grow older and for all those I love but more importantly that those I cherish the most have their hearts right with God. Life here is temporary but life after is everlasting.

2. September is National Chicken Month. How often is chicken on the menu at your house? What’s a favorite dish made with chicken? What’s something you’re a ‘chicken’ about doing or trying?  We like chicken but I haven’t made chicken in a long time. One of my favorite ways to prepare chicken is to make chicken tenders. I use chicken breasts, cutting stripes, dredging in flour, and frying lightly.  They reheat excellently in the oven.  Another dish I like to make which was one of our favorites, a spicy cheesy chicken casserole, and it’s been many years since we’ve had it, too. Both of these entrees are high calories so that’s why I haven’t made either in such a long time but I think I shall make of these this fall. I’m a big chicken when it comes to extreme sports. You’d never catch me bungee jumping or sky diving or parasailing or rock climbing.

3. What are three things you don’t own but wish you did? Three things I don’t own. A good, reliable second car for me.  We’ve been a one car family for years. It’s really difficult to run our errands after DH gets off work or on the weekends. A larger house with a nice big yard. This house we long outgrew and with 38 years of marriage under our belts then we have lots of stuff with little place to put it.  I’m thankful we have a house but a bigger one would make life easier. It’s hard to organize when you don’t have any place to put anything. The last thing I’d like to have is a swimming pool. Why not? If we have a bigger house with a bigger yard then a pool would be purrfect! It’s a great way to unwind in the water, plus, its great exercise and easy on the joints.

4. Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one? Elaborate. If you answered one, which one? A jack of all trades.  My father-in-law is like this and there isn’t anything that he can’t fix or can’t build.  He’s a real thinker. In his younger years, he would study on something and before you know it he knew how to solve the problem.  When he was a boy, I think younger than 10, he wanted a scooter but his parents couldn’t afford to buy one. He grew up in the Depression era.  Anyhow, he built one out of stuff he found around their home or along the road or where ever.  In recent years, he showed us a small wooden tool box that he built when he was a boy. He was very inventive. It takes someone with a good deal of smarts to engineer and construct something practically out of nothing.

5. Ketchup or mustard? On what? Ketchup for my fries and mustard for my hot dog please.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  The hurricane season is cooling temps off here which I really like but I feel for the folks in Houston and now for those in Florida facing one of the strongest hurricanes in years as Irma approaches.  According to the projectile, this latest threat will move across east Tennessee. I’m praying for the relief efforts in Texas and saying prayers that Irma isn’t the big, bad storm that’s predicted. Be prepared. Be safe.


That’s all for now. At this time I’m unsure how often I will bring these posts to you but I experimenting with my schedule and trying to find my way back to my older style of blogging.  I encourage you to keep from missing a single post to subscribe by email to get notifications of the latest mews from Curious as a Cathy. It was such a pleasure to have your visit. I hope to see you this Friday with Nikon memories of the US National Cycling Championship here in Knoxville.

XOXO, Cathy











30 Odd Questions #BlogFest

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Howdy! Howdy! Hi! Yep, I’m doing it again. I’m breaking from my break.  What I realized is it’s ok because I need to give myself permission to not keep doing the same thing if I don’t and that’s what I’ve done in Blogosphere a long time I will have a major melt down. Plus, I think I need to go a new direction with my posts even if it’s only for a short while and this summer is a good time to do it.  What this basically means is I’m not doing my routine blog hops unless the mood hits me other than Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me. Did you hit the dance floor with me yesterday?

My friend Debbie is hosting 30 Odd Questions BlogFest on her site all summer and I decided to play along. This is an excellent get-to-know-me/you meme and I hope you enjoy my responses! 😉

Mamadeer and babydeer just hangin’ out

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Other than being a wife and a mommy, I had fantasies of being an actress like many kids but my mothering tendencies made me think a little about nursing. I’m not sure to this day why I didn’t pursue that field of study. Instead I did something I never thought of…computer programming. That’s crazy, huh?
  2. Which “Friends'” character do you relate to the most? Why?
    I didn’t watch “Friends” enough to know the characters well, so I found a site that will calculate which character is your best “Friends” pick.  I took it twice, kept all answers the same except for WHO WOULD I RATHER DATE? The first time I picked Rachel. Yes, I know I’m being a little naughty and whole lot of silly but hey it’s all in fun! Anywho, my “Friends” character came back as…You got: Chandler -Well done! You’re a funny one with a heart of gold. No one really knows what you do for work, but you can rock the mysteriousness. The second time around, I selected Don Drapper (Madmen character played by John Hamm).  My “Friends’ character came back as…You got: Monica  – you’re a little uptight, but you’re a great cook, a great host, and a great friend.  I thought it was funny that I got the two characters who were a couple on the series. 🙂 I actually like the sound of Chandler’s character over Monica’s which is nothing at all like me other than I’m a great cook. Okay, a good cook. 🙂
  3. Do you like your name? Why? Yes but I didn’t always. Cathy was a very popular name in the 50s and 60s.  In my class there was always two or three others. The only difference is they spelled their name with a “K”. I was about the only one to spell it with a “C”. I like it now is one it just grew on me and two it seems to fit me.  Maybe it has something to do with having the name “Cathy” all my life. You may want to read my post, Cathy – Day 23 G2KM Blog Challenge.
  4. Are you messy or neat? When I cook or create I’m a bit messy.  My work area is a bit of wreck but after I get my project done then I clean up.  I don’t wig out because of the mess, I just take care of it.
  5. How tall are you? I’m on the shorter side of average for a gal standing all 5’2″.  I used to want to be taller but being this height suits me just fine.
  6. How tall were you when you were 10? Seriously. I have no clue how tall I was but I’d say I had to be close to my current height. I think I stopped shooting up by the time I hit 13.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? A Couple of years ago I listed 10 Guilty Pleasures which I shared with my Monday Morning Musings peeps. Since that time I decided I don’t have guilty pleasures because we do the things we do because we enjoy life.
  8. What are you saving money for right now? Upcoming medical expenses and always keeping savings padded for periods of unemployment.
  9. How many Pringle’s can you eat at once? I haven’t eaten Pringle’s in many years so I have no clue how many I could stack together to eat comfortably. I’d say it wouldn’t be many because that makes for some sharp eating.
  10. Tea or coffee? Both. Tea on occasion and coffee every morning.
  11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? At times I’m both but mostly I’m an extrovert especially those I know or feel comfortable around.
  12. What will be your Halloween costume this year? I’m wearing it. I call it the “Me Face” that acts like a mood ring. Do you remember those? So, depending on the mood I’m in will depend on how scary or funny I will look on Halloween.
  13. Sweet or salty? The two put together is a great combination but lately, I prefer having salty foods over sweets.
  14. Favorite social media? I guess Facebook.  I don’t spend a lot of time there and even less time on Twitter. There for a while, I was surfing Pinterest every day but I slacked off. Actually, I’d have to say Pinterest is my favorite because there are so many creative ideas and I love browsing all the pins.
  15. Who is the last person you kissed? DH
  16. What is your favorite breakfast? I’d have to say pancakes with sausage.  I love to make whole wheat pancakes served with maple syrup. Oh, heavens is that good stuff! Pancakes made with bleached flour is awesome, too. When the kids were small I had a weekend routine where I made blueberry pancakes often.
  17. When is your birthday? December. Why you got me something? If you don’t mind a suggestion, you can’t go wrong with cash. Just saying is all.
  18. When did you start your blog? My blog anniversary is a matter of days away. I started blogging June 1, 2010.  It’s amazing how vested I am in Blogosphere – 7 years and I don’t have an itch to skip out on y’all. I reckon our relationship is weathering time pretty well, wouldn’t you agree?
  19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians? First, they are over-rated. I’ve seen far prettier girls in real life or other celebrities than any of them. Second, the drama is absolutely crazy judging on the tabloid headlines and finally, I just don’t care.
  20. How would you describe your style?
  21. What color is your hair? Sandy brown with glitter. That’s a better way to say gray.
  22. What color socks are you wearing? I’m not wearing socks but if I were they’d be white.
  23. What is your dream job? I’m doing it. Being at SAHW is really da bomb! I do what I want when I want. There’s no boss to answer to except me.  DH is very good to take care of me getting me whatever I want within reason but I wish I could contribute to the budget which would allow us to enjoy however we please. Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessings every day because we are fortunate. God is so good to us!
  24. Dogs or cats? I consider myself a cat person but I love dogs, too. I’d really like to have both for outdoor pets.  It’s nice to have animals around. They are loving and make your life better.
  25. What makes you weird?  I guess being normal because everywhere I turn I see abnormalities in one form or another, so I’m sure normal is weird to most.
  26. Celebrity crush? I can’t think of a celeb crush at the moment but in the 80s I had a crush on Tom Selleck and my girl crush was Christie Brinkley. Heck, I still crush on Christie. She’s amazing looking for her age!
  27. Opinion on cigarettes?  It’s a nasty habit with huge health risks to the smoker and the folks around them. Vaping is really big now. Everyone says that’s safer than cigarettes but you just wait in 10, 20, or 30 years from now they’ll find that Vaping is damaging, too.
  28. Do you want/have children? How many? I have three grown kids. Can I give them to you? I’m teasing, folks. Where’s your sense of humor? Oh yeah, you haven’t found it yet with the onset of kids. lol Really, parents of small children think it’s hard but let me tell you at the first sign of opinions forming WATCH OUT! because trouble is brewing. Actually, it’s more than just developing opinions. I can accept that, it’s the rebellion and then after that, you just, worry about them to make the right decisions, their safety, their health, their everything because that’s when you realize you can’t fix their problems like you did when they were small. They will never understand this fully until they are parents.
  29. Three favorite boy names. Austin, Joseph, and ??
  30. Three favorite girl names. Brittany, Nicole, and Danielle. We liked Brittany Nicole when I was prego with our first but we decided to reserve one of two favorites if we had two girls someday and we did. 🙂

You read past posts highlighting factoids about little ole me, here and here. It that isn’t enough, you can check under Blog Achievements for more posts I’ve written telling more about myself.  I figured you were here I may as well sell myself to you. You can thank me in comments. 🙂

I’m heading over to The Doglady’s Den to link up and if you liked this then you can follow along to lift these questions off her blog to create your own post.








My Life According to ZZ Top #music

Welcome kittens, dawgs, and Monday! Yep, yep the weekend is over, but don’t let that bring ya down. Recently I enjoyed reading a post at The Doglady’s Den . It was so much fun I wanted to do it. Don’t worry I’m not stealing Debbie’s idea. In fact, she invited her readers to borrow from the post.

Listen to ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits (I own this album) while you read through my answers and because I do not know most of the song titles I used, then I linked a YouTube shortcut for you to listen to any or all them.


In the spirit of fun, here’s My Life According to ZZ Top.

Are you a male or female?

I’m a Hi Fi Mama of three! 😉

Describe yourself:

I chose to describe myself as DH might, Legs.

How do you feel?:

This is a toss-up, I’m either Delirious or My Mind is Gone or maybe just a little of both.

Describe where you currently live:

It’s anything, other than a Groovy Little Hippie Pad.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

I’d love to go west someday and while I’m out there, let’s do Viva Las Vegas!

Your favorite form of transportation:

Why of course, I Want to Drive You home in my Thunderbird.

Your best friend is:

That Sharp Dressed Man you know as call DH.

Your favorite color is:

I think I’d rather tell you DH’s favorite color Cherry Red.

What’s the weather like?

What can say, except it Sure Got Cold After the Rain.

Favorite time of day:

As Time Goes By I find my favorite time is often in Stages throughout the day.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?

What’s Up With That?

What is life to you?

These days it seems like it’s a Decision or Collision.

Your relationships:

It’s all about Gimme Some Lovin’ baby! I’m glad it comes to me freely from DH. ?

Your fear:

Doing the Jailhouse Rock! lol

What is the best advice you have to give?

Life is too short, Enjoy and Get It On!

If you could change your name, you would change it to:

Maybe, Leila or Francine, but I really can’t see myself as either. Can you?

Thought for the day:

I Cant’ Stop Rockin’ on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

How you would like to die:

Asleep in the Dessert or anywhere as long as it’s in my sleep.

Your soul’s present condition:

A few things like blog nominations and April A-Z Challenge Got Me Under Pressure, but I’ll get through it.

Your motto:

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide” Okay, not really, but doesn’t that sound cool?

Do you want to play along to?

My Life According to Band

After you’ve published your own My Life According to (BAND/ARTIST) music challenge post, then hop back over here to link up for others to read your answers.

Let’s keep the party going, link up and join the fun with the 4M crew and swing by tomorrow to learn the results in last week’s Melancholy March #BoTB showdow. Have a tunetastic week!

Get your copy of ZZ Tops Greatest Hits from one of these fine online (affiliate) sources:




10 Get-to-know Cathy facts #AtoZRoadTrip #music

Good-morning kittens & dawgs! Usually, I like to pull together a random chat on Tuesday mornings, but I shared my new blog friend’s upcoming book release to announce. Anywho, I promised Les @ Time Out For Mom that I’d answer her questions (below).


image borrowed from Time Out For Mom

image borrowed from Time Out For Mom’s blog

I thought this would be good for newbie’s to Curious as a Cathy to learn more about me with these 10 get-to-know Cathy facts!

  1. Nicknames didn’t get pinned to me all that much, as a kid. My childhood BFF gave me one. You can find out what it is if you want by reading 10 Cathy Facts. My favorite is the one DH gave me. Legs. No, I don’t have long legs. He just likes them.  I love it and it’s a lot better than the ole ball and chain! 😉
  2. I have hazel eyes. Sometimes they appear green and other times they look like chestnut. But, I have yet to see a blue reflection like some people do with their hazel eyes. I’m actually a little jealous.
  3. Do we have to talk hair color? Well…it’s more or less a sandy blonde with shimmering white flecks. I would color my hair, but nothing ever works (OTC) to mask it. So, I think I’m slowly accepting this is the way it’s meant and move on.
  4. I’m truly a girly girl. I love all things girly ~ from a man opening a door for me to wearing heels. There is a lot of in-between stuff that comes with being a girly girl. I make no apologies or excuses for the way I am. I totally embrace being a soft woman and having others see me this way.
  5. My absolute favorite color is soft pink. Nothing says femininity like soft pink does, except maybe white and I do love those colors together.
  6. I’m not sure how to answer the question on my favorite place. Are we talking about vacation place or just in general? I’m going to go with a vacation because that’s simple. I love the New England area, especially the coastline of Maine with all those lighthouses. If you’ve read my blog for a while, then you already know this little tidbit. Maine is a beautiful state and I really want to go back!
  7. Many of the celebs I enjoy watching are from the 80s ~ Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Bronson, and Tom Cruise. This list is by no means complete.  I have a soft spot for all these aging actors. The new (or not-so-new) popular actors I like are Antonio Banderas (Assassins, The Legend of Zorro, Expendables 3 )Hugh Jackman (Kate & Leopold),  John Hamm (Mad Men), Kiefer Sutherland (24), Ryan Reynolds (The In-laws & The Proposal), Chris Evans ( The Losers and The Iceman), Jason Statham (Chaos & The Italian Job), George Clooney (O’ Brother Where Art Thou & Ocean series), … If I think about it enough, I can add more names. Maybe, I’ll have to do this as feature post sometime soon to give all my favorites recognition.
  8. I’m a fan of all animals in general, but if I had to pick one maybe a moose or black bear. I have yet to see a moose in life. I became kinda fascinated with them since our first visit to Maine. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the best part of the state for moose watching. On occasion, we spot a black bear and some elk (the closest thing to a moose I’ve seen) in the Smoky’s. It never fails to make me giddy as a school girl to see woodland creatures in the wild.
  9. Are you kidding me…a favorite song? I don’t know that I have just one favorite tune. You gotta remember this is coming from someone who does two music related posts each week and most days I include a song with my writing. But…I have a very special place in my heart Bread’s music (listen to the full album The Best of Bread below)
  10. Reader’s Digest? lol Actually, reading anything longer than a magazine article is about all I have done for many years. I never read a lot and after I had kids my focus for sitting down with a good book vanished…completely.  I buy interesting e-books with the hopes of changing my crazy mind now the children are all out of the house. Hopefully, the passion others experience for literature will ignite with me.

NOTE: The above hyperlinks are my posts that I thought you might like.


What’s your nickname? Do you have a favorite song? Tell me something new about you!


It’s time to hit the road again and I hope you’ll hop in the backseat for the ride as I head over to meet a few of my fellow A2Zroadsters.


I saw this on FB and couldn't resist sharing. :D

I saw this on FB and couldn’t resist sharing. 😀