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#WW Autumn colors and a surprise

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! Thank you for making me a part of your day. I have more autumn colors and a special surprise for you!


The morning light was low and I intentionally underexposed this shot to bring out the colors along the river. This is Little Pigeon River in the Smoky’s taken at Chimney’s Picnic area.


We just pulled back on the road from the Chimney’s Picnic area when we found traffic stopped. That can only mean one thing…wildlife. But, where is it? I figured there was deer on the edge of the road (Opposite where my lens is pointing), but then I noticed the passenger in the car in front of us pointing up on the bank. I started scouting the trees with my eagle eye that’s when I located the all the fuss. Do you see what I see? There are two young bear cubs near the bottom of the tree. One is still climbing down.


DSC_5593 bearcubs

In case you’re still having difficulty seeing the cubs let the arrows show you the way. 🙂 I had to brighten the exposure since I was shooting in the shadows. I rather get the picture than to miss it altogether, so I aimed and snapped.


Crossing the top of the Smoky’s on 441 and heading toward Cherokee, North Carolina the park has a short footbridge built-in the side of the mountain and it’s an excellent photo-op spot. Come back later in the week to see my Skywatch Friday contribution taken on this day.

I will be taking all of next week off for Thanksgiving. I’ll be back on the December 2nd for another edition of Wordless Wednesday and I hope you can join the fun.  Have a fototastic day!

Extreme Closeup

This is what I call an extreme close up.


Wordless Wednesday Zee viewz through the lenz #a2zchallenge

Zing-zang there goez the whole gang! Well…I hope the A-Z Challenge gang doezn’t go completely. What a privilege it is to join a group of zealous bloggerz for the entire month of April! My approach to this was to blog about thingz I am learning A-Z. However, I am not sure how well I followed through with my general theme. I did list my blog class under photography, and for the large part, I did manage to share a number of my imagez with you.

That being said, it’s Wordless Wednesday by my clock and I invite you on a cyber trip to zee viewz through the lenz.

Millions of visitors every year file off I-40 at exit 407 onto Winfield Dunn Parkway, bound for the Smoky Mountains. They must first go through the town of Kodak to reach their destination.

Headed south toward the GSMP, tourists see the home of Swaggerty Sausage. Yes, that’s where the sausage is made. Perhaps, like I did for years, you saw but paid little attention to this old building.


near Swaggerty Road in Kodak, TN

There are no markers at this site. In fact, I believe it sits on someone’s private property. Google provided some details. One source documented this as a well-kept schoolhouse. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own this? It would make an adorable guest cottage.

Lying east of Pigeon Forge in the valley is the mountain community Townsend. We sometimes like slipping to Cades Cove this route. At the beginning of April, we stopped to look at a gorgeous log cabin. It was a business, but it’s now for sale as a commercial or residential property.

I did not snap pictures of the building. My attention was elsewhere like on the…


vivid yellow forsythia


a stone building, more forsythia, a field of tiny flowers, and tender green foliage on the trees


a rustic framed mountain view

I want to go back for another chance to photograph this spot before it’s occupied and maybe do a little daydreaming of the possibility of this place being mine. Other than in your mind, where is your dream house located?

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