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Friday Sillies # 63 – Weird News

News is just way too serious. Who wants that? Especially since it’s Friday and our mind is geared for fun. Let’s enjoy some giggles with odd headlines and videos for today’s sillies!

Christmas is saved!

Not Santa! German fire brigade rescue naked man from chimney

Felines are sneaky and here’s proof.

Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison

Someone has too much time on his hands, but oh the expressions are priceless!

Can you imagine this?

I stumbled upon this definitely older weird news. I always say you gotta listen to your body but to learn of this discovery?

Doctors Remove 60 Pound Tumor (link no longer works)

I hope you enjoyed my sillies. Have a good weekend and keep smiling!



Tuesday News

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It’s Tuesday and with that comes my morning coffee and news. This week, I’m kicking off something different. Instead of my usual randomness, I thought I would springboard my rantings from the headlines that most captured my eye.

In the news today there’s more warnings…. Too Much Too Young: Children Glued to TV & Computer Screens at Risk for Cancer and Obesity. Gee, you reckon?  I agree technology – computers & TV tends to lead to a more sedentary lifestyle this isn’t the whole problem.

Think about it, 40 years ago when I was a kid, we had TV.  We all watched our favorite programs after school or on the weekends. However, my mom along with all the other moms in the neighborhood insisted on each of us doing other things.

We played indoors and out using our brilliant imaginations to create hours upon hours of interactive play which included physical activities galore – dodge ball, softball, tag, basketball, hopscotch, bicycling, roller skating, and the list goes on. We also managed to have quiet play time – Barbie dolls, house, board games, card games, etc.

We ate junk food just like kids do today but because finances were tight then there wasn’t a lot of it in the house. Snack foods were a big treat unlike it is today. Another thing is we never ate junk food out of boredom. I mean, who had time to be bored with all the outdoor activities? This was the best calorie burner ever!

Where were the obese kids? I can tell you this, they were far and few between.

My opinion is the alarming cause of issue is poor dietary habits plus inactivity. This is what’s putting our children at risk for certain cancers and excess weight gain. Liberals are trying to make it look like technology is the evil force behind this problem, just like they try to say that guns kill people when the truth of the matter is it starts with people. I dare say these kids are only mimicking what they see in their parents. You know,  “Monkey see. Monkey do.”

Where does the real change need to begin?

Marriage or Rape? 90-Year-Old Saudi Weds 15-Year-Old Girl.   My brain will never be able to wrap around this sort the Middle East’s culture. This is simply unfathomable.

To me, it makes no difference if a man lives in a far away land where this is customary or down the street where it is illegal, the man is a pedophile. Having sex with a child wife is wrong! Love making is a beautiful thing between consenting adults but these sex acts are selfish, crude, and turn it into an ugly deed.

In yesterday’s news, the headlines read: GA Mom Shoots Intruder 5 Times Saves Children. I believe this woman deserves Mother of the Year for such heroism. Can you imagine, if she didn’t have a gun to protect herself and children? The story may not have a happy ending. Instead, the headlines may have read: Mother and Twin Sons Murdered by Home Intruder.  I, for one, am happy with the favorable outcome for this family.

This little tidbit has nothing to do with the headlines. Last Thursday, I posted these questions (revised slightly):

1. Do you think it would be a fun feature on my blog to send out birthday greetings?


2. Would you be interested in participating in this new weekly or monthly spotlight on my blog? If so, please leave your birthday (month, day,  & year or what you’re most comfortable doing) and your home page URL in my comments.
This has been a blog hop participation. Why not join me in a cup of coffee as I visit with my lovelies….

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Have a terrific Tuesday!

Expectations for This Wednesday

A year ago, I began rewriting, THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES. The transformation my story took over several months made a tremendous difference in the way the story moved inside my imagination.  I credit everything possible to the Almighty for gracing my life with a fabulous circle of friends who supported, encouraged, and contributed to my work.  This enabled me to arrive at the point, I am presently at.

Today, my book will reach a new milestone.  My artist, Leann Vineyard Cooper, will be giving me my final illustrations for my book.  This makes me giddy.  Before long, I will be able to hold in my hands the words I breathed into life across my computer screen and onto bounded pages accompanied by an array of beautifully colored life-like illustrations.  The vision I have had from the start for the pictures in my first book.

By the end of the day, I will be one more step closer to completion.

Mirror Publishing’s BIG News

I just got an email from my publisher, Neal  Wooten.  Here’s the exciting new:

Full Length (grown-up) Books

Now Mirror Publishing will be offering the same dedicated service to all genres of full length books the same as we have children’s books and young adult fiction.

Color Hardcover Books
After years of saying it was coming, it’s finally here. Our distributor, with the advancement of POD technology, can now offer POD for color hardcover books

I, for one, am especially excited about the color hardcover book option.  While Neal gives credit to the authors for making this possible, it goes without saying, he had to have a hand in this, too. So, thank you, Neal!

You can go to Mirror Publishing’s website http://pagesofwonder.com/ for submission guidelines.