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I Can See Clearly #WW

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Hello kittens & dawgs! June through August are slow months in Blogosphere, so I decided to halt my Featured Photographer spotlight. Also, I am scaling back on my blogging production this summer. I am not taking a complete break yet. That may come later in the summer, but for now I’m casually visiting other blog sites ~ reading posts & leaving comments and putting together short posts. This is my time to relax. I can see clearly now!

DSC_4413 WW6-10-15

A view from Mt. Mitchell observation tower.



I’m debating on whether or not to keep the linky going this summer. What do you think, should I keep it or let it go?

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#WW Dancing Forest Pixies

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Hello, kittens & dawgs! I took this picture on our day trip to Mt. Mitchell in recent months. The moss-covered ground beneath the canopy of evergreens sparked my imagination.

DSC_4430 copyright copy

I could almost see pixie dancing in the sunlight beam. Do you see them? Look again….

DSC_4430 pixies copy

Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday Project 7: Dancing Forest Pixies

Let Your Heart Sing like these little dancing forest pixies!

Due to technical problems with LinkyTools, I can’t let random.org generate a  Featured Photographer to spotlight and I am unable to use it for today’s party. *sigh*  Enjoy the hop!

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#SWF: Walking in the clouds

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In case you missed the news, I’m taking a wee break this month. I scheduled my photo posts ahead with the anticipation that you would stop by. Today’s Skywatch Friday contribution is snapped from the parking lot at Mt. Mitchell State Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Clouds hung over head most of the day. By the time we got here the sun was peaking through. What made this moment special is the low lying clouds rolling in and the light cloud mist caressing my skin.  Do you like walking through the clouds? This was truly a tricky photo to get. My camera meter over-exposed the image and I just couldn’t seem to get what I was after, but later at home while viewing this picture on the computer I decided that I like the washed out appearance. What do you think?

Let me say, Thank you for making me apart of your day and although, I’m unplugged I will return visits to anyone who leaves a comment.  Until we meet on the other side of the lens next, have a fototastic day!

WW: A sweet little spot

Memorial weekend, we drove to Asheville, North Carolina to take in a scenic drive. Our destination, Mt. Mitchell State Park.


Linking Mt Mitchell featured photo with Skywatch Friday. (Nikon D7000 with attached 18-105mm Nikkor lens)


a yellow daylily linking with i heart macro (Nikon D7000 with Nikkor micro 105mm lens)

We leisurely took in the view, snapping pictures. After a few hours on the parkway, we drove to Asheville to knock around. The sweltering temperatures put us in the mood for us ice cream. Thanks to Google Maps on our iPhone, we found this sweet little spot….


Nikon D7000 with attached Nikkor 18-105mm zoom lens

All I can say is, the reviews on this independent ice cream shop didn’t lie, read here. After one strawberry milkshake and 3-scoops of ice cream (strawberry, black raspberry, & coconut) sold us! We returned to the counter to buy more. This time getting a slice of key lime pie ice cream and 3-scoops (chocolate, butter pecan, cappuccino crunch).  Don’t say I haven’t told you we are ice cream hounds. We love the stuff! A word of caution… this is a place where it’s best to leaving counting calories at the door. The high quality, dense creamy goodness of Cintoms frozen custards hands down blows away popular mix-in ice cream shops. In my opinion, there simply is no contest. Cintoms takes the gold!

I’ll leave you with this lovely scene I found while we enjoyed our ice cream…


Nikon D7000 with attached Nikkor 18-105mm zoom lens

Unofficially, it’s summertime. That being said, do you like making frequent visits to your favorite ice cream shop? Is it locally owned or franchised

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Severe Thunderstorm, Donuts, Sunsets, & Andy Griffith

It’s been hot, hot, hot! Last Thursday evening a severe thunderstorm warning was issued.. The sky grew dark, the wind tossed back and forth, a spatter of rain, then pop our electricity went out just like that. It didn’t come back on until the next morning shortly after 4am. It didn’t seem to do all that much here at our house, but unfortunately we must have been in the cross fire of a blown transformer or something else which required nearly 12 hours to get back up.

The only fun thing about a power outage is you get to eat dinner by a dim glow. Actually, the light really isn’t all that dim unless you keep the switch turned down. We have these cool wind-up lanterns by Freeplay like this one.


What’s really neat about these lanterns is you can charge it off AC. That’s an extra accessory you have to buy. It takes either a mini or micro adapter to do the job, which we just so happen to have and didn’t have to make a special purchase. It’s nice to have the lantern charged ready to go, but the good thing is if drains before you use it then all you have to do is crank it up. It’s amazingly bright, too! Hint: This is an excellent present for the men you know. They’ll love it! Ours do. ^.^

Photo Source

Eating dinner by soft light is fun, but our entrée selections are very limited. All we had were a couple of cans of Vienna Sausage and saltine crackers. Wait, that wasn’t all we had in terms of quantity. Let me clarify, we have lots of cans of Vienna Sausage, Beanie Weenies, and Potted Meat. We just elected to only have Vienna Sausage & crackers. This isn’t bad, mind you once in a blue moon. I’m happy these forced impromptu dinner arrangements are just about as rare as a “Blue Moon”.

Friday morning, we jetted out the door for a day in the mountains and more photo opportunities for me to use my new SLR, but first and most importantly we stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts. DH used our last good coupon toward two dozen donuts – one dozen hot glazed and the other an assorted dozen of the cake variety. Oh yeah! And, he picked up some coffee, coffee, java, java!!

The neat thing was while he was in Krispy Kreme, the store clerk gave him a stack of coupons good for their current promo for their 75th birthday. Where you can save  $0.75 off a dozen. In fact, I got an email from them this morning….

Image from email

Friday, July 13 is our “official” 75th birthday. Help us celebrate by tweeting #CelebrateKrispyKreme from now until our birthday. You never know when we might surprise you for tweeting about our big day. It is our way of thanking you for being a loyal fan. Remember to check out our birthday website

Speaking of Twitter, maybe you can help me to understand this just a little better. You have the @ and # symbols. I know when you want to address a particular person, you use the @ symbol, correct? Does the # symbol do the same thing? I know they call this a hashtag, but what does that mean? I need you Twitter geeks to educate me, okay? Hey, it’s cool to be a geek today!

Leaving town Friday morning, there was evidence of the thunderstorm from the previous night. Other than our minor inconveniences of without power our property escaped damage. That’s plenty reason to be thankful and to celebrate the beautiful day ahead.

I’ll leave you on this note, I took a few pictures (358) most of which are not stand out quality as I’m a newbie owner of a Nikon D7000. I am learning and I did get a few nice ones. Let me share a couple of my favorite sunset photos from Mt. Mitchell with you.


Captured from Mt. Mitchell Restaurant parking lot

Captured from the parking lot near the Rangers Station before restaurant parking and summit parking.

Also, in memory of Andy Griffith…Thanks for the wholesome laughs over the years!



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