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3-for-1 Saturday Special: Songsuasion/Sillies & s-ART-urday #ToveLo

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The Swedish born singer/songwriter, Tove Lo, rose to fame in 2013 with “Habits (Stay High)” and hit the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in April of last year ranking #3 on the list. She is the highest charting Swedish singer since Ace of Base #1 song “The Sign” in 1994. I invite you to enjoy one of the best Tove YouTube song compilations this morning!


Thanks for visiting, kittens & dawg! I hope the weekend and the people in your life are treating you right. I mentioned the A2Z challenge caused me to question my blogging direction. You did get that from an earlier post, didn’t you? One thing I decided to change is my weekend posts. I make time to take time off in Blogosphere even though I schedule posts, but everyone needs a day off. So, starting now I’m suspending my Sunday posts as I roll that opportunity into one with the launch of 3-for-1 Special: Saturday Songsuasion/Sillies & s-ART-urday!

Bear with me, as I figure out a new blogging routine that makes me happy and hopefully you, too.

My sillies this weekend is honor of dear Mom!

mother humor

image borrowed

Things Mom Would Never Say

  • “How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?”
  • “Yeah, I used to skip school a lot, too”
  • “Just leave all the lights on … it makes the house look more cheery”
  • “Let me smell that shirt — Yeah, it’s good for another week”
  • “Go ahead and keep that stray dog, honey. I’ll be glad to feed and walk him every day”
  • “Well, if Rahul’s mamma says it’s OK, that’s good enough for me.”
  • “The curfew is just a general time to shoot for. It’s not like I’m running a prison around here.”
  • “I don’t have a tissue with me … just use your sleeve”
  • “Don’t bother wearing a jacket – the wind-chill is bound to improve”

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to created some really special for my mom!

Mommy & Me 1963_beam

Project 4: Join Claudia this week for another addition of #s-ART-urday!

It goes without saying, Dah, these images weren’t snapped by me! I don’t know who was behind the camera. Let’s not worry over that for the moment. I used two vintage photos, I will display those in a moment, for creating my new masterpiece and I thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the free-use of the cool light beam brush tool!

I used this picture for my image background. Yes, that darling little girl is me. ūüėČ


In the below photo all I wanted was my mom’s image, so I used the Photoshop Elements lasso select tool to pluck her image right out of the picture like magic.

Mom&Minda copy

Merging two photos together is tricky, especially when the lightening is slightly off. I add Mom to the foreground framing the left side and placing me in the background. I applied PS Elements clone stamp tool to blend the trouble spots around Mom’s head where the light was obviously brighter. I touched up a few scratches using the PS Elements spot healing brush, adding the cool Light Beam special effect brought the whole picture together.

PROJECT 4 Mom&Me 1963_beamw:Pixlrframe

I loaded my finished PS Elements image to AutoDesk Pixlr to apply dirt frame.

Which photo-art image do you like the best?

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in to enjoy the artwork, listen to the music, and to have a few giggles. It’s a great feeling to share! Have a songsational Saturday!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely blogger moms!

Catch me on Monday’s Music Moves Me, if you wanna boogie!



Happy Mother’s Day

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Have you called your mother today? Be sure to reach out to make her day special and let her know she’s an extraordinary woman in every way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday Sillies: #Mother #humor

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In honor of that special woman in each of our lives…

Personally, speaking I made my mom’s life happy…sometimes and miserable…often times. The old saying, you reap what you sow is true? If you’re a mother, then you certainly will appreciate these giggles on Friday Sillies!

Be warned, don’t live in denial any longer.


follows you everywhere!

A huge accomplishment with a family of five, and a reason to celebrate even if it’s short-lived…




For those of who feel or felt like this…



Moms embracing technology to communicate with their children in clever and hilarious ways.


New method to teach one’s young survival skills in modern times.




I love you is always preceded by a request for money.




If mom only knew!

No matter how much I drove my mom crazy, this is exactly how I see her…


Thanks for every thing you did for me and more, Mom! I love you! And… no, I don’t need $50. lol

Finishing things up today, here’s my response to Hilary’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun statements.

  1. ¬†Did you know that¬†bananas are not grown on a tree? Well, I didn’t until my bloggy friend, Hootin’ Anni’s Chronicles explained why they don’t grow on a tree.
  2. ¬†I feel like I could have slept a lot longer this morning, if that darn alarm clock didn’t go off.
  3. I get nearly all my rubber-stamps at stampin.com. They have a nice selection with reasonable prices.
  4. 24 is my favorite all-time TV series. I am so glad to see Jack Bauer back!

Keep smiling and a have laughtastic weekend!


PS: if you’re looking for my Skywatch Friday contribution, I rolled it into my Wordless Wednesday post.

Somebody’s Hero ~ Don’t Forget to Remember Me ~ One Hot Mama


Today’s feature song is in honor of my mother ¬†– my hero!

I am so happy to co-host the best virtual dance party in Blogosphere with my lovelies XmasDolly, JAmericanSpice, Stacy Uncorked, and this month’s honorary co-host Everyday Life.

This week for our 141th edition, we’re partying to “freebie” picks. Whatever tunes are getting your groove on, then we want to hear them right here on Monday’s Music Moves Me.
This tune, I dedicate to my children and ask that you please…

My last song selection is to my DH – my everything and the way he still sees me through his eyes even after all this time. WARNING:¬†This video isn’t suit for small fries. You better shoo them out of the room.

Thank  you baby for making me feel like one hot mama!

I hope y’all had an excellent Mother’s Day. Mine was wonderful!

PhotobucketNow, are you ready to get started? Admission to this awesome dance party is totally doable. Just¬†grab XmasDolly…well not¬†XmasDolly, but her button¬†here¬†and display it somewhere on your blog and¬†put up your favorite YouTube video (you’ll find the weekly musical themes posted in her sidebar) for everyone to enjoy.¬†

Now link up and shake your bootie with the rockin’ bloggers¬†below. Oh yeah, if you wanna put a smile on someone’s face today then be sure to leave a comment!

**To be considered for honorary co-host each month, then be sure to add your URL to the link up**

Next stop… your place! ¬†What music is moving you?

LadyJava's Lounge

Mother’s Day Weekend Reflections

ow was your mother’s day? The weekend really rocked for me. My DH kicked things off by suggesting a trip to the mountains. What a splendid idea! We left town with two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. One dozen was all hot glazed. One whiff of these and my right brain was screaming warnings to not touch the yummy evil pastries, but my left brain convinced me otherwise. It’s always such great fun to take a day trip along the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee & Western North Carolina. Target destination: Mt. Mitchell on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The day was absolutely breath taking. Look at the beautiful blue sky! The wind made the air in the higher elevations a bit too nippy to suit me, but it was so refreshing! I believe the temperature was in the upper 50s. We spent an hour at Mt.Mitchell snapping photos and browsing the gift shop.

We decided to head south on the parkway to take the interstate at Asheville to Maggie Valley to get back on the parkway. We wanted to take a walk on the closed road one more time before they reopen it. I captured an opportunity to snap this photo of Asheville’s water reservoir.

In Asheville, we made a quick stop at an Ingle’s to get some bottled water and a cup of Starbuck’s Pike’s Peak coffee. There is something about going to the mountains which triggers my java instincts. I just gotta have a cup of Joe!Once on I-40W, I knew there wouldn’t be anymore photo opportunities. That was a good time for us to have the smoked turkey and cheddar cheese sandwiches I had prepared before we left home while we were in route to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Our walk at Balsam Mountain overlook didn’t pan out. The main gate was open. DRATS, dirty rats! Pardon my language. We drove the entire length of the road anyhow in hopes of finding one of the gates still closed, but that didn’t happen. Pooh!

This didn’t deter us, though. We had more gorgeous mountain views to see and made our way to home sweet home in the Smoky Mountains. I crossed my fingers for a knock out sunset, heading north on 441.

We approached the North Carolina/Tennessee state line and realized we had two hours before the grand finale. Too kill a little time, we thought a good use for our wait was to take in the view pictue. You can barely see Fontana Lake at the left edge of the photograph below.

There is no trip ever wasted when we choose to visit our favorite hot, spot in the park. Visibility was phenomenal. This may be one of the best days for catching this shot from Clingman’s Dome.

The wind speed picked up, as the clouds rolled in. My hopes were fleeting to getting the ‘ideal’ sunset shot, but that didn’t stop us from basking in the moment. No matter what the conditions are here, it’s always a priceless experience. Just look the way the light barely caresses the evergreens in the foreground and how the low light on the ridges seem to make every one pop out.
Mother Nature didn’t co√∂perate with us yet again and that’s okay. Funny, it’s easy to understandy the referrence of “she” when talking about the weather which often is totally uncooperative and unpredictable. Although, the clouds absurd our view of the sun dipping in the horizon, we were okay with this. The good news is we live in the area and will have plenty of chances to see orange streak skies in the land of the smoky blue mountains.
*an original artwork by DH*
On Mommy’s Day, my DH presented me with this too cute hand-created card. He’s famous in our household for making delightful creations or at least to me and that’s all that matters, right?
DH got me a Wusthof sandwich knife and bamboo cutting board and DS got me some Inkadinkado pastel markers for my rubber stamp artwork projects. Wait, it gets better! They treated me to hamburgers, fries, and a double chocolate fudge milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake. Believe it or not, I’ve wanted to try them for a long time. Simply put, I don’t eat fast food period, especially hamburgers and this was a bit of a fun treat. It was all so yummy!
For more random Tuesday musings or simply some fun visiting a friend over a cup of coffee, then hop with me. First up, filling in for¬†Keely @ UnMom¬†on Random Tuesday Thoughts¬†is…



Next, I’m hooking up with Les for my


Take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee with your bloggy friends, as you enjoy some¬† random reflections, considerations, or broodings. While you’re at it, join in on the fun – create your own post and link up! Have a terrific Tuesday!