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Thursday Thoughts: North Country Wind Bells Review & Giveaway

Earlier in the week, I announced the super prospect of doing something really special for you guys. Things panned out like I had hoped! It’s my honor to introduce you to North Country Wind Bells. Connie, please tell us a little about you and your business. 

Thank you, Cathy. I am the second generation of our Maine company, as my parents started the business back in the mid ‘70’s.  My parents started the “Buoy Bell® Series” which echo the “Haunting Sounds and Magic Memories®” of the bell buoys on the ocean’s waters, great lakes and mighty rivers.  One can hear a sample of our wind bells in the video below.  

We live on the rugged coast of Maine of which we cherish all the beauty around us.  The inspiration in our unique designs and sounds are derived from the beautiful forests and ever changing seas.  We work very hard to create excellent quality and service in our work and we stand behind it!  The steel we use is over 60% recycled steel, being cognizant of our environment.  Our work practices include all that we can be to strive forward as a green company as well.

In 1989, DH and I spent our 10th wedding anniversary on the coast of Maine in the quaint little town of Boothbay Harbor. The charm and mystery of vacationing on the shore of down-east is mesmerizing, especially the sounds that accompany its quaint beauty. We fell in love with the resonant harbor buoy bell.

Shortly after we returned home from our forever memorable vacation, DH stumbled upon North Country Wind Bells in a popular mail-order catalog. Ecstatically, we purchased the Boothbay Harbor buoy bell replicate wind bell. The comfort its music brings calms the storm within, while turbulent winds bellow outside.

We have enjoyed our North Country Wind Bells so much so that we have gifted the exact one to family members. This is the perfect all-occasion, made in Maine present to give to anyone! And… you know how important it is to us that products are made in the USA, too. They gets double kondo points on this one! 😉

This brings me to the point of today’s post. The good folks at North Country Wind Bells have agreed to give away one Boothbay Harbor Wind Bell with a black buoy bell wind catcher to one of my lucky readers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

North Country Wind Bells is a fabulous gift-giving idea. Right now through mid-October you can get US flat-rate shipping for only $6.95!  After that it will go to $8.95, but hey, that’s still a great deal considering no matter how much you order, you pay only a low, flat-rate price. Totally cool, eh?

I want to invite you to browse their site, just click on the button below!

NCWB photo NCWBsigphoto.jpg
The Boothbay Harbor Wind Bell
looks very much like this pictured above.

Don’t forget to show your support & love for USA made products by Facebook “liking” North Country Wind Bellshere! This is a fabulous way to keep up with new products & promo, too.

Oh, YES! Please, please, please share this opportunity with your friends. I wanna see this totally righteous giveaway explode in Blogosphere! *wink*

Now it’s time to visit Miss Jenny and the rest of the Alphabe-Thursday classroom for more homework assignments of the letter “R” and while you’re hopping around, be sure to play along with Miss Amanda in her latest edition of Thursday Two Questions.

1. Is North Country Wind Bells something you would be interested in getting for yourself, family member, or both?
2. Which North Country Wind Bells is your favorite?
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**DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid post. I did not receive compensation in any form for writing it. This is a business I have dealt with on a personal level for years and am privileged to host a giveaway of one of their fine North Country Wind Bells. Thank you, Connie for giving me this opportunity! **

Tuesday Talk Time: Randomizing, Chats, and Diamond Candles giveaway reminder

Photographed this morning with DistressedFX iPhone App, using “Seasons” overlay…I think. lol

How was your weekend? The temperature cooled a lot here in the south. A refreshing hint of fall was in the air on Friday. Ah, I cannot wait till the weather is that pleasant for more than a weekend!  I don’t mind telling you, I’m a bit giddy thinking about the fall foliage, aren’t you? I just love autumn in East Tennessee!

DH’s tried out his new Husqvarna 223L string-trimmer Saturday. It is fantastic. That little baby whacks the grass and weeds down like its nothing! I haven’t had the pleasure of test driving it, but I really want to. There’s only one thing stopping me and that’s hurting someone close by, including myself. Maybe, I should reconsider this for a minute. Maybe, I should stick to what I am comfortable with – our battery-powered string trimmer that isn’t a beastie as the 223L. Don’t be fooled, the lesser frightening one is powerful enough to tear a person up, if not handled properly. I’ll let you know if I give the 223L a whirl or not, but not without first issuing a warning to those standing nearby. *big grin*

Speaking of the weekend and autumn, we were watching football Sunday night (Seahawks VS 49ers) when this commercial came on.


Are you laughing? I. Absolutely. Died. Laughing. This is one of the funniest ads I have seen in a while. It by far is better than any of the 1M dollar ads that ran this past SuperBowl.

Here’s something for you. Recently, I bought some lump crabmeat anticipating making crab cakes for the first time. I figured it can’t be too hard and should be much the same as salmon cakes, which I make occasionally. Lucky for me, America’s Test Kitchen aired a segment on how to make the Best Crab Cakes right after purchasing the crabmeat much to my delight. I’m eager to give this recipe a try! Doesn’t it look yummy? Do you have experience with making crab cakes?

Last night while we were watching Sunday night football, DS sent a text to DH with some big news. He bought his first used vehicle for $1700.  All I remember about it is, it’s a 4×4, V8 something or another. His comment was, “I bet it’s gonna be a gas guzzler.” Dah, you reckon? Overall, I think he didn’t do too shabby and it sounds like a nice first set of wheels for DS. Way to go, Sonny boy, we’ll be looking forward to checking it out! 😉


The past couple of weeks I think I have been mentally challenged and unable to catch Patrice’s Chats on the farmhouse porch (non-working link) for one reason or another. I decided this morning, it was time to visit my lovely bloggy friends. It’s a bit nippy, so you may want to throw on a sweatshirt and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy this morning’s chat session.

  1. What’s the one thing you feel is the biggest waste of your time during an average week? Honestly? Blogging is the biggest waste of time, but try to not look at it in a negative light. Blogging gives me the creative outlet to do what I enjoy – sharing of myself through words. The blogosphere is an excellent platform to perfect my art. 
  2. When was the last time you baked a pie? Home-made pies: Thanksgiving 2012. Store-bought pies: Spring 2013 
  3. What do you want to spend time doing that you aren’t right now? What I really would like to be doing that I’m not doing is working on my Christmas cards. Yes, I have to start well before the holidays in hope of having them done early in the season. Preferably completing the job before Thanksgiving. I know what I want to do and buy supplies late October. I just gotta hunker myself down to begin my project, which is always the hardest first step.
  4. What do you do with old clothes? Old clothing goes in the trash. Once upon a time, we donated ALL unwanted items to Goodwill. That was before they went all psycho by enforcing restrictions on how you are to drop off goods. I understand an organization may want items placed in a certain spot. I am cool with that, but to deny drop offs completely and threatening people with court action for those who leave charitable contributions at their doorstep so-to-speak after hours is ridiculous. What can I say? Liberalism is a mental disorder. This is why we no longer go out of our way to make a special delivery to Goodwill when the city trash will take it off my hands without fussing. Isn’t that a shame? 

If we were having lunch on the porch today, what would you bring for the potluck-style lunch? Fresh veggies and ranch-style veggie dip or my near world-famous spicy black olive & onion spread with crackers.


Have you entered the Diamond Candles candle giveaway yet? Time is running out fast with only 1-day remaining in the giveaway. Get in on the action NOW, click here for a chance to win!


Later in the week, look for my newest review & giveaway opportunity for a Maine made buoy bell chime by North Country Wind Bells. You’re gonna so love this!

I believe I could go for another cup of coffee, how about you?  Follow me while I make a few more visits with these some of my Tuesday link up buds listed under Daily Blog Hops at the top of this page. 😉

Have a terrific day!