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What does a squirrel, OP Taylor, and an outhouse have in common? #WW

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Welcome Kittens & Dawgs! Did I grab your attention with my post or what? So, what does a squirrel, OP Taylor, and an outhouse have in common? These are all things I spied in our recent trip to Brevard, North Carolina.

In the past, I’ve shared my photo captures from Brevard, but if you’re new to Curious as a Cathy or just need a little refresher, then look here.

We leisurely strolled the streets. I took several shots of Rocky’s Soda Shop. I can’t resist not doing that and I hope the next time we visit Brevard we can get a hamburger from this place. It looks so fun!

Rocky's Soda Shop DSC_6412

While we walked around town, I noticed signs for the White Squirrel festival (May 27-29) and most shops had white squirrel stuffed toys in their windows. At first, it seemed like some sort of novelty thing and it didn’t register as anything more than quirky fun. I finally asked DH, “What’s with the white squirrel stuff around here?” He said, “Brevard is known to have white squirrels.”  My eyes widened, “There’s really a such thing as a white squirrel? You’re kidding, right?”  Well, seeing is believing. Not that I doubted DH, but a white squirrel is a rare breed and only a handful of states have them. Brevard is the only community to honor the white squirrel with a festival. In fact, they are nuts about these little critters so much so that they passed a city ordinance protecting this species. Who can blame them? Look for yourself just how cute they are!

White Squirrel DSC_6492

This little guy was a real camera ham and smart. He recognized the shutter sound posing for nearly every shot on Que.

Brevard isn’t very big, but it’s versatility surprises me. This toy store has that small town charm and I love the bicycle in front with the flowers in the basket. The toy soldiers standing guard at the other entrance are really cool.

OP Taylor's Toy Store DSC_6427

DH was on a mission. Doughnuts? Well, he wouldn’t turn them down, if he found them, but he wanted cinnamon rolls. Like I said, this town surprises me considering its modest size and yet they have two bakeries. Bracken Mountain Bakery on Broad (from the toy store you go left) and then  Blue Ridge Bakery (to the right of the toy store).

On one of our previous visits to Brevard we got stuff from Bracken’s and decided to try Blue Ridge this time located about 2-blocks pass the toy store on the opposite side of the street. From the sidewalk, we spotted cinnamon rolls in their display case through the large glass front. That’s all it took to pull us inside for a closer examination. We talked several minutes to a super friendly woman behind counter before telling her what we wanted. That’s when the boom fell. Their credit card reader wasn’t working. *sigh* We left empty-handed wearing frowns. Next time we’re in town, we’ll definitely try again.

Okay, we didn’t get any pastries so we decided to try Downtown Chocolates on our way toward the toy store. Their chocolates looked good. DH picked out an assorted selection for us to try later. Unfortunately, when later came the chocolates melted together into a blob and we couldn’t tell hide nor hair of anything. I guess we’ll have to go back for more, right?

Next shop we wanted to go to was Kiwi Gelato. The owners of the shop, we didn’t meet them, are from New Zealand. Now you know why Kiwi is part of their business name. We normally are not gelato fans, but we are huge ice cream eater. We love, Love, LOVE ice cream! Over the years, we’ve tried gelato at various places always to disappointed with the lack of flavor. We just thought that was the way gelato was until we got this latest stuff from Kiwi Gelato. We had four varieties: Biscotti (cookie flavor), Sea Salt Caramel, Blackberry, and Blueberry. There was nothing wimpy about their robust flavor that delighted our taste buds of this gelato. The Blueberry and Seas Salt Caramel were a top picks. It’s highly possible that Kiwi Gelato will get a repeat visit from us in the future. 😉

Still reeling from the Blue Ridge Bakery upset, we didn’t want to leave Brevard without a cinnamon roll. DH really is a pastry fanatic! On the way back to the car, we hit Bracken Mountain Bakery (BMB).  Three years ago we felt the scones weren’t sweet enough, the cinnamon rolls didn’t have enough cinnamon, and both tasted stale despite claims everything was made fresh that morning. This time DH got a cinnamon roll (YAY for him), a blueberry scone, a cherry scone, and Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookie. Our order was nearly identical to our first time purchase except for cookie. We decided to nibble on the pastries en-route to Cedar Mountain, North Carolina about 25-minutes from Brevard.

You can always tell the ones who have and have not in a community.

Fancy Outhouse DSC_6444

That’s right, a satellite equipped outhouse. Just when you thought you saw every thing, something else comes along to make you smile. I mean really smile!

Oh, you want to know how Bracken’s stacked up this time?  Everything tasted freshly made with no stale taste. The cinnamon roll and scones still had the other two strikes against them ~ not enough cinnamon in cinnamon roll and the scones needed more sugar. There’s so much potential with these two pastries and yet they are wasting it! On a good note, the cookie was quite good, but that item isn’t enough to get us back in the shop on our next visit.

That’s a wrap this time. Now, I invite you to link your WW post below (My yearly LinkyTools subscription expired and with DH out of work I’m opting to try a free link up service by InLinkz. Hopefully, it will do what I need.)

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I want to invite you to vote in June 1st #BoTB showdown (posted a little earlier today). Also I’d like for you to come back for another peek through the lens with my Skywatch Friday edition, as well as get in on the Friday social media action. Have a fototastic day!

white squirrel humor DSC_6502

Sunday Sillies: Outhouse #humor

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! How’s your weekend going? I’m having a good one and we have an extra long one this go around, too. Yeahaw!

This morning’s giggles are inspired by Friday’s post, My last time in an outhouse join me in daily dose of laughs with these Sunday Sillies!

image001 SANTA OUTHOUSE_1 snow_outhouse


Have a sun-tastic day. Keep smiling and a have laughtastic week!

My last time in an outhouse

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I am totally into learning about my ancestors. Last Friday, you sampled a taste of my genealogy with Meet my parents. I shared with you that Mom and Dad were both born in southern West Virginia. Of course, I lived there until I married in 1979.

In the era my parents were born (late 30s to mid-40s) times were hard for the mountaineers. Folks in the small woods communities in McDowell County had few luxuries and many lived in conditions we would think are primitive today.

I got to thinking about their many inconveniences and things we take for granted like bathrooms. In those days, you went to the bathroom in an Outhouse (outdoor toilet) in most areas. Although, finding a spot behind a tree would work, too. When I was a little girl that’s the only bathroom my family had until the late 60s. Have you had the privilege of using one?Now, this brings me to the point of post. I have a funny story to share about my last time in an outhouse.

In the early 80s, we went home for a weekend visit to my in-laws. Years ago, we sorta coördinated our trips home when DH’s older brothers and their wives would be there, too. On this particular stay the house was full of people.

It was night-time, everyone was doing their own thing as I laid on the sofa reading a scary book when mother nature made her call. I didn’t waste time to check the bathrooms ~ upstairs bathroom…occupied. SHOOT! Downstairs bath…taken! DANG!! I had no other recourse than to venture out into the darkness…alone. It sounds like I’m a bit of scaredy Cathy, doesn’t it? If you said, yes, then you’re right. Trust me, no one wants to go to an outhouse with you. I grabbed a flash light; out the door, across the lawn, and down the hill I went.

Making myself comfortable, it was then I realized all alone…in the dark… and at the edge of the woods my ears picked up every tiny sound. My eyes darted rapidly back and forth.  I heard scratching and movement. Where was it? My heart quickened. It wasn’t uncommon for animals to amble across my in-laws property. Was it a bear? A panther? Anything was possible, after all I was in wild, wonderful, West Virginia.

My brow was tense, my nostrils flared excitedly with each breath, and my pulse beating 100mps. “Okay,” I thought, “If its a bear I can out run it, but a big cat? No way!” Exhaling heavily, I voiced out loud, “Stay calm. Walk, don’t run. Keep alert!” With saucer wide eyes, I gradually opened the door. So far so good! I don’t see anything, I thought.

I paced my feet – not too fast and not too slow. My heart-felt like it would jump out of my chest. DH told me on several occasions how the terrifying cry from the big cat woke him in the middle of the night or how he sensed the stealthy creature prowling around in the shadows after he’s returned home at night when we dated. Why even Grandma Kennedy told us the story of a panther that chased her and her sister home when she was young; barely escaping death from the merciless feline we named Green Eyes.

The minute long trip back to the comfort of my in-laws’ home took forever or so it seemed. Breathlessly, I told DH about my experience. Trying to not laugh, I’m sure he giggled just a bit, a silly grin creased his face. “That was a mouse more than likely. They like to build nests under the outhouse.

My shoulders slumped with relief. I was happy my wild suspicions was nothing more than a mouse but I couldn’t help to think, “What if it weren’t a mouse, but ole Green Eyes?”

Please forgive me, but this is a good time to toss in a plug for my children’s story. Check out… The Tale of Ole Green Eyes  Thanks! 😉

In retrospect, I like to think my venture was every bit as exciting as a panther lurking somewhere in the dark, unseen and not a little mouse. However, I never used the outdoor facilities again after that and avoided being out after dark…alone. lol

You may enjoy reading the Time’s article A Brief History of Toilets. Personally, I am thankful we have toilets…in our home where you don’t have to wear a coat or carry a shotgun when you go to the bathroom, aren’t you?

What outhouse stories do you have to share?