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#SWF Rainy Skies Photo-artwork

Yesterday I shared an ordinary photo of gray rainy skies and as promised today I’m sharing how I used that photograph in Pixelmator applying some cool brushes and backgrounds to create three new photo artworks but first let me ask, did you vote in my latest round of BoTB yesterday? If not, I hope you’ll hop over to cast your vote! 😉

In the first photo, I applied two different Brusheezy brushes – birds and deer.

Usually, I keep my layers visible in a working copy of my image so I can share with you what I used but I messed up and didn’t save the file. In the next image, I added a grunge background. There are many good free resources you can find on the Internet if you like this look. It makes the picture a bit moodier.

Finally, in the last image, I added another overlay of realistic water drops to the above image. I shot the original picture through a raindrop splattered car window which is barely visible in the unedited photo, but with this added background enhances that rainy day sense.

I am sharing my Rainy Day Photo Artwork with the Skywatch Friday photo family.

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Affinity photoedit play Cumberland Falls Kentucky #WW

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs to not-so Wordless Wednesday! A few years ago one of our day trips took us north to the state of Kentucky. We visited Cumberland Falls State Park. It was a gorgeous day. However photographing the river wasn’t the best time because of heavy rains received earlier that week. The water wasn’t pretty, just muddy brown.


The original, unfiltered photo.

Using the above photo in my Affinity photo-editing software I altered the image feel by changing the temperature.

DSC_3680 hue blue

This is a simple hue adjustment.

The blue hue is kinda cool, but I really like how the next photo-ed turned out.

DSC_3680 difference

This effect is called Difference. The eerie contrast gives the image a not-of-this-world sense. I think it would be a nice Sci-fi cover.

Nothing super magical in what I did, but the fun opportunity to playfully manipulate the original to make the image more interesting.

You can read more about my Cumberland Falls adventure in 2014, here.  In case you missed the mews I’m working on my site, repairing broken links and videos while summer blog traffic is slow. What this means is I’m minimizing my content by combining posts that are very similar such as (Not-so) Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday.

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Newfound Gap Picture photo-edits #WW

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs last summer this time we were in the Smoky’s when I snapped this shot over looking the North Carolina valley from Newfound Gap.

The first picture there are not edits done other than adding my copyright.

DSC_4941 Newfound Gap Overlook originial

In the second one, I dabbled with Stylize feature in Pixelmator called Pointillize.

WW 8-24-2016 DSC_4941 Pixelmator Pointilize effect

Here, I applied a blue glitter background as an overlay. It reminded me of snow falling, but the landscape still said summer. So, on the background image I inverted the colors giving the over-all effect of a stormy night or at least this is the feeling I get when I look at it. Do you feel any cooler? Are you ready for winter to arrive?

DSC_4941 Newfound Gap Overlook blizzard

What views are in the eye of your camera? Do you like to create photo-art of using your images through photo-editing?

In case you missed the mews I’m working on my site, repairing broken links and videos while summer blog traffic is slow. What this means is I’m minimizing my content by combining posts that are very similar such as (Not-so) Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday.

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Wordless Wednesday: Near Devil’s Courthouse on BRPKY

Have you been visiting the past two weeks? If so, then you know I am displaying archived photos from 2011 taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I took this photo below at the same time.

click the image to enlarge
captured with my small point n’ shoot Canon DS8800 camera

If my memory serves me correctly, then this is near Devil’s Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway (milepost 422). With a few Fotor editing techniques, I changed the effect by applying a gray tint vignette to the below image…

click the image to enlarge

and, adjusting the grayscale to a preset called, Chimney here…

click the image to enlarge

The fog hung over us the entire day on this trip, but that’s not uncommon. There have been many times while visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway and find ourselves surrounded by the eerie beauty. That’s what makes part of the trip all the more enjoyable.

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Photo Op

Sunsphere World’s Fair (1982) Park in Knoxville, TN

For the past several months, I’ve participated in a weekly meme known as Wordless Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with this hop, then allow me to explain how I perceive the way it works.

Your aim is to post a photograph – yours or borrowed without any words. Hints the “wordless” part, but I have found many, including myself cannot refrain from including some sort of descriptive content.

I think most folks do not mind one way or another, just as long as people are sharing in the fun. Which ever you choice to do – wordless or not-so-wordless, you then link your post URL to any number of WW linky parties in Blogosphere.


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I count myself as a novice shutterbug. It’s interesting how owning a camera has changed my perspective of my surroundings. I now see things around me through new eyes.

Other than enjoying capturing that perfect (or not-so-perfect) picture, I also love to do photo editing. Didn’t I say, I was a novice photographer? Dah, I need all the help I can get.

There are a few freebie online photo editors, if you wish to spare the expense of a software purchase by taking advantage of  BeFunky, PicMonkey, and  FotoFlexer – all of which I have used and like.

Let me be frank, I don’t have a natural eye to properly frame my picture so my the focus on my subject is more tight. What this boils down to is, I leave things in the picture I really don’t want. That’s where photo cropping pays off in spades. Sometimes, I get a shot slightly out of focus. I have yet to find a photo editing program, which will correct this problem, but instead I can create a new artsy image by using special effects like water paint.

I corrected this image by using the above techniques,
turning my not-so-perfect picture into a masterpiece (or at least in my eye)!

The cool thing about special effects in photo editing is I can take any image, even a perfect one and change it any way I want. Like from color to black & white or sepia or tint the image or adjust the highlights and shadows (silhouette effect). There is just so many things you can do with photo editing in the digital world that is amazing.

Two for one – tint & silhouette features creating a new image effect
By selecting grayscale, I turned my color image into a black & white photo
and then I added a vignette matte to put the focus on my subject – the soda can

My photographic eye is still in training and has lots to learn. It gives me great joy to hop around each week to visit more experienced photographers and to see their latest photographic exhibit. Right now, I am not as good as these and maybe I never will be, but I do find inspiration and delight in exposing myself to the possibility of “I think I can do that!”

I am not looking to be a world-renowned photographer. I only hope to enhance my life through the pleasure photography gives while I improve one picture at a time!

1. What is your favorite thing to photography?

2. Do you like re-creating your images through photo editing? If so, what is your favorite special effect feature & what photo editor do you use?

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Thursday Favorite Things Mama’s Losin’ It

Here comes the sun & Rain clouds Photo Op – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Photo “Here comes the sun” captured with my iPhone.
Unedited image – only added copyright using FotoFlexer –

Last Tuesday morning, I woke to heavy rain fall. It so happened it was also trash pickup on our street. This job had to be done because I missed the previous week and our bins were in need of being emptied. I resolved to take it down rain or not. Luckily, I caught a break as the rain dissipated. The clouds were giving way to blue skies as I began my haul to the curb, but without first seizing the above photo-op.

Same as above, used Picmonkey’s Winterland theme “Chill”  effect


Photo “Rain clouds” captured with iPhone. Unedited image – only added copyright
using Picmonkey


Same as above, but used Picmonkey’s “Holga” effect

By Friday, March swept in like a lion with winter’s nip biting and snow showers. No accumulation, but my mind was ever so on spring’s arrival. Let’s hope that lion goes to sleep soon in our own backyard!

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