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Monkey Town #WW + #BoTB results

I’m taking things easy this summer. Blogosphere is a bit like a ghost town this time of year and that’s ok. We all need to break away from our normal routine to enjoy life and what better time to do it than summer? Exactly.

DH and I are getting out more but staying relatively closer to home with shorter trips. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together. We passed through Dayton Tennessee. I noticed a business we passed called Monkey Town Brewing Company.  That seemed like an odd name. DH mentioned the famous trial against a high school teacher for teaching evolution was held in Tennessee and maybe somewhere nearby. I consorted with Google to learn this 1925 case took place in Dayton at the Rhea County Courthouse. July 10th will mark the 92nd anniversary of the landmark Scopes Monkey Trial.

While summer is under way, this Cathy wants to play. Not-so Wordless Wednesdays will be few; meaning limited linking time, so I decided to not add my linky party. I hope you’ll include a link back in comments for me and others to find your photo shares, though. 😉

Now for all you #BoTBers and other mewsic enthusiasts, I’ll share the outcome of my last battle but first let me pass on a little mews bulletin…

Starting next month, some players including myself plan to cut back participation. I decided to step down for the rest of the summer. If you subscribe to my post via email then you won’t miss a thing other wise mark your calendar for my BoTB return on September 15th. 😉

Alrighty, it won’t surprise any of y’all to know who the winner is in my A Father’s Day Tribute Showdown.  I threw three contenders onto center stage to rival for that coveted golden mic award. The battle nearly left one daughter out and the other only gathered a few votes making this an easy steal for…

Final tally: Carnie & Wendy (my pick) 10 votes, Jen 1 vote, and Roseanne 2 votes. Thanks to everyone for playing along!


You’re invited to visit Stephen for a complete list of BoTBers to see how their battles went last time. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off this YouTube Wilson (Carnie & Wendy) Phillips (Chynna) playlist .


Have a funtastic summer and join me on the dance floor “freebie style” with Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me!











Skywatch Friday Christmas Lights in Gatlinburg, TN

Last week I mentioned going to two Smoky Mountain foothills communities to enjoy the beautifully decorated buildings.  It was a gorgeous day, as you can clearly see in this picture taken at The Apple Barn & Cider Mill in Pigeon Forge.DSC_5774

I shared some day shots of Gatlinburg on #WW The Village if you want to take a peak, but the main reason we went were to see the evening Christmas lights pageantry. The weather was mild and the crowd was light ~ prime conditions for casually walking around.

This is Gatlinburg looking toward the Smoky Mountains. DSC_5912

In The Village, we bought some candy at the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. A family tradition we’ve done over the years off and on. This was an on year. 😀

DSC_5898This is another shopping plaza across the street from The Village. I love the gas lanterns! It adds that old world charm, don’t you think?

swf 12-18-15 DSC_5846

There’s something magical about this place at Christmas. I love the sense of wonder that fills me; the best part is that feeling lingers on for hours and capturing the moments then lets me to relive that sense of wonder any time.

Do you have a favorite town to visit at Christmas? Is this something you do yearly?

I’m linking up with the SWF team and invite you to join other photo enthusiasts across the net. Next up, I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate the small things.

I’m celebrating…

Cathy Kennedy makes nice list

You probably thought I was being naughty by telling you I made the Nice List, right?

Life should be celebrated, even when it seems like you have no reason to celebrate. Just look around, I bet you’ll see something good! What are you celebrating?

One way to celebrate is with  Friendship Friday and Friday Features Linky Party, where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration to boot!

That’s a wrap for now. Next week, I’m taking all of next week off; I plan to return January 4th. Meanwhile, enjoy my scheduled posts, the warmth and beauty of this Christmas holiday, and I pray for God to bestow many blessings on you and yours in the coming new year.


~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Wordless Wednesday: Revisiting stay-cation 2013

Last fall, DH & I enjoyed a little stay-cation from mid to late October. I got to use my big girl camera (Nikon D7000) a bit while we zipped here and there.  Unfortunately, I was not able to share all my photos with you.

Today, I will take you to a few spots outside Knoxville’s city limits to the town of Farragut, TN. Let me encourage you, if you have time to snoop through my November 2013 archives for more pictures from our stay-cation.

A still calm beside the water, washing your cares away…
Fort Loudon Lake Farragut, TN
This is in west Knoxville

However, staring at the water too long made me dizzy. I don’t think I would do well on a boat. In the original shot above, the water appeared lopsided. This is particular disturbing when shooting bodies of water to the eye in the aftermath. Your mind screams, “the water is spilling over the side!”

Luckily, I can counter attack my screw-ups with a simple straightening process in Fotor. I’m trying to train my eye to be more discerning to see this kind of flaw before releasing the shutter button, but honestly it doesn’t come natural to me.

We were quite blessed to enjoy many beautiful days during our period of relaxation. DH was always so patient to stop anywhere I wanted, even beside the road just so I could snap this shot. The rolled hay in the field brought out the wannabe artist out in me, so I used Fotor to apply “old wall’ effect giving it a painting-like appeal.

Exploring side roads, spotting rolled hay in a field

As I said,  it was beautiful and quite sunny. Do you remember me mentioning I’m on a learning curve with my DSLR? I was more so then, than now, but anyhow I could not tell the below image was drastically underexposed until I looked at it on the computer. The picture was too dark.

Turning in a church parking lot next to an old red barn
against a rich blue late summer sky

Thankfully, I was able to off-set the damage by adjusting the exposure through Fotor. The photo is still darker than I would like, but I love this barn. I am so happy for modern technology, aren’t you?

Taking time out from our schedules, even if it is staying around town or going to the mountains for the day that kind of break is every bit as relaxing, as a vacation far, far away. The only difference is, we didn’t have to shell out a lot of bucks to have fun. Happy WW!!

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Monday Morning Musings #18

Last week, I was introduced to a new blogger through a Facebook friend who happens to live in my own backyard of Knoxville. I’d like for you to meet, Leslie from Step at a Time. She’s a woman of faith, a mother, a daughter, and a cancer patient who’s struggling with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Please, join me in uplifting her prayer. We know not what the future holds, but the One who holds her/our future does.

If you feel compelled to pop in on her to drop a message of encouragement, then I think this would be appreciated and well…the prayers will wrap around her like a blanket. I believe in prayer. I know God hears our pleas. Please share Leslie’s needs with others when you request prayer.

Also, please remember my friend, Michelle Burnett. Last week, I asked for prayer for her mother. The Lord called her mother home while she slept sometime on Friday. This pain is a bittersweet mix of sadness and gladness.  The good news is Michelle, like all believers in Christ, knows one day she’ll be with her mother again.

Thank you for covering each these requests in the sweet name of Jesus.

Our weekend was spent on the go. We took a lovely drive along the Cherohala Skyway on Saturday. I took plenty of pictures, which I hope to share with you in the coming days.  Here’s a little teaser…

A quick shot of two proud fellers on Indian Boundary Lake
taken with my big girl camera (Nikon D7000). It’s not perfect
even a little blurry, but the moment was captured.

Sunday, we knocked around town looking at 4 potential homes (none suited our taste for one reason or another), grocery shopped, and took the car through the wash.  We were privileged to have gorgeous, spring-like weather. Now that DST has given us that extra hour of sunlight in the evening, I’m lovin’ it!

iPhone5s image snap
On the outskirt of Knoxville, one might stumbled upon a taste of country life

How was your weekend?

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Stash hosts my first blog hop Monday Listicles and Christine submitted today’s prompt.

“10 Traditions”

  1. Preparing traditional dinners for the holidays
  2. Gathering around the parents’ table for Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  3. Calling our loved ones to wish them a happy birthday or happy holiday.
  4. Having hotdogs & hamburgers on the 4th of July
  5. Making rubber-stamped art greetings for all yearly special events. Hallmark can’t say what heart can say with a one-of-a-kind hand-made card filled with your own sentiments.
  6. Exchange of small gifts throughout the year for various occasions. Nothing elaborate, just a little something that says, I thought of you.
  7. Always make & decorate birthday cake for our children, fussed a little over them with a pizza dinner, & watch a couple of movies. Now that we have an empty-nest, I still do all these things for DH.
  8. Wear something green for St. Patrick’s Day
  9. Make an Irish meal usually the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. That being said, this weekend, I will make Beef O’Brady’s Reuben sandwiches served with potato soup.
  10. When the children were little, the Easter bunny left baskets filled with goodies, we attended sunrise service, colored, hid, & hunted Easter eggs, rejoiced over Christ’s resurrection, believed in Santa, wrote letters to Santa, left Santa cookies, read the foretelling of and the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible each Christmas, celebrated Jesus’ birth, left baby teeth under pillows for the Tooth Fairy, & many more customs. Many of these same things we still do even though the kids have moved out. I just can’t break from family traditions with all of these special memories.

Each week, Heather, puts on loan FOUR QUESTIONS for anyone to borrow and answer for your blog post, and then she give you the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four questions you answered. Don’t forget to grab the MQAM badge for your blog or post or both from Acting Balanced blog!

1. March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day – are you proud of your middle name? What is it and is there a story behind it? I haven’t thought one way or another about being proud of my middle name. It’s rather a simple four-letter name, and I have no clue if there is a story behind why my mother choose it. Maybe, it’s because she liked the sound of it…Lynn…Cathy Lynn.

2. What makes you happy? Other than my DH? Music! Click here to join me on the dance floor this morning.

3. What do you consider to be ‘middle age’? Once upon a time, I thought 40 was ‘middle age’. However, having been there and done that and now in the next decade I have to say ‘middle age’ is over-rated. You’re as old as you want to feel, so don’t think of yourself as ‘middle age’ or ‘over-the-hill’ unless you’re ready to act like grandma/grandpa. I. Will. Never. Be. Middle-age.

4. What is your fondest memory of your grandparents? Waking up to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying. Watching grandpa pour off some of his coffee onto his saucer to cool. Calling grandpa to pray for my toothaches (I had many of these as a kid). Helping them in the garden, or chasing their chickens, gathering eggs, or sloping (feeding) the hogs. Laying in bed with grandma at night listening to scary stories, or laying near an open window at the foot of her bed looking at the millions of stars in the night sky ~ so beautiful. Listening to grandpa preach or to my grandparents & parents sing in church. Helping grandma wash clothes with an old-fashion wringer washing machine and getting my hand stuck in it ~ not fun! I have so many wonderful, wonderful memories of my grandparents. I still can’t believe they are no longer with us but one day I’ll see them again.

My question for today is…. 

What past or present stand-out TV show comes to mind as a ‘must-see’ series?

Do you like music? Would you like a fun, loving group of loyal bloggers to visit you week after week after week? If you’re nodding your head yes like I think you are, then you’re gonna wanna check out my Monday’s Music Moves Me post and be a part of the dance floor shakin’!


Skywatch Friday: Knoxville National Cemetery

Union Soldiers’ Monument

For the last weekend in February,  the weather felt glorious with spring-like temperatures on Sunday. DH and I enjoyed knocking around town tending to some light shopping, and of course it was a prime condition for a local photo shoot.  Let me encourage you to click the image to enlarge to enhance your viewing pleasure of today’s photos.

We ventured to a cemetery where more than 8,000 veterans are laid to rest on Tyson Street.  In the center of the cemetery stands the American flag. Here, she waves proudly, as if to say to these brave men and women who slumber beneath her, “Thank you for your sacrifice”.


In the far distance, I spied our city’s 1982 World’s Fair icon, the Sunsphere.


At the time, I did not realize when I photographed Old Gray Cemetery last fall that this cemetery butts right up to on the other side of the fence in this photo. This grave marker in the foreground is of a fallen soldier from the Civil War holds no particular interest, other than the grave marker itself. However, curious as I am I asked Google about this unknown man and luckily got a couple hits on Maj. Luther M. Blackman.


Sergeant Charles McGuire’s headstone sits apart from the many carbon copies in the background and immediately became my focal point for shooting this photo and draws my eye toward the Union Soldiers’ Monument towering the nearby graves.

From Tyson Street sidewalk, I snapped this picture which concluded my visit at Knoxville National Cemetery.

What captures your imagination to photograph lately?

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Wordless Wednesday: Fog on the BRPKY

In March 2011, we ventured a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We got on the parkway in the Boone, North Carolina area and travelled south. Like so many times over the years, this occasion was no different. A shroud of dense fog on the parkway offered limited views of the mountains while we drove but the ambiance is nothing short of a peaceful and a little eerie. The parkway isn’t heavily traveled  usually when the weather is like this but we rather enjoy it.

image captured with my small point n’ shoot Canon DS8800 camera

Right now, I can’t pinpoint where I took this picture. I seem to remember that there is a hiking trail nearby and there is a rather large graveled parking area that we pulled into.  I loved the awesomeness of the fog in the background, as it crept slowly over the trees.

Wordless Wednesday offers a chance for me to play around with my photos and share the results.  The fog along adds an artsy feel in itself to the above image, but when I dabble with some special effects and the mood changes in the picture.

Fotor effect – Sutro Fi
Fotor effect – Grayscale

The aura along the Blue Ridge Parkway with the rolling fog has mysterious and sometimes haunting feelings. If you’re a writer, an artist, or a photographer then you can expect to be inspired after driving in these conditions.

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Christmas in the Smokies

The Smoky Mountain foothills’ communities are hosting their annual Winterfest now through the end of February 2014. Here are just a few shots taken on our recent day trip. For a better viewing experience, click on the images to enlarge. 😉

Carousel at The Island


 Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge



The Wheel at The Island





It’s so nice that you come by. I hope you’ll decide to make it a repeat visit each week to share in  my musical memories (new or old) and my photo ops.  Be sure to join my linky party!

I will be hopping over to your blog soon. Have a wonderful WW!Save