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Odd Headline Mews #humor + Friendly Fill-ins

Hello, Kittens & Dawgs! How was your week? Mine was good. I’m getting thing accomplished around the house and am prepping for April’s A-Z Challenge.  Speaking of the latter, I’m thinking about putting all my Friday material in one post in March while I work to bring my A-Zing together. What can I say, I’m here to keep you on your toes and mine, too. 🙂  I’m glad you came by this morning for your weekly dose of laughs. Set your coffee down and let’s get started Odd Headline Mews!







Let’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins with Annie and Ellen. Every 1FFBadge

Thursday four fun and easy blank statements are posted for us to borrow, complete, and share on our site. The point is to simply have fun linking, reading, and meeting others who enjoy this sort of thing.


Here’s my response to this week’s fill-ins:

(1)  I wish the days where men were more masculine and women were more feminine would come back in style.  I blame liberal indoctrination.

(2)  I always have a flashlight in my purse (or wallet for men).

(3)  I think that I will have oatmeal with cinnamon and pecan pieces for breakfast this morning or eggs and toast; I’m undecided. Alternating between cereal (hot or cold) and eggs each day keeps me from getting bored.

(4)  The casual use of the f-word in our culture is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t stress how much it annoys me to hear the unnecessary use of this word in movies. It doesn’t add any value to the story and it takes away my enjoyment.



Are you looking for my Skywatch Friday and Celebrate the Small Things posts? I published it earlier this morning, just click here! 😉



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Friday Features Linky Party

That’s a wrap for now but you’re invited to hit the dance floor (mewsic theme – “SONGS FROM 1980s GRAMMY WINNERS”) on Mondays Mewsic Moves Me.


Until next time, have a laughtastic weekend!











Friday Sillies # 63 – Weird News

News is just way too serious. Who wants that? Especially since it’s Friday and our mind is geared for fun. Let’s enjoy some giggles with odd headlines and videos for today’s sillies!

Christmas is saved!

Not Santa! German fire brigade rescue naked man from chimney

Felines are sneaky and here’s proof.

Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison

Someone has too much time on his hands, but oh the expressions are priceless!

Can you imagine this?

I stumbled upon this definitely older weird news. I always say you gotta listen to your body but to learn of this discovery?

Doctors Remove 60 Pound Tumor (link no longer works)

I hope you enjoyed my sillies. Have a good weekend and keep smiling!