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Contemporary Christian #music of #WaitingHill @JacobsWellRex

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! Last week, Jacob’s Well Records started following me on Twitter. They are a Christian recording studio in the music capital. Yeah, another interesting follower from Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks for the follow #JacobsWellRex!!

We’re a brand new type of record label – one which places emphasis on the integrity of the music as well as the character of those under our umbrella. Our goal is to inject amazing (and amazingly) positive music into the culture. We’re seeking out artists/groups who wish to build up rather than destroy…people who truly care about the youth of this nation/world.

Right now in the feature seat at JWR, this band described as, the 90s rock of Matchbox 20, the 21st century Switchfoot, add the Needtobreathe and call us in the morning.

Okay, put your hands together and boogie for Jesus with the sound of Waiting Hill!

borrowed image




I know many who like the message, but not Christian music. The truth is you just gotta share the positive vibes and Good News found in this genre sometimes to uplift the down and out or simply to reaffirm what you already believe.

I like the way Waiting Hill guitarist, Chris Davis, says it, “we want people to know that no matter what happens in this crazy life, everything will be alright.”

Lead singer, Mark Chambers, explains, “We understand that no matter how perfect things may seem on the outside, we all have questions and personal struggles on the inside.  As a band, we strive for our lyrics to go past the painting of a perfect life and fall on the ears of the artists behind those paintings to encourage them to ‘keep on looking for the light.”

A special request: DH didn’t get an extension on his job. Last Friday was his last day. Jobs in the electrical engineering (wiring design…TVA type work) field in our area is tight. I’d like to ask you to pray for God to lead the way for him to find another perfect opportunity in town, but we’ll go where ever He wants us. I (we) surely appreciate your prayers!

That’s a wrap for today. Thanks for dancing with me.  Before you hop off, did you catch my post, Mr. Bojangles #BOTB showdown? If not, it’s not too late to cast your vote, here!

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Have a tunetastic day!

Have a tunetastic day!


Featuring Ernie Halter!

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! I find it flattering every single time someone follows me on Twitter first. It’s nice when that happens, don’t you think? Anyhow, last week a new follower popped up on my radar and what do you know this guy is a Nashville mewsician. That’s like almost right in my backyard! I don’t think I know him by name, that’s nothing new-to-me and his voice has a nice quality sending out nothing but soothing vibes.

Allow me to introduce to you if you don’t know, Ernie Halter!

This American singer/songwriter is known as the “Cuboslavian” because his mother is Cuban and his father is Yugoslavian, but I bet you figured that out for yourself already.  Born in the Golden State in 1974, Halter began playing piano at age 8, guitar at 14, and songwriting at 16.  The Beatles, Otis Redding, and Stevie Wonder are a few oldie greats to influence Halter’s music style. He’s recorded several albums and toured all across the US sharing the stage with Lady Antebellum, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, and others. Something cool I learned from his site is you can hire him to write a song for you or for that hard to buy for person. Another neat thing I learned is some weird, fun facts about Halter. He writes:

I’ve never broken a bone, been stung by a bee, or had the chicken pox, and I’m the possibly one the greatest parallel parkers on earth and have pictures to prove it.


I have to admit I’m impressed with Ernie’s parallel parking skills and definitely has reason to pat himself on the back. Take a look at this…


I couldn’t resist sharing that funny video with you. lol Alrighty, it’s time to get your Monday Mewsic Moves Me groove on, so follow me for a little jam session with Ernie Halter! 😉





Do you dig Ernie’s style? Then show him a little love today by visiting his site and following him on Twitter & Facebook! That’s a wrap for today. Thanks for dancing with me.  Now, let’s keep the party going. It’s time to link up and join the fun with XmasDolly!

Have a tunetastic week!

Have a tunetastic week!



A Place in Time #AmandaAbizaid #music

Amanda was born in Beirut, Lebanon to an American mother and Mexican/Lebanese father. All before her 10th birthday, she traveled the Middle East and Europe with her family before moving to the United States with her mother, brother, and four sisters. She and her sisters formed a band. That’s where she developed a talent for harmony. Her exposure to music comprises of a Middle Eastern flavor influenced by late 70s American sounds of Alice Cooper, Elton John, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and The Beatles. The singer – songwriter vocals are best known for The 4400 opening theme song.


The song that peaked my curiosity, A Place in Time….



I’m really hooked on this tune so much so that I had to download it from iTunes. Her interesting sound captured my attention and I wanted explore more of her music. I invite you to dance this way for a little ear candy.



screen grab

screen grab

The 4400 complete series is on Netflix. We just started watching the show. Are you familiar with the USANetwork sci-fi program?

What appears to be a comet slows, hovers and stops, then bursts forth to reveal 4,400 people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years. They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but some of the returnees now have special powers.

In 2011, Amanda released Be in Love that includes 8 original songs. This morning, I’m sharing with you the first track, Be In Love With Me Again

I listened to all of the songs and narrowed it down two other tracks worth mentioning This Woman Stays & Goodbye For Now and I invite you to listen to.

Moving on, I found this song while surfing YouTube. Oddly, I couldn’t find it on iTunes. It’s possible it’s an oversight on my part, but listen to Dreams in Ashes.

This past April, Someday Girl,Vol 2 (available on iTunes) released. Amanda captures a similar essence to The 4400 theme song, as well a kinda jazzy overtone which I liked a lot. If there is a volume 2 then there has to be a volume 1, but iTunes didn’t have Someday Girl, Vol 1 listed, but I found it on YouTube.  So, all is good and so is the album.

Anywho, here is She Runs from Someday Girl, Vol 2!



Have you heard of Amanda Abizaid? What do you think of her music? Do you think you’d like to buy any of her songs/albums?


Visit Amanda Abizaid! ~borrowed image~

Visit Amanda Abizaid official website & follow her on Facebook and Twitter! ~borrowed image~

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Boy, do I remember the day! lol Have a tunetastic week, my friends!

Boy, do I remember the day! lol Have a tunetastic week, my friends!