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All Things Vintage: MoonPies under a Moonglow #BoTB #AprilA2Z

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs and welcome to this edition of All Things Vintage!


This is was to fun to pass and not share. I love the looks of this ginormous MoonPie, don’t you? I wonder if it tastes like one. Image credit and history of MoonPie.

The 1917 traveling salesman Earl Mitchell servicing the Kentucky, vintagemoonpieWest Virginia, and Tennessee region for Chattanooga Bakery asked coal miners what they were looking for in snack food. The responses were: It had to be affordable, fit in their lunch pails, and solid (meaning it had to satisfy their stomachs). At one point, a coal miner framed the moon rising with his hands and said, “It had to be this big.”

Mitchell noticed the miners dipping graham crackers in a jar of marshmallow, then leaving them to dry in a window sill. These simple steps inspired Mitchell with the idea of a graham cracker sandwich filled with marshmallow cream dipped in chocolate that we know as the MoonPies.

Eating MoonPies and having an RC cola was a popular way of eating these tasty little treats back in the day because they both were inexpensive lunch items. The only person I know to do this is my father-in-law, except he has Coca-Cola with his MoonPie. Maybe in his mining days, he drank RC colas. I don’t know, but this combination is too sweet for me.  My favorite way to eat MoonPies is to zap one in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, melting the marshmallow (it actually swells a bit) between the graham cracker layers. Now, that’s yummy! If you can’t get MoonPies in your area, then you can always buy them online, here.

Have you had a MoonPie? What kind is your favorite?

BOTB newAll Things Vintage MoonPies and all, then round two of April’s  ‘Battle of the Bands (BoTB)’  also has to be about the moon, right? For those unfamiliar BoTB and how this bi-monthly hop works. To put it in a nutshell, I picked two artists singing/performing the same song and I need you to pick your favorite artist. Voting rights extend to everyone (poll results post on the 22nd  along with my vote), so please feel free to play along. This all in the spirit of fun and if you’re up for it, then tell me why your artist did the better job.

Joe Venuti first recorded Moonglow in 1933 with his orchestra with many other big bands following his lead, but the recording I like this best is by Benny Goodman. This video is to refresh your memory and not to be considered in today’s battle.


In today’s showdown, I pitting brothers against sisters or a better way to look at is one family versus another.  Contender #1 The Mills Brothers, also billed as The Four Mills Brothers, originally known as The Four Kings of Harmony were a black American Jazz and pop vocal quartet who caught a major break in the business in 1928. Here is their cover of Moonglow from 1938.


Nice, right? Next up is The McGuire Sisters, an American trio began early in life singing at weddings, funerals, and revivals.  The youngest sister was only 4-years old when They broke into show biz in the early 50s. It’s recorded they mimicked The Andrew Sisters, The Dinning Sisters, and interestingly The Mills Brothers singing style. Now, listen to the McGuire Sisters 1957 Moonglow cover.


Who does it better the boys or the girls? Will the brothers or the sisters win? Who gets your vote, The Mills Brothers or The McGuire Sisters? There’s no right or wrong vote, except for a no vote. Cast your vote by leaving your favorite choice in comments and if you have time feel free to tell me why your pick is the best. For more information, visit  Stephen for a complete list of all BoTB participants. ?

Applauds and special thanks to the incredibly gifted A2Z Team:

Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out
Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh
Heather M. Gardner
Jeremy @ Hollywood Nuts
AJ Lauer
Pam @ An Unconventional Librarian
Damyanti Biswas @ Daily Write
Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary
Joy Campbell @ The Character Depot
John Holton @The Sound of One Hand Typing

Now, I invite you to hop with me in checking out some of the amazing A2Zers playing along this year and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Nifty, Neat-O, and No-No.




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